Sweat and Success: Top 9 Best Gyms in Auckland for Your Workout!

Ready to pump some iron? Make sure to check out these can’t-beat options in Auckland

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Auckland City Gyms make it easy to get in shape. With a wide variety of gyms for people of all body types, it’s no wonder that the city has been ranked one of the healthiest on Earth. Whether you’re a complete beginner or live for the burn, there’s a gym for you in New Zealand’s most populous city.

In this guide, we’ll explore nine of the best gyms in Auckland, New Zealand—from standard workout spaces to more holistic health centers—so that you can take the next step in your fitness journey. For this list, we include gyms that are:

  • Affordable, so you can work out even on a budget!
  • Customer-driven, for the ultimate in fitness training
  • Comprehensive, so you can maximize your health in a variety of ways

There are some true gems (pun totally intended) on this list, so make sure to keep reading!

Nine of the Best Gyms in Auckland:

Ready to pump some iron? Make sure to check out these can’t-beat options in Auckland:

1. Les Mills

Les Mills is the granddaddy of Auckland fitness, with over six locations in the city alone and highly qualified personal trainers, making it the best gym in Auckland. For over six decades, this local fitness empire has helped people get in shape with awesome group fitness classes with trademark music-based workouts such as BodyAttack, BodyBalance, and BodyPump. This, combined with relatively low rates, has made this place one of the most popular gyms in Auckland. The best part is this: both total beginners and gym aficionados can feel the burn at any Les Mills location!

You can visit this gym yourself at 269 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland, or call them at +64 9-367 2300.

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2. The Olympic

You don’t need a gold medal to work out here. Despite the name, The Olympic is accessible to fitness-seekers of all backgrounds. The gym, famous for its Olympic-sized pool and low rates, offers a variety of group fitness training classes—HIIT, circuit training, and cross-training, for starters—as well as an incredible solo workout space for the more experienced. Members can also get their laps in the heated, 50-meter pool, which is unlike anything else you’ll find in Auckland, New Zealand. The Olympic is one of the best Auckland city gyms to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Check out The Olympic at 77 Broadway, Auckland or call at +64 9-522 4414.

3. Habit Vero

If upscale and hardcore is your thing, we recommend making Habit Vero your first stop to help you achieve your fitness goals. The top Auckland gym for corporate executives and other businessmen, this top-notch location offers a range of group fitness classes such as; intense FCT training, barre workouts, H.I.T. instruction, and even deep massages that will get you feeling better than ever. Habit Vero even offers nutritional advice so you can get the most out of your exercises.

Make sure to visit Habit Vero yourself at 48 Shortland Street, Auckland or call +64 9-357 6301.

4. Habitat for Fitness

Think you know what a gym is? Think again. Habitat for Fitness, a small, group-oriented gym, challenges norms by building a supportive, communal atmosphere for their clientele. The gym offers a range of group fitness classes and sessions—both public and private personal training sessions—designed to train your body in all areas. Try yoga, dance, barre, and more (there’s even a class specifically designed to shape your butt!) at this inclusive gym.

Here’s the best part: Habitat for Fitness offers no locked-in contracts, meaning you get to spend your money on what you want. But don’t take our word for it. Contact the gym yourself at +64 9-846 9868 or visit in person at 399 New North Road, Auckland.

5. Next Gen

Make Next Gen your next stop for the ultimate in gym fun. In addition to traditional workout spaces and group training classes offering HIIT, boxing, yoga, and more, this gym also has two heated pools (one on the rooftop!), a sauna, a spa, and twelve tennis courts. Get intimate personal training with a variety of membership options!

Next Gen can be found at 1 Tennis Lane, Auckland, and can be reached at +64 800 639 843.

7. YMCA Auckland City Fitness

“It’s fun to stay at the YMCA…”

Okay, pretty low-hanging fruit, but true nonetheless. One of Auckland’s oldest gyms, the YMCA is also one of the cheapest. This health and fitness gym allows you to engage in a variety of exercises (including functional training, yoga, pilates, boxing, and more) at some of the lowest prices in Auckland. The YMCA maintains a community atmosphere perfect for beginners. Certain locations even offer swimming classes, adult sports leagues, and classes for children and senior citizens.

Visit yourself at 149 Greys Avenue, Auckland or call at +64 9-303 2069.

7. Boxing Central

Take an uppercut to that extra weight with a trip to Boxing Central. This top Auckland location for boxing-based fitness is accessible to both beginners and boxing pros alike. Fitness classes, yoga, junior boxing, and personal instruction are all offered here, as well as unbeatable training facilities that you’ll want to experience for yourself.

Get in shape with Boxing Central at 41-43 Boston Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland 1023, New Zealand or call at +64 9-377 0499.

8. CrossFit NZ

Looking for something high intensity? You can’t do better than CrossFit NZ. This American-made gym combines Olympic weightlifting, body weight exercises, and aerobic exercises for a full-body workout that’s guaranteed to tone your physique. Added to this is a tight community of gym-goers that makes each session fun and even more effective—and prices that won’t break the bank!

Train with CrossFit NZ at 19 Thomas Peacock Place, Auckland or call ahead at +64 508 277 738.

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9. The Exercise Room

Workouts at The Exercise Room are about more than reps—this lifestyle-oriented gym takes a comprehensive approach to its members’ health. The Exercise Room merges the solo gym environment with intimate help with qualified personal gym trainers who are dedicated to helping members perfect their form, eat healthier, and abandon bad life habits.

Sound like the right environment for you? Stop by at 100 Parnell Road in Parnell, Auckland,  or call +64 9-307-2080!

The Wrap Up

Getting in shape has never been easier! Auckland offers fitness-seekers an incredible array of gym options that give everyone a chance to kick start their health and fitness journey and get in shape. In this guide, we went over the top nine of the top-recommended gyms in Auckland, New Zealand, from low-priced options to upscale locations to help turn your health and fitness goals into a reality. Obtaining that perfect body is as easy as finding the one that’s right for you!