Best Breakfast in Auckland

waffles, ice cream and strawberries on a plate

If you’re visiting Auckland, you’ll want to know the best places you can sink your teeth into. And we’ve got just the list for you. From the best gluten free dishes to the most decadent ‘is this really brekkie?’ best breakfast New Zealand provides.

And, instead of you going on a tiki tour in the wop wops (middle of nowhere), we’ve brought 15 clubs with the best breakfast Auckland has to offer right to your table. Talk about doing all the hard yakka (work) for good breakfast spots. With Auckland being such a breakfast-loving nation, there’s no surprise we’ve got our fair share of cafés, clubs, restaurants, decks, and millennial-style kitchens.

But, of course, it can be hard to keep up. Especially when there’s the ease of Maccas warming our previously eloquent palettes with the Massive McMuffin and Hash Brown dipped in Hot Cake Syrup (we’ve all done it). So, this list gifts all the hottest places featuring the best breakfast Auckland is known for.

That’s why this list ditches the known and the boring for their delicious skuxx (awesome) Kiwi alternative’s. 

Here are 15 cafés dishing up the best breakfast Auckland has to offer:

  1. Crave

This Morningside destination has everything from the classically modern (that makes sense) smashed avo on toast to the all-embracing cultural feast of their buttermilk French toast.

What’s the best part that makes this breakfast so delicious? The people and the community that gave way to Crave. The café is built using the foundations of the Morningside community. There’s even a vintage toy store inside you can check-out. So if you are craving an all day breakfast in Auckland, visit the Crave store!

  1. Odette’s Eatery

Odette’s is the place to go for a choice in decadent, over-the-top, and luxurious platters in the morning. With an ever-changing menu to suit the seasons, you know you’ll be served something unique.

For example: the menu shows how bread suddenly becomes the Buckwheat Freedom Loaf by The Midnight Baker. And yoghurt transforms into the somehow affordable Dutch Baby Crème Fraîche, Blueberry Compote, and Rose Sugar dish.

  1. The New Zealand Coffee Company

We better not shout this, but there will of course be the odd kiwi lurking in the bush looking for a not-breakfast-breakfast. So, in an effort to ditch the eggs benedict and smoked salmon meals, the answer is the New Zealand Coffee Company.

While their menu does offer some yummy bites, their passion is in their blend; their coffee blend. So, take a seat, watch their Roastery and sip into an Arabica-induced chill of good and rich flavours. You’re welcome.

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  1. Lord of the Fries

The best breakfast Auckland will ever offer for the plant-based scene comes from Lord of the Fries, based in the Auckland Central Business District, North of Mt Eden.

The tastes are profound and mouth-watering with every bite. From the classic spider drinks and coffee to the juicy veggie patties that sit in your burger. Your big breakfast burger; chur.

  1. Bestie Café

Just as the name would suggest, the colourfully pink walls and chocka atmosphere is one big city hug as you walk through the doors. But, the food is something else.

For those looking to taste the rainbow while needing a gluten free treat at morning time, the bestie café has the answer. For example; Their coconut cardamom rice pudding with wild cherry, cascara, salted almond praline, gingery rhubarb, orange, and tarragon.

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  1. Williams Eatery

This family-run café has an all-encompassing and growth-focused vibe. Their dedication towards using locally sourced produce paves way for a variety hitting your platter in a scrumptious manner.

Not only this, but you can enter a delectable world of Lebanese and Italian food without needing to leave Auckland (which you should never do). P.S. you should totally try your tastebuds on their pici cacio e pepe and bone marrow toast with smoked eggplant, parsley, red onion, sourdough, and grapes.

  1. Geeks on Sainsbury

To stir a little more culture into your pot, try Geeks on Sainsbury. You wouldn’t expect it, but they offer Korean fusion to bring extra zest and soba. Mainly the soba.

One thing to mention is their coffee; the perfect bitter compliment to your dish, there’s no better way to start your day than with their coffee. Have it on the side of your Aoraki smoked almon and avocado brekkie.

  1. Chuffed

Voted top of the top 50 cafes in Auckland of 2019, there’s no surprise. With their al fresco scene dining and secretive hub, the Chuffed café family are bringing more than good eats to the table.

With a classic egg’s benedict being a staple menu piece, they show true taste talent with a pinch of originality through delicious and colourful plates like their open omelette. 

  1. Scarecrow

Boasting artisan foods, fresh flowers, and fine wines for later-on, Scarecrow is the place to go in the city. Not only for this, but their delicious take on fair trade as standard.

In terms of the food, the Scarecrow café allows you to enjoy your all-day big breakfast (we suggest the black tahini and chia hotcakes with vanilla labneh) and then make use of their take-away menu! With their range of pot-pie ready-meals, you’ll be set through lunchtime, too.

  1. Best Ugly Bagels

Best Ugly Bagels is the chain of bakers dedicated to, you guessed it, making the best (ugly) bagels there are. As they are hand-rolled and wood-fired, you won’t find much better than the freshly toasted bagel from this lot.

Try out the best of the Best Ugly Bagels, from the sweet to the savoury. For example, the cinnamon and raisin bagel with maple cinnamon butter for a sugary kick into the office, or the smoked fish, wasabi, fresh basil & cream fraiche bagel for lasting and healthy fulfilment.

  1. The Hangi Shop

While the Hangi Shop is not a traditional café offering the full best breakfast Auckland has to offer, we simply couldn’t miss it off. This is because it is a Maori shop that brings the best indigenous meals to your mouth.

Their cultural roots can’t be forgotten, and that’s why picking up some of nanny’s rewana bread or nanny’s fried bread can make your morning breakfast in Auckland that bit more authentic.

  1. Wake Up Café

The Wake Up Café does what it says on the tin. With so much pop culture heading the front and interior of the café, it’s hard not to go in with eyes wide open.

The menu is the perfect accompaniment in this Newmarket destination. From the European crepe delectation, to the wake up mushrooms plate plus a side of streaky bacon. P.S. They also have vegan options for all our nature loving wilderbeasts.

  1. Postal Service

Heading off to the East we find ourselves taking a tiki tour into the Grey Lynn suburb of Auckland. But, it does not disappoint. With its light and modern interior and floral accents, it can be a peaceful place to bloom the brain in the morning.

And, with their gourmet menu, you can expect to be whisked away to a land filled with petals, especially with colourful seasonal dishes like their beetroot porridge paired to rose water coconut whip.

  1. Little Bird Kitchen

While we’re nearing the end of our list for the best breakfast Auckland has to offer, it doesn’t mean we’re getting to the least. The Little Bird Kitchen is the organic breakfast spot you’ve been looking for.

The friendly atmosphere and heart-felt origin story, creators Megan and Jeremy have built this hidden gem into a superfood medley. We recommend giving your belly a taste of the Little Bird Grawnola Special with some raw sweet treats to kick start your day.

  1. Rude Boy

The Instagrammer’s paradise can’t be missed from the list of the best breakfast Auckland can offer. With dishes made for the camera and the mouth, you can’t beat a bit of avant-garde Rude Boy eating.

While they have the traditional plate-ups like mushrooms, bacon, toast, poached eggs, coffee, smoked salmon, etc., they serve more. Add a little bit of fluffy lemoncello and cream cheese hot cake with a cup of Mama’s Love Craft Kambuca to your bill, and you’ll have a bright day ahead.

However, one thing we do notice when we scour every menu of the best breakfast spots Auckland has to offer is the lack of kiwifruit. For an island of kiwi’s, we like to explore the rest of the rainbow in our breakfast buffets. So, bring your own kiwi!

Anyhow, there’s the ultimate list to the 15 best breakfast dishes Auckland has to offer! There’s no need to have a mare about brekkie before you’ve even woken up when we’re here. Discover one of the tastiest eats at Auckland’s best breakfast cafes.