7 Best Sushi Train Restaurants in Auckland


Auckland is one of the best places to live in all of New Zealand. It is a beautiful city, and the food here is mind-blowing, including some of the best reviewed sushi restaurants. Some of their dishes are specialties for which they may even have rights reserved. Let’s take a look at some top restaurants here and learn all about sushi train Auckland.

Our Top 7 Best Sushi Train Restaurants In Auckland

1. Sushi Train In Viaduct

The Viaduct harbour Sushi train Auckland is one of the best places to enjoy your meal. We would suggest you pay a visit to sushi train Auckland and have a wonderful experience by trying some of the best sushi at an affordable price. Their menu has some of the best sushi, and tons of good food items are available for the whole family. If you are going there with your family, then there are drawing activities for your kids which will not leave them bored. If you want the best when you are hungry, then this is the place you should go.

2. Moto Sushi In Auckland

Moto sushi a favorite place to eat for many people in Auckland. Easy and fresh sushi is served within minutes. If you want to try other dishes, they offer a perfect spot for Japanese food lovers to have their meal from the restaurant’s unique menu. You can even get takeaway. The side beverages like wine will make your food and experience even better. Make sure to leave a good review for the eatery after your sushi train Auckland experience.

3. Tomi Ro Northwest Auckland

Tomi Ro in Northwest Auckland serves its customers in a friendly environment. The fresh food is served with the best taste and that too, at an affordable price. This is one of the reasons their reviews are always positive and on their side. You can have your food from the sushi train or also have a separate table for yourself. We would recommend this sushi train Auckland restaurant if you are looking for one of the best sushi places with a great taste and affordable price. There are also deals and offers available on special days, and occasions to treat their customers well.

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4. Daruma Sushi Go Round In Botany, Auckland

Daruma Sushi Go Round is the perfect spot with lots of daruma dolls around you. This place is one of the best sushi restaurants in Auckland, and has many positive reviews from the people who have experienced eating there. The fresh fish is bought from the neighboring market and is cut in the restaurant. This sushi train in Auckland serves you with only fresh, not frozen items, which is always good. Many people love to celebrate their birthdays or treat their friends and family here. If you’re looking for sushi train botany, go here and have fun.

5. Sushi Factory In Auckland CBD

Want to have fun with your friends and family or are craving for Japanese? This sushi train Auckland Cbd is another great restaurant for food lovers in the city. They not only serve sushi, but have other sweet and hot items on their menu as well. Bento boxes, ice cream, green tea, udon, and many more things are on the list. Isn’t it mouth-watering? After eating, you will definitely fall in love with the taste and are going to write positive reviews for it.

6. St Pierre’s Sushi Train In Westfield Newmarket, Auckland

Another eatery you should visit to have one of the best sushi experiences in Auckland is St Pierre’s Sushi Train in Auckland. We would suggest you go there for a unique experience if you are a sushi lover. For people who don’t enjoy sushi, there are lots of other foods as well. However, you will be missing out big time if you don’t try their sushi. The chicken teriyaki is famous for its delicious taste and we would recommend you to try it at least once. If you are a person who reads reviews before going to a restaurant then we are sure you won’t find a negative remark for this place in Auckland. The environment and the staff here will ensure you have a great time.

7. Sushi Train Auckland

Sushi train Auckland is in Chancery square in the city. If you want to try some unique dishes which taste like they fell from heaven, try this restaurant. It is perfect for you and offers a great range of sushi options as well as the sushi train. Spicy crunchy chicken, tiger, spider, hot chicken, sunset rolls, and Dragon are all famous dishes on the restaurant’s menu. The positive reviews of this restaurant in Auckland will also convince you to pay a visit. Their heartwarming staff will make you feel at home.

Final Words

Craving for some good and tasty foods? These Sushi train Auckland restaurants will surely leave you satisfied. The experience will be out of this world and you will not be able to hold yourself from going again. Make sure to try these out and have a great time with your friends and family.