Spicy House Review 2021


You likely won’t expect to look for something too elaborate when you’re looking for Chinese food anywhere in Auckland. The Spicy House is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a simple dining spot without all the frills.

The Spicy House offers Szechuan foods with plenty of spice and heat, but you won’t pay extra for anything. The Spicy House has various great entrees available for $15 or less. Even some of the more unique entrees you will find at the Spicy House cost less than $20, making for one of the best deals in Auckland.

The Spicy House is on Dominion Road in the Mount Eden neighbourhood of Auckland. The place is open until midnight or later each day, making it a great place to visit if you’re looking for an after-hours eatery after any event in town.


  • Offers exotic meats, including intestine
  • Features low prices for a casual environment
  • You can find different foods based on the spiciness level you prefer
  • Stays open late until at least midnight each day

Options For All

One popular part of the Spicy House is that it offers foods at different spice levels. The friendly staff here will let you know what’s open if you’re looking for something without lots of heat.

The team even has a whiteboard at the site that offers a listing of the top-selling dishes at the time. You can use this to see what’s popular with the locals. The odds are you might find something new worth trying while you are out here.

You could also sample different foods with your friends if you bring enough with you. The portions are sized well here to where you could share your foods with people if you wish. The place has various great foods that are portioned well to where you could try many things in one night. But some of these might be good enough to where you’re not going to try to share them all with others.

Delicious Entrees All Around

You will find many great entrees while dining at the Spicy House. The pork hock is one of the most popular meals here, as it features a thick body with plenty of taste. The team here prepares pork hock in a vegetable broth that adds an extra tone. They will even carve the pork hock in front of you if you wish.

The chili chicken is also worth spotting here. The chicken is deep-fried and prepared with a sweet chili sauce that adds an equal mix of tang and fire. We love how the meal was made with the right mix of all-around flavour to create something unique and exciting.

The restaurant also has a great wonton soup worth trying. The soup includes a sweet and sour taste that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. The soup features well-prepared wontons that add plenty of flavour without feeling rough in the mouth. The broth also features a good vegetable flavour that adds a nice texture to the wonton soup.

The menu also has a few adventurous options to see, including a few types of meat that you won’t find in most Chinese or Szechuan restaurants. These include intestines and other organ meats. While none of us in our party were willing to try any of these interesting meats, we did at least find it interesting that this restaurant would offer these for sale.

Friendly People

One thing we liked about dining at the Spicy House is that the place offers a good atmosphere where everyone is friendly and kind. The wait staff is relaxed and enjoys communicating with the people who are here. You might even get into an extended conversation with someone here if you come in at the right time.

Our Verdict

We enjoyed hot the Spicy House offers great meals without charging too much. The Spicy House sells great things that feature a good kick, but the menu is also versatile to where you don’t have to ask for anything too spicy. Take a look at how well this place works and how you can find something that is great without costing too much to get.

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