Sensational Chicken Review 2021


We figured that if there’s going to be a restaurant called “Sensational Chicken” that it should back up those words by offering the best chicken around. It turns out that Sensational Chicken does offer some great chicken dishes for sale, including individual and family meals.

Sensational Chicken is on Mount Street in downtown Auckland. It is less than a kilometre from the SkyTower.

The place is open late, although the spot doesn’t specifically say how long it stays late. It appears the place is rather flexible over how long it will stay open each day.


  • Serves fried chicken and nuggets
  • You can order a chicken, beef, or kebab burger
  • Features shakes in five flavours
  • All burgers feature toasted sesame seed buns
  • Halal-certified

How Does the Fried Chicken Taste?

The problem with finding fried chicken anywhere in Auckland involves trying to find chicken that isn’t soaked in oil. Sensational Chicken managed to pull off the impressive and offer fried chicken that is crispy and easy to eat without being covered in oil dripping off its body.

The drumsticks provide plenty of meat, plus the coating on the drumstick isn’t too intensive or crisp. The wings also pull apart well and offer plenty of meat directly off the bones.

Other Chicken Meals

We also tried some of Sensational Chicken’s Crispy Nibbles. These chicken nuggets are well-shaped and feature plenty of white meat chicken. The coating on these nuggets isn’t too thick, plus there’s a bit of meat in each bite, as you won’t come across any empty spots here.

The chicken burgers feature a breaded chicken filet with various ingredients. The chicken breast features tasty white meat and has enough of a coating to create a good taste without getting in the way of the chicken flavour. These go well with chips and a can of Pepsi.

Other Foods For Sale

We found the rest of the menu to be interesting, as the place offers many appealing foods. These include various foods that meet Halal standards:

  • The rice dishes include meat or salad served with rice. People can also get lettuce instead of rice if they prefer.
  • The kebabs include many traditional choices, including paneer, fish, falafel, and lamb. Each kebab features lettuce and other vegetables securely wrapped in a pita.
  • The kebab on chips serves a coated meat on top of chips. The two mix well together.
  • The kebab burgers taste well with a toasted sesame seed bun. Each kebab patty pairs with lettuce and onion to complete the look.
  • The hamburgers feature prime Angus beef. You can add various things to your burger, like pineapple, satay sauce, or red onions. We did not try the “sensational sauce,” but that’s something to look forward to the next time around.
  • The restaurant also serves Belgian waffles that you can top with ice cream and a topping like strawberry or maple syrup.
  • The place has milkshakes available in five flavours. You can order a milkshake with a chocolate, strawberry, caramel, banana, or lime flavour.

You can also order one of many great sauces with your entrée. You can pick up to three sauces while out here. We recommend the sweet chili, tomato, and satay sauces if you’re looking for some good tastes. There are also a few choices out here for more adventurous diners like mint yoghurt, garlic aioli, and tartare sauces.

A Simple Environment

We noticed when ordering at Sensational Chicken that the place doesn’t have too elaborate of a dining area. It features a cooler for drinks, plus there are a few tables and benches for seating. The staff here is accommodating to all diners and ensures a clean and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our Verdict

We would recommend Sensational Chicken to anyone in Auckland looking for a better chicken experience. Sensational Chicken has great chicken entrees that feature some of the best flavours around. We love how the restaurant has gotten fried chicken right and that the place doesn’t add lots of empty space or oil to its chicken. Whether you’re interested in chicken or a burger, you’ll find something to enjoy while at Sensational Chicken.