Pizza Club Takanini Review 2021


Looking for the best pizza in Auckland? Pizza Club Taknini is an excellent dining option when you are looking for a great place to dine.

Takanini Pizza Club is in Auckland’s Takanini area, close to the local train station. Whether you want lunch or dinner, Pizza Club has a great choice for you every day.

Our team enjoys Pizza Club because it offers some of Auckland’s best pizza options. There is an impressive selection of pizza here, including a few that you might not expect to see.


  • Chicken and seafood pizzas are available
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are also available
  • You can order a pizza in a thin base, pan base, or with a gluten-free crust
  • The pizzas are available in small and large sizes
  • Most pizzas are less than $20 each

The Pizza Quality

We found plenty of things to love about the pizza here at Pizza Club. We ordered a pizza with a thin base, and we found the dough and crust felt great without being too rough. It wasn’t too filling either, which was important when you consider the other things on the pizza.

We ordered the Hot and Spicy Beef pizza, and we found it to be well worth the money. The pizza featured a mix of roast beef, black pepper, jalapenos, and bell pepper sauce. It was well-prepared and arranged, which provided a good tone.

What Pizzas Are There?

We were impressed by the many pizzas for sale at Pizza Club. Look at some of the exciting choices you’ll find here:

  • The Shanghai Paneer pizza features onion, garlic, Manchurian sauce, and spring onions.
  • You can request a traditional Margherita pizza with a tomato base, mozzarella, tomatoes, and dry basil.
  • The Cranberry Chicken and Camembert pizza features cranberry sauce mixed with chicken, camembert, and spinach.
  • The Tropical Chicken and Beef Cubes pizza has beef meat cubes spread throughout the pizza. It also features a tropical sauce that provides a sweet texture.
  • Some of the seafood pizzas here include ones with prawns and tuna.
  • You can also order a dessert pizza. The Cool Bananas pizza features caramel sauce, bananas, cinnamon, and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza Club is always looking for ways to take pizza to the next level. The complete assortment of pizzas at Pizza Club makes for a great thrill that you will enjoy.

What Other Foods Are Available?

Some of the other foods available at the restaurant include chicken wings, tandoori bites, chips with sour cream, and garlic bread. You can also order a pint of Kohu Road ice cream here.

Customisation Is Available

One of our favourite parts of Pizza Club is that the place lets you customise your pizza order. You can ask to remove one or more parts of a pizza if you prefer. You can also request a gluten-free dough if you prefer.

You can also ask to remove spicy items or egg-based items if you prefer. The team always respects the customer’s dietary needs.

We also like how Pizza Club can make half-and-half pizzas. You can request one pizza type on half of the pizza, and then stick other ingredients on the other half. The place is versatile in what it can do, but it will require the same base sauce for both halves of the pizza.

What Does It Cost?

With all these features, you might be worried about whether you’ll have to spend lots of money on your pizza. But you won’t have to worry, as Pizza Club offers a great deal on all its pizzas. You can order a large pizza for less than $20. Even the half-and-half pizzas will cost $20 to make. The place believes that its customers should have access to all its pizzas without having to charge more for them than what people can afford.

Our Final Word

We loved dining at Pizza Club in Takanini, and we feel you’ll appreciate what the club offers. Pizza Club has some of the best and most unique pizzas in the Auckland area. The odds are you’ll find a choice that fits your interests while you dine here. Try this place out the next time you’re looking for a unique dining spot in the Takanini area.