Fun Things To Do At Home During Alert Level 4


Level 4 Lockdown Again…Let’s make it a Family Fun time.

Lockdowns can be quite stressful and boring due to the limitations and restrictions on things to go out and do, however don’t despair.

Here’s a shortlist of suggestions to make a lockdown as much fun as possible and have some family bonding too.

A fun thing to do with the kids is painting.

Nothing quite like a brush in your hand, some paper and let yourself go. You can paint pictures of each other or of things in your imagination and see if the family can guess what it is. A prize for the winner or a boobie prize for the loser. If you don’t have any paint, just try pencil sketching instead.

What about fun board games?

Dig out those old board games, blow the dust off them and gather round. Try the old favourites again like Monopoly, remember the banker always seems to win. What about Snakes and Ladders, Trivial Pursuit, Twister or Operation, always fun for the little ones. Remember the game, Guess Who? another old favourite.

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Not keen on board games

If board games are not your thing, what about a game of cards… Slapjack, Pairs, Go Fish or Crazy eights. Not forgetting Rummy and the slightly different Gin Rummy. So many games to be had from just a deck of playing cards. If you’re really bored you can always try and create a card pyramid by placing cards together in small triangles and building up levels to see how high you can go before boom, there in a heap.

Film Nights

Gather round the TV and switch on Netflix and see what floats your boat. Always plenty of choice or scan the channels elsewhere and indulge. Maybe you have a DVD collection gathering dust, take a look for some old favourites such as James Bond, put it on and see some action. Don’t forget to get some popcorn and ice cream in too and make a fun night of it.

Fitness Time

Another fun thing to do at home when bored is a bit of exercise. Take a look on the net or YouTube and you should be able to find a comfortable set of exercises that suits both you and maybe the whole family. Always fun to join in and see what you can do and get the heart rate up and feel good at the end of the session. Fitness always improves your wellbeing and gives a sense of achievement.

Quiz Nights for the whole family.

Another fun thing to do with the kids at home, arrange a quiz night. This is a great way of passing the time by working out the questions to ask and preparing the Quiz. Then getting everyone involved. Don’t forget you can have a prize for the winner, and the loser washes the car or cuts the grass. You can also reach out to your extended family or friends and get them involved by zoom.

What about a Guessing game?

How about a simple easy game that’s real fun….Charades. A great party game to be had, just think of a film, book, famous person or anything, then act out a word or phrase, while the family tries and guess what it is. Such a laugh hearing funny suggestions flying in from the family.

Getting Creative

How about baking cupcakes and icing the tops with your favorite colours and flavourings. Making and baking can be a fun thing to do with the kids at home, they get messy while learning to be creative too. The other good thing is, you eat what they make, all good. Remember you can then all exercise together to burn off those cupcake calories, win win…

Well, I hope you liked this little selection of things to do, enjoy and have fun everyone…