30th Birthday Party Venues Auckland


Turning 30 is a big deal. It’s considered a milestone birthday for a variety of reasons. Psychologists even suggest that teenage years have expanded considerably over the past few decades. That means that we Millennials can truly declare ourselves independent adults at about this point in our lives.

If you are about to enter the glorious decade of 30, congratulations! The hang-ups and uncertainties of your 20s have already melted away to make way for a more confident and solid version of yourself.

Celebrate as you please, in an intimate setting with the finest bottles of wine or by hitting one of the wildest night clubs in town. Either way, we have you covered with this list to guarantee a great time.

These are the best 30th birthday party venues in Auckland.

Holey Moley


Ph: 09 887 4205

Best For: 

  • Play games with close friends
  • Drink cocktails
  • Sing karaoke until late.

Holey Moley is the ideal place for you and your friends looking for a place to unleash your fun-loving spirit and enjoy a wonderful evening.

This great party venue features 27 holes, a great sound system, a cocktail bar, late-night karaoke, and much more! And don’t think it’s a tacky joint like the ones you’ve seen in cheesy romantic movies. The Vodka Room has style, and you’ll notice it as soon as you walk through the door.

You can book a private room, put on a nice outfit, and sing your heart out all night long.

Neck Of The Woods


Ph: 09 320 5221  info@neckofthewoods.co.nz

Best For: 

  • Dancing
  • Crowded Group
  • Party people

Do you like to dance? Even if you don’t, it’s impossible not to get into a party mood after a few minutes inside Neck Of The Woods.

If your idea of a rollicking fun night out is to bust out your moves on the dance floor to shake all the stress away, this venue is ideal to celebrate your 30th birthday.

Not only is it one of the top party venues in all of Auckland, but it also features two bars, live music with the best DJ, and a killer atmosphere that suggests you’re in for the night of your entire life.

The Caker



Best for:

  • Family
  • Taking photos
  • Intimate groups

If partying all night like the Great Gatsby in a rooftop bar isn’t exactly your style, we have a fun proposal for your 30th birthday celebration. After all, you don’t need blaring music until the wee hours of the night to keep your guests entertained!

The Caker is a sophisticated venue that beckons you to embrace the glamorous baby pink painted walls, exquisite floral arrangements, delicate pastries, and a whole lot of delicious cakes for this special occasion.

The owners of The Caker offer personalised attention to make you feel spoiled during this very important birthday.

Little Alice 


Ph: (09) 972-3562

Best for:

  • Eateries with a private group space
  • People looking for great food and drinks.
  • Comfortable birthday party
  • Quiet but fun event

This is one of Auckland’s best venues to enjoy an outstanding menu in the company of your loved ones for your birthday.

And it doesn’t have to be a small group. Little Alice can host gatherings of up to 60 people with one of their great party packages to suit your budget.

The simplicity of the cuisine does not overshadow the bold flavours that ensure that everyone has an amazing time at your birthday party.

Basement Theatre

Auckland CBD

Ph: 09 309 7433

Best for:

  • Alternative event
  • Great drinks
  • Artistic birthday person

If you are in for something out of the mainstream on your 30th birthday, you should check out the Basement Theatre.

It’s in the heart of Auckland Central Business Centre and offers an alternative experience for theatre and art lovers in general. You can order delicious Japanese food with your friends and wash it down with some of their craft beers, signature cocktails, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Support local artists and welcome your 30s at the Basement Theatre.



Ph: 09 929 2702

Best for:

  • VIP treatment
  • Exclusive groups
  • Dancing all night long

This place offers a private venue to make you feel like a rock star during your 30s birthday party! You can linger in your personal booth, chatting with your friends and drinking some delicious cocktails before heading down to the wild dance floor with the rest of the club.

If you throw in the fact that they sell the best burgers in Auckland until 3 am, we can assure you that this place is a real crowd pleaser!

Topics & Questions

Where can I take someone for their 30th birthday?

Auckland city has one of the best party offers in the country! From karaoke joints to singing with your friends like Holey Moley to a sophisticated venue to eat the best cakes of your life at The Caker.

Check the list to see which place best suits the birthday person’s personality and enjoy a great time.

How do you celebrate your birthday in Auckland?

If you are looking to have a great night out on your birthday, stay in Auckland to get this party started! This city urges you to get out and visit the best venues to celebrate your arrival to this world in style.

You can have a themed party in one of its private bars, rent a party bus, or enjoy a delicious dinner in an intimate venue. You name it! Auckland offers a variety of options to suit your taste.

What is a dirty 30 birthday party?

A “dirty thirty” is another way of referring to your 30th birthday. It includes fun decorations, drinks galore, nostalgic songs, and the gathering of all the birthday person’s loved ones.

What should I do for my 30th birthday?

Our 30th birthday marks our arrival into a life of growing stability and confidence in our unique identity for most of us. Celebrate it any way you like, without trying to please anyone or pretending to be someone you’re not. Whichever option you choose, Auckland will have the ideal venue for you.