Morven Callar (2002) – Film Review


I finally got around to watching Morvern Caller last night on a friend’s recommendation, gee wiz what a great movie.

I was blown away. I enjoy a good minimalist film so this movie ticked all the boxes for me. I love it when a movie really captures your full attention and makes you feel a strong connection to the actors. While it’s sometimes a little unsettling it can also be totally immersive.

The plot of Morvern Caller is unquestionably peculiar and far out but it was full of surprises and I found myself not being able to stop watching.

For the first 30 minutes of the film I was completely and utterly in awe of the visual escapades I was witnessing. The sound track was powerful and made the film that bit more tense, a reason on it’s own to experience this film. I loved the moment where Morvern walks into her job with head-phones on, listening to Lee Hazlwood. Brilliant.

The director Lynne Ramsay is really incredible. If you ever get a chance check out Rat Catcher it was her first feature film and there are a few of her short films included with the DVD. Her films are just breathtaking.