Ellerslie car fair



📍 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive, GreenLane East, Greenlane, Auckland

☎ +64 9-529 2233

📧 info.carfair.co.nz

If it’s that sleek dream machine you seek or a vehicle you need to wave goodbye to, Ellerslie Car Fair is the place for you. Take a look and you’ll be hooked, open every Sunday from 08.00 till noon.

What happens at the Car Fair, well let’s dive straight on in…

If you’re buying or selling a vehicle, then this is the place for you. Anything is considered, from Motorcycles, vans, cars, campers, and anything in between, including boats.

The market is the perfect place to meet the car, van, or camper of your dreams, or say a final goodbye to that little motor buddy. Buyers deal directly with the sellers, which allows for a bit of haggling. With luck, you might strike a deal that hits the spot.

It’s the perfect place to hook up with both private buyers and sellers, and look for that perfect deal. This is the place where “choice” is Car Fair’s middle name.

The Car Fair is open to all, including happy campers visiting NZ from around the world. It’s the perfect place for travelers not only to buy a vehicle, but also to sell their wheels before they leave for home, maybe to another backpacker looking for a ride.

If you’re selling, I have some tips for you.

All you have to do is turn up on the day; remember, the gates open at 08.00. Arriving early to bag a good spot would be the advice to remember. Just follow the signs as you arrive to take you to pitch.

There is a $35 fee payable to enter the market, and once paid you will receive a card which has “For sale” on it, which goes on the window so the vehicle is easy to spot. You will also be given a Vehicle Detail form which also should be displayed.

It’s always best to put a price on the vehicle that is both realistic and fair, that way hopefully everyone is a winner.

Another little bonus is there is absolutely no commission to pay, which always good to hear.

Remember, give that vehicle a well earned spruce up if you can. A clean vehicle always looks good on the day.

You can, if you wish, have your vehicle mechanics checked on site too.

Now for some tips for the buyer

The good news for buyers, they get in for free. Once in, you have access to a vast range of vehicles that you can take a leisurely look round to find the right motor for you.

If you do manage to see that vehicle of your dreams, you can make use of the pre-purchase vehicle inspection for some additional peace of mind.

Always look out for any warranties on the mechanics that may be available.

Car history checks are available, including whether the vehicle is stolen, deregistered, or hasn’t actually got a current license.

The seller is on hand to answer any key questions that you may have, which is useful when trying to make your mind up and secure the deal for you.

The market has zones or areas which are set out for vehicles according to prices, to make it easy for buyers to find their budget vehicle.  

●  Up to $5000

●  $5000 to $10,000

●  Over $10,000

There is also Vehicle Information Reports and the change of ownership paperwork easily available all under one roof; again peace of mind.

There are also checks to ensure that there is no money owed on any vehicle.

Don’t forget you deal directly with the seller, all transactions and terms are agreed between the two of you.

Finally just to round things up…

This is New Zealand’s biggest Car Fair with plenty of space to view your deal, free from any commission and free entry for buyers. There are plenty of pre checking methods available all under the same roof, which helps make your mind up and closes the deal.

It’s a very handy place for backpackers to buy some wheels to really get their travels around NZ off to a flyer, and don’t forget they can sell their vehicle when it’s time to go back home. What could be easier?