Best Christmas Light Displays 2020


As Christmas season approaches, everyone gets excited to see all the decorations that are put up. One of the greatest things that we get to see is all the lights people put up in their areas. If you’re looking for the best Christmas lights in Auckland, then look no further. Here you will find out all the places you need to be to view the perfect lights during this Christmas. 

Franklin Road

One of the main areas where beautiful lights are put up in December is no other than the Franklin road. The lights put up here are one of a kind as you will see the street filled with them. During Christmas, don’t miss a stroll there to look at the franklin road lights. 

The light at Franklin road is truly a wonder. You will find a range of variations when it comes to the lights displayed here. Moreover, this place is considered one of the best places to visit if you wish to look at Christmas lights. While you might see this road to be pretty attractive on a normal day, its beauty increases tenfold during Christmas. It is surely worth a visit if you’re in Auckland looking for the best Christmas lights on display.


Karaka Lake

Next, we have the Karaka Lakes. You will find a range of things happening at the winter season. As Christmas approaches, the entire area and street are covered with a range of beautiful lights all over. But that’s not all. There’s so much more you view at Karaka, the southern side of Auckland. 

Karaka is known to host an exceptional music show during this time as well. So, you won’t only be enjoying the beautiful karaka christmas lights in this area, but you will also witness some of the best Christmas melodies here. 


Everyone is in a festive and giving mode as Christmas is close by. So, what’s better than enjoying the lights surrounding a location that shares the same sentiments. Torbay is one of the more prominent locations where people go to donate to the Starship Children’s Hospital. 

You will surely feel extra festive and happier once you allow yourself to make others happy this Christmas. Enjoy the beautiful lights set up in the area while also doing something that makes you feel good- helping others.


Now, we have another favorite location for bright Christmas lights, Motat. You will know this location to offer you a range of historical sites. And, as Christmas approaches, all of these locations are filled with beautiful lights. It truly looks like a wonder, this area. 

You will surely see a beautiful array of lights surrounding the famous tram as well. Plus, there’s so much else going on here in December that you will cherish your visit to this location. It’s not just the lights that you will find attractive here. You will find live entertainment, food carts, and so much more is available during the Christmas season. Your visit here will be full of new and amazing memories. 

Victoria Park Market

Another great place for you to visit to see Auckland Christmas lights is the Victoria park market. During December, you will find this market transformed into the center of lights. It’s barely recognizable with all the glitter and lights. 

You want to make sure that you’re going on a walk here as you get to experience something great. The fairy lights in place will surely make you feel like you’re in a different land altogether. Add some amazing food to the mix, and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to be this Christmas. But there’s more. You also get to meet Santa and take pictures with him here. 

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Sky City

If you’re looking for a tall building with beautiful decorations and lights on it, then head to the Sky Tower. It is, no doubt, one of the best places to be during Christmas in Auckland. The 328m tower view is phenomenal as you get to see the green and red Christmas lights glowing from it. 

This is a sight that everyone should see in New Zealand. The beautiful lights display you get to see is amazing. Also, there is a range of other activities going on surrounding the tower as well. You get to experience live music, dances, and many more fun activities. So, don’t miss your chances of going there. 


Another favorite place to be during this Christmas is Otara. The street in the area will be filled with beautiful Christmas decorations. Not to mention, the lights on display are phenomenal. The best thing about this place is that the residents offer you a range of new food items to try from their trucks or stalls. 

Enjoy desserts, look at the beautiful lights, and enjoy your Christmas eve surrounded by a beautiful view. Moreover, the location also has annual themed nights during December. So, you’re surely in for a lot of fun.  

Stockade Hill

If you’re looking for something fun to do that won’t cost you at all, then you need to be at Stockade Hill. The Christmas tree here is decorated with a range of beautiful lights. This is all done a month before the actual day of Christmas. There’s a lot of planning that goes on here as the tree is lit a month before Christmas. It remains lit till Christmas is over. 

You will also find a range of activities to do in Howick village. Everyone is in their Christmas spirits during November and December. So, you will see markets, face painting, and many more fun Christmas activities taking place here. It may be a village, but it is packed with all the fun activities for you this Christmas. 

New Zealand has got a range of fun places for you to be at this Christmas. Take a trip around Auckland in December and visit all these phenomenal places. You will surely find yourself surrounded with bright and brilliant decorations throughout. Don’t miss the chance of witnessing some of the best lighting, decorations, and events held during the season in the area. 

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