Best Quiet Beaches in Auckland

Best Quiet Beaches in Auckland

Auckland is one of New Zealand’s hotspots for tourism and culture. While there are lots of sights to see in Auckland, the best part of Auckland is arguably its quiet and beautiful beaches.

Some of the best beaches in Auckland are the quiet ones. Are you looking for a serene beach spot in Auckland? Here are ten of the best quiet beaches you should visit:

Minnehaha Beach – North Shore

This is one of the quietest and most secret beaches in Auckland. Minnehaha Beach is also known as Thorne Bay.

Unlike other famous beaches on the North Shore, Minnehaha Beach is a serene beach between Milford and Takapuna Beach. Thanks to it being accessible only on foot, Thorne Bay has a quiet atmosphere and is perfect for relaxing. Feel free to relax under tree shades, dip in the cool water, or explore the rock pools.

The closest car park to the beach is at Minnehaha avenue. From there, you’re to follow the walking trails at the end of the street.

Herne Bay Beach

After a long day, the perfect place to relax would be Herne Bay Beach. It’s close to Auckland city centre, making it an easy-access beach for anyone hoping to unwind.

The sandy beach often pulls a crowd of excited locals on weekends, but you’ll find it surprisingly quiet during the week. Grab a towel and head to the beach anytime in the week, and you’ll have a quiet atmosphere to lounge in.

Sentinel Beach

If you’re in Auckland city centre, you should know that Sentinel Beach is one of the best beaches. Sentinel Beach is the perfect spot for dipping into the cool beach water and enjoying a peaceful view of Harbour Bridge. Don’t miss out on the unique delicacies of fish, chips and drinks.

Getting to Sentinel Beach is a relaxing walk along Sentinel Road after Sarsfield Street in Herne Bay. At the end of Sentinel Road, you’ll see the steps leading to the bliss called Sentinel Beach.

Pohutukawa Bay

Standing out as one of the pride of Auckland’s North Shore with its vast array of large Pohutukawa trees, this beach is a haven of soothing sounds and beautiful views.

You can swim in Pohutukawa Bay without fear of raging currents. The breeze and low tide waves blend perfectly to give you a soothing atmosphere to read or daydream. Thanks to the native Pohutukawa trees, you’re perfectly shielded from the sun.

To get to this tranquil spot, you’ll have to park your car at the end of Long Bay and take a leisurely walk along the coast leading to Pohutukawa Bay.

Piha Beach – West Coast

The renowned black sand beach lies on Auckland’s west coast. At Piha Beach, you’re in for an amazing view of the lion rock, the spectacular black sands on the beach and a soothing background of the Waitakere Ranges.

Piha Beach offers strong currents for daring surfers and a tasty menu of seaside food and drinks. Although it draws in many crowds on weekends, you can still enjoy quiet moments during the week.

If you are eager to go on an adventure, you can take a hike into the Waitakere Ranges or visit the Kitekite Falls.

Mission Bay Beach

One of Mission Bay Beach’s best deals is its stunning views. Located just a little distance away from Auckland’s central region, this bay is one of Auckland’s best beaches. Besides the beautiful beach, you’re treated to amazing views of Rangitoto Island and Devonport.

As a famous beach, there’s no doubt that the beach is often busy all week. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying perfect solitude early in the morning. Evenings are particularly wonderful for strolling along the sandy beach.

Karaka Bay

This solemn beach stands at the East Coast’s edge of the Tamaki River. Karaka Bay is one of the quietest beaches with low tide and beautiful views of places like Mt. Rangitoto, Waitemata Harbour, Motutapu, and Browns Island.

Thanks to its remote location, you can only get to the beach on foot or by private boat. Whether dipping into the beach, taking a short walk or lounging in the shade, Karaka Bay gives you a sense of calm away from the bustle of city life.

Anawhata Beach

The west coast beaches in Auckland are usually famous for their quiet and beautiful environment. Anawhata Beach is one such beach with an amazing view of lush green hills and its turquoise blue water.

To get to this hidden gem between Piha and Bethells Beach, you’ll have to take a hike downwards from the top of the hill. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness the Anawhata wildlife and take beautiful pictures.

Karekare Beach

There are at least two black sandy beaches in Auckland. Although Piha is the main attraction, Karekare Beach also has unique black sands that draw attention. The beach is roughly 35 kilometres from downtown Auckland and is only 15 minutes away from the Karekare Falls on foot.

This black sandy beach is hidden beneath towering cliffs and accessible via multiple walking tracks. Thanks to its secluded position, it has enough shade to shield you from the sun. Loungers are available if you prefer to relax in the sun.

Mercer Bay

Mercer Bay is located in the Waitakere Ranges, one of the most daring bays in Auckland. Due to its location beneath some of the tallest cliffs in Auckland, Mercer Bay is pretty hard and dangerous to get to. But when you get to the beach, it’s a lovely place. The rock pools and black sands in Mercer Bay are fascinating sights to behold.

Mercer Bay is one of the beaches with less patronages due to its daring location. You’re guaranteed enough solitude to relax and even go on a further adventure in the low-tide caves.

FAQ; Why are Auckland beaches unsafe?

Often the beaches are overwhelmed with raging high tides, which is dangerous for swimmers. Rainfall after long periods of dry weather often carries a ‘first flush’ of dirty water into beaches and urban waterways — including water contaminated with animal faeces, oil, metals, rubber, and other contaminants.


Auckland is home to amazing beaches such as Palm Beach, Long Bay Beach, Anchor Bay, Waipiro Bay, Hauraki Gulf and many others. Although most beaches draw scores of visitors daily, it’s possible to enjoy some peace on the secret beaches all across Auckland. Remember, timing matters.