Best Queen Street Shopping

Queen Street is one of the most well-known streets in Auckland when it comes to shopping. Every retail business there is booming and they have a lot to offer to the customers. It is located in the heart of the city and you will find everything and anything on Queen Street.

From chain-stores to luxury designers, to athletic wear shops, you will find every business. Every tourist comes to see what this street is all about. However, it is a favorite spot for the locals too.

Let’s explore the best Queen St shops you will find in the heart of Auckland.

1. Gucci

This high luxury fashion brand is in this iconic street as well and rightly so. Many people turn to Gucci for their brand new luxury clothing needs. Everyone who comes to Queen Street for shopping visits Gucci at least one.

You can browse their collection and shop from a selection of sneakers, handbags, jewelry, scarves, eyewear, and much more. After all, if you are not wearing Gucci then are you doing luxury right?

2. Dior

Another luxury business you will find on Queen St. People who come for shopping here love to visit Dior as it is one of the best fashion houses all over the world. Of course, Auckland would also be incomplete without at least one Dior store.

They have timeless pieces that will take your fashion game to a high level. You can shop from their collection of shoes, handbags, watches, eyewear, and many other things.

The Dior store on Queen Street is a treat to the eyes from the inside and outside. It is huge and you will love spending time looking for amazing pieces there.

3. Glassons

The heart of the city would be incomplete without a Glassons store. This is one of the most loved stores for shopping by women in New Zealand. The prices are not that high and the items there are trendy and chic.

You will discover everything from good shoes to clothes to accessories at reasonable prices. So, if you are tired of going out of your budget in luxury Queen Street shops then Glassons should be your next stop.

You will notice nice and bright colors but also cozy and warm-toned clothes. Every wardrobe staple and essential you need you will find here. Your trip to be Queen St would be incomplete without going to Glassons and seeing why the locals love to visit there.

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4. H&M

The H&M store on Queen Street is nothing short of spectacular. It looks like an amazing piece of art from the outside and you will be drawn to the store automatically for shopping. That is how great they have designed it.

This store makes the heart of the city look like a piece of modern art. You will discover everything in this store from menswear to women’s to kids. Buy these brand new clothing items and accessories to vamp up your wardrobe game.

If you are with your family then this is a must-visit store as everyone can shop here. The H&M store on Queen Street also has a Home Section. Over here you can discover some cool and high-end pieces for your home.

5. Stirling Sports

Looking for high-quality activewear on Queen Street? Don’t worry, Stirling Sports has got it all. This is the go-to store for many locals in the city. This is because they stock everything from Nike to Adidas to Nation and much more. 

You will see the latest pieces from all these activewear brands. Apart from that, they also stock the most comfortable activewear you’ll discover in the city.

So, if you love working out and you love to browse for gym clothes then this is the place to be on Queen Street. It will make your activewear shopping dreams come true.

6. Superdry

Want to take your shopping on Queen Street to the next level? Visit Superdry. It is a contemporary fashion brand that merges both Japanese and American inspired clothing into a unique style.

You will find t-shirts, accessories, hoodies, sweatshirts, and much more. The best part is that every item of Superdry is vintage, unique, and detailed. This means that you will find the most authentic vintage clothes in this shop on Queen Street.

So, if you want something that fits you well, has a high-quality fabric, and lasts you for years then visit Superdry.

7. Scarpa

Are you an ultimate shoe lover? If you are then you visit Scarpa on Queen Street. It is a heaven for people who love shopping for good shoes. This is a boutique store business that stocks high-end shoe brands. 

You will find everything here from Hogl, Stella Mccartney, Paul Green, to Ecco. The shoe collection here is enormous and you will not get tired of looking for the perfect pieces.

They have everything such as sandals, boots, heels, and much more. It is your one-stop-shop for all your shoe-related needs on Queen Street. A visit to the heart of the city will be incomplete without visiting the most popular shoe store.

8. Sephora

Makeup is a girl’s best friend. Of course, the most loved fashion street in the city would not be complete without a Sephora. This brand has changed the game for all makeup lovers out there.

You will find everything you need here such as haircare, skincare, fragrances, bath products, beauty tools, and much more. The best part is that men can shop here too for fragrances and other things.

So, if you want to load up on amazing make-up and you are on Queen Street then you need to visit Sephora.

Final Words

These are the top eight shops that are loved by tourists and locals alike on Queen Street. Visiting all these shops will fulfill all your shopping needs. You will go home with high-quality items that will last you a long time.

What are you waiting for then? If you are on Queen Street, visit these shops now.

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