Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Auckland


In 2021, It is no longer difficult for vegetarians to find vegan options for themselves at restaurants. As the industry expands, the options available for vegan food are growing and becoming more and more unique.

Since Auckland is a diverse city, it includes some of the best options for vegan food. Not only do the restaurants have separate menus for vegetarians, but there are also many eateries that are specifically designed to provide vegan food.

Whether you’re headed out to find vegetarian or vegan food for a delicious lunch or dinner with your friends, there are always many options to choose from. Here are my picks for the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Auckland to help you to find the best vegetarian and vegan eats in no time.

1. Khu Khu Eatery

Location: 171A Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Cuisine: Vegan and Thai

The Khu Khu Eatery has been successful in transforming the dynamics of the vegan food industry in all of Auckland. Instead of providing food that is tasteless or dull, Khu Khu provides delicious Thai food in a perfectly vegan manner. Khu Khu Eatery is known for its unique set of dishes that incorporate rich Asian flavors into exquisite meals. Not only is this restaurant great for vegetarians but is also popular amongst the general public who wishes to try something as new as Thai vegan food.

Popular Menu Options:

  • Holy Quakamole Noodles
  • Crispy Sliced Daikon
  • Tempeh Pad Thai

2. Wise Boys

Location: 604 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Cuisine: Takeout – Gourmet Burgers

If you’re a vegetarian who loves to munch down on big burgers, Wise Boys is the perfect place for you. With options that include classic burgers as well as fancy options, Wise Boys is a popular restaurant for vegans to visit with their friends and family. If you have ever wondered whether a non-meat burger could taste just as good as the meaty one, you need to pay a visit to Wise Boys.

Popular Menu Options:

  • The Spicy Mex
  • The Classic Cheese
  • The Dirty Boy (includes a kidney and black bean patty)

3. Gorilla Kitchen

Location: 59 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland
Cuisine: Mixed

Gorilla Kitchen is one of the oldest vegan eateries in all of Auckland. What started off as a small food truck is now a beautiful little eatery in Eden Terrace, continuing to serve some of the best vegan food. All of Gorilla Kitchen’s plant-based food is popular for its exquisite taste and a unique range of menu items. To make your Friday night more interesting, visit the Gorilla Kitchen and participate in their weekly trivia night as you enjoy some of the best vegan food that you will ever taste.

Popular Menu Options:

  • Pasta Bake (cheese, mushroom, or pumpkin)
  • Vegan ‘seafood’ Chowder
  • Coconut Curry Pies

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4. Kaiaroha

Location: 100 Parnell Rd The Rise, Garfield street entrance, Parnell, Auckland
Cuisine: Mixed

More and more people are switching towards organic options of food. At Kaiaroha, the benefits of organic and vegan food are combined into one phenomenal eatery. With no compromise on taste, Kaiaroha fills its menu with a wide range of items such as nut cheeses, tomato and pesto tarts, and even a separate café menu with options including cupcakes and pastries. Across New Zealand, Kaiaroha is one of the most popular organic cafes that also caters to vegan options.

Popular Menu Options:

  • Aged Nut Cheese Platter (for two)
  • Kumara Waffles with spiced apple compote
  • All day Croque Monsieur (grilled sandwich of vegan ham, wholegrain mustard, and melty vegan cheese)

5. Café Mimosa

Location: 460 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland
Cuisine: Japanese

If you’re looking for a vegan option that has a cozy ambiance and a delicious range of food, I suggest you visit Café Mimosa. Not only does Mimosa promise some of the best vegan food in Auckland, but it also makes use of organic ingredients, engages in fair trade with farmers, and is extremely eco-friendly with its business ethics.

Café Mimosa is a perfect vegan option to try for everybody – regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or not. Being the perfect place to visit at lunchtime, Café Mimosa has some of the best sandwiches that you can grab on the go as well as their daily range of muffins and tarts. With options such as vegan orange custard or tan ramen, you are likely to come back for more.

Popular Menu Options:

  • Lemon Turmeric Waffle
  • Mushroom Crepe
  • Tofu Bowl
  • Mimosa Bowl

6. Dear Jervois

Location: 234 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland
Cuisine: Mixed / Casual Dining

In central Auckland, Dear Jervois is a local favorite when it comes to sharing a cup of coffee or a quick brunch with some friends. While this restaurant does not market itself as purely vegan, it is considerate enough to offer a range of plant-based options for the vegetarians that visit this beautiful café. With a menu that includes tempting options such as matcha waffles and raspberry mascarpone, there are many non-vegans who introduce themselves to the world of vegetarian food at the remarkable café. Dear Jervois is one of the best places for vegetarian, vegan handmade, gluten free plant based cafe style food including juices, salads and more. 

If you plan to visit Dear Jervois, I recommend heading down there for a brunch to catch up with some old friends. The ambiance is perfect, there are a bunch of food options to try, and there really is something for every person in your friend circle.

Popular Menu Options:

  • Superfood Cruesli (with chia seeds, quinoa, nuts, and berry compote)
  • Vegan Taco (included refried kidney beans, kumara, grilled eggplant, and special avocado salsa)
  • Zucchini Fritter
  • Daily Cabinet Items

7. Big Sur

Location: 432 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Cuisine: Vegetarian, vegan, coffee, tea, cold drinks

Big Sur in Grey Lynn, Auckland is one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Auckland. With an extensive vegetarian and vegan and gluten free menu. Big Sur prides itself on using the freshest homegrown produce. The eatery’s interior has a casual and cosy feel and is a great place to chill out after a stressful day. If you’re looking for more of a classic breakfast dish, the good morning granola is a favourite amongst diners. Nuts, seeds, and grains in a spiced apple sauce and seasonal fruit, perfect brekkie to start your day the right way. The Big Sur is hands down one of the Best vegan and vegetarian eateries in Auckland.

Popular Menu Options:

  • Vegetarian Pie – Mixed vegetables, creamy mushrooms, lightly curried flavoured mash potatoes & baked in a delicious pie pastry
  • Big Bulgur – Roasted chermoula eggplant over a base of baba ghanoush & dukkha topped of with a herb bulgur salad & labneh

8. Tart Bakery

Location: 555 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Cuisine: vegan, bakery, coffee and tea

Established in 2012, Tart Bakery is a small family owned business that prides itself on yummy, fresh food made from scratch. Tart Bakery is based in Grey Lynn. The proud vegan bakery offers fresh baked goods like bread, pies, pastries, and vegan donuts. Makes sandwiches and burgers, and serves coffee with plant milks. Opening times are 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday – Sunday. 

Popular Menu Options:

  • Variety of savory and sweet doughnuts, cakes and sandwiches

In the End

As I bring this exciting list of vegan options in Auckland to an end, it is important to note how there are various different cuisines available at each restaurant. As each café specializes in its own cuisine, there are more than plenty of options available for vegetarians to opt for the kind of food that they enjoy most.

For the next time, you head out to grab a vegan bite for lunch or dinner, remember to look at this list for some great recommendations that extend across all of Auckland.