BannSang Review 2021


The BannSang Korean restaurant is in the heart of the Auckland CBD and is a few blocks east of the Sky Tower. It provides an authentic Korean dining experience with plenty of great entrees.

We found during our visit to BannSang that the place provides a fun experience with all the best Korean entrees around. The team at BannSang is friendly, and they always aim to please. You’ll also find the entrees here to be more affordable than you might expect.

BannSang is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day, although the closing time could be earlier if the business is slow. The place encourages people to make reservations, with the venue being relatively small.


·       A full array of BBQ dishes

·       You can share many of the dishes with your friends

·       The chefs are respective to whatever needs you have for dining

·       Many entrees are available for less than $20

A Relaxed Space

BannSang features a comfortable environment that is small but quaint. It doesn’t feel too formal, but it isn’t overly casual either. You’ll find plenty of floral decorations all around the place.

The workers here are very positive and are always willing to listen to your needs. You can even inform the chefs about any dietary restrictions or needs you have, and they will prepare their foods based on those needs.

The people who work here respect your interests and are always ready to provide recommendations. Our server explained to us about some of the things available and how they are made. The team respects the needs that all diners have, especially when it comes to highlighting what’s open and what you can expect when finding something exciting.

What Dishes Will You Find Here?

We love how BannSang offers many top-rate Korean dishes here. Our favourite entrees were the BBQ dishes. These are well-grilled and prepared with assorted vegetables and rice mixing well with marinated meat. The teriyaki chicken and spicy pork belly were our favourite meats.

The restaurant serves these BBQ entrees in main and full sizes. We found the main sizes to be large enough, although the full sizes are useful for when you want to share with others.

Many of these entrees are less than $20 in value. There are a few add-ons available for $3, including the fish sausage. We could feel the fish flavours in the sausage, as the binder didn’t get in the way of the flavour.

Some of the other foods you’ll find on the BannSang menu include soups and stews, noodle dishes, and rice entrees. These foods are large enough to be the main entrée.

We were fascinated by the assortment of soups and stews on the menu. The Baeksuk soup features a half-chicken boiled in an oriental herb soup. The Al Tang soup is a spicy fish roe soup with tofu and soybean sprout.

One of the most interesting things we noticed when dining here is that many of the ingredients are kept on separate plates. The team here gives you control over how you’re going to prepare your entrees. They do well with ensuring everyone can get something that tastes great without being too complex.

  • The Sharing Menu

We found the entrees at BannSang to be large enough to share, but the restaurant does have a listing of entrees specifically made for sharing. These include entrees with two or three portions of rice, depending on what you order.

Some of the sharing entrees at BannSang include pork bones in soybean paste soup, marinated beef and spicy squid, and a spicy sausage coup soup with pork belly.

What About Drinks?

You’ll find a full array of drinks at BannSang, including a few traditional Korean beers and wine products. There’s also a non-alcoholic menu available if you prefer that choice.

Our Final Word

BannSang is an exciting Korean restaurant where you’ll love experiencing while in the Auckland CBD. The restaurant is enjoyable and features many authentic Korean entrees. The place won’t break your budget either. Try this option out if you’re looking for a top-rate Korean restaurant while in the Auckland CBD area, especially if you want a place to visit before or after heading to the Sky Tower.

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