Noodle Canteen Auckland 2021 Review


Are you looking for a hot noodle plate in Auckland? We visited the Noodle Canteen on Quay Street in the Auckland CBD, and we found some of the best noodle dishes in the city.

The Noodle Canteen naturally gets its name from its vast assortment of noodle dishes. You’ll find various wok-tossed and soup-based noodle entrees here, plus some rice dishes. You’ve got many great choices to find when looking at the Noodle Canteen’s menu. You might even find a new favourite when you look inside the thorough menu to see what is open for your interest.

The Noodle Canteen in the Auckland CBD opens at 11 a.m. each day. It closes at 9:30 p.m. each day, but it can stay open a little later on Fridays and Saturdays, depending on how much business it gets then.


·       Wok-tossed and soup-based noodles are available

·       Spicy and non-spicy entrees

·       Spring rolls, wontons, and king prawn are also available

·       Soft drinks and Bundaberg non-alcoholic drinks are on the menu

·       Most entrees are available for less than $20 each

What Do the Noodles Feature?

We enjoyed the noodle entrees here at the Noodle Canteen. The team serves many light and bouncy noodles, including chow mein and soy noodles. The team does well in preparing all its noodles and ensuring they aren’t too hard or soft.

The Noodle Canteen also serves Singapore noodles. These include vermicelli noodles with curry powder and vegetables.

The Noodle Canteen focuses on producing a thorough and diverse menu featuring some of the best noodle entrees around. We love how well the Noodle Canteen focuses on finding great foods that are enjoyable and well-prepared.

What Meals Are There?

We tried a few different meals while at the Noodle Canteen, and we were very satisfied with what was available here. We loved the Singapore Fried Noodles, which featured vermicelli with pork, shrimp, and vegetables. The curry added a good flavour, but it didn’t become too spicy.

The Vegetarian Soup was also worthwhile. The soup features egg noodles with tofu, mushrooms, and various other vegetables.

Even the rice dishes were great, as the Sambal Fried Rice provided a good kick with fried rice and chicken. The rice grains were well-cut, and the flavours were spread well all over to prepare a nice touch. We greatly enjoyed what the place offers and how well it all tastes.

A Friendly Staff

We enjoyed talking with the staff members at the Noodle Canteen during our visit. They talked with us about the foods and explained to us what some of the items were. We were curious as to what made the Tom Yum such a popular entrée, for instance. They said that the Tom Yum features Thai-style rice noodles with pineapple, chicken, and vegetables. They also told us it has a spicy and sour flavour. Their description convinced us to try it out, which we did.

The menu itself also had plenty of pictures of all the foods for sale here. It wasn’t tough for us to find something, but the people here were willing to explain to us everything surrounding what was open for sale here.

What About the Location?

The Noodle Canteen is in the middle of a small space in between residential towers around the Auckland CBD. The venue isn’t too elaborate, but it does have a few nice spots for dining. There’s also a bar area where you can pick up your food for an order.

What’s the Value?

It doesn’t cost as much to order something from the Noodle Canteen as you might expect. Most of the entrees here are less than $20. We enjoyed the great assortment of products here. The portions are all well-sized and are suitable for sharing, although you might have a tough time willing to share your food with other people while you dine here.

Our Final Verdict

We were very pleased with what the Noodle Canteen offers. We loved the great assortment of foods here, and we appreciated how well the team worked towards producing the best possible noodles for all their entrees. We recommend the Noodle Canteen to anyone looking for a good Asian entrée in the Auckland CBD.

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