Auckland Fish Market

Discover a wide range of fresh fish and seafood!


The Auckland Fish Market is the place to go for the freshest seafood in town!

Auckland Fish Market’s eateries take great care to serve their customers with only the finest and freshest seafood. There is a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

There is more to the fish market than fresh seafood. They offer a number of tasty prepared foods as well. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it here.

You can get the freshest seafood from our boats straight to your table at Auckland Fish Market. The Auckland Fish Market has been the beating heart of New Zealand seafood since it was founded by Albert Sanford in 1904. It has now been rebooted, reenergised, and rebuilt into a temple to the senses, filled with the most passionate fishmongers and chefs New Zealand has to offer. An international standard and an emphasis on local ingredients.

In 2018, the market was revamped, with an addition of a modern food court style precinct and a courtyard bar to showcase the kaumoana of the market in a range of different cuisines. The Auckland Fish Market features 80 percent seafood, with some of the region’s best chefs whipping up classic Kiwi dishes and fusion dishes.

Auckland Fish Market is managed and stocked by Sanford, which prioritise sustainability and longevity.

Auckland Fish Market

📍 22 Jellicoe St, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland 1010


☎  0800 199 888


New Zealand’s seafood industry has been centred at Auckland Fish Market for over 100 years. The Auckland Fish Market has been refreshed and rebuilt, and is a temple for the senses filled with the most passionate fishmongers and chefs of New Zealand’s food scene. Authentic, exciting, and exciting. The range of fish species and dishes will satisfy your curiosity.

A fish market in Auckland is managed and stocked by Sanford, which places importance on sustainability and longevity. Protect the ocean. Look after the ocean. Share the ocean.


Good Karma Little Lato

Good Karma Little Lato aims to create a place where people can take a moment out of their busy schedule to recharge their energies and spirits.

According to Good Karma, every moment returns to us in a similar manner, so good intentions and interactions with all those they encounter will lead to a happier future. Auckland’s most iconic spot known for its great coffee, great food, and great service.

Bang Bang Kitchen

A modern Asian fusion eatery with bold, punchy flavours, Bang Bang Kitchen is located at Auckland Fish Market. Featuring six different styles of dumpling, peking duck by the half or whole, and a signature lobster fried rice that will make your mouth water.

IKA Bowl

An ocean-based dish sourced from the Pacific ocean and finished with the freshest and cleanest full-meal product, constructed and laid out with a lot of expertise in NZ.

IKA Bowl features healthy Māori and Polynesian food that has a balance of traditional and contemporary flavours.

Lobster & Tap

A shack completely dedicated to the delicacy of premium Canadian wild caught lobster in a buttered bun. 

At Auckland Fish Market, Lobster & Tap is the first shack of its kind serving premium wild caught Canadian lobster in a bun washed down with a cold beer.

A lobster roll can be had on the menu and you can enjoy the decadent taste of lobster meat. Simply delicious.

With a chilled bun and mayonnaise with herbs and spices, this lobster sandwich is topped with lobster-flavoured mayonnaise. Get more adventurous and indulge in the hot buttered lobster roll – lobster slathered in clarified butter, lemon, and chives, served warm on a hot toasted bun.

The two can be enjoyed separately or together. You can choose between crisps or chips, coleslaw, and pickles. Don’t forget to grab a cool, refreshing beer or rosé from the tap while you’re there. The lobster is served in a roll. Drinks are served in glasses. Pickles are served with the meal. 

Try the chilled lobster salad. Simple, yet tasty. Alternatively, try the lobster dip served with proper crisps, their take on a Kiwi icon.

The Wreck

The Wreck is the go-to spot for Auckland Fish Market and is conveniently located in the heart of the courtyard. A great selection of beer, crafted cocktails, hard sodas and wines from New Zealand are available. Hours for The Wreck are Sunday to Saturday 11:00 to 21:00.

Billy Pot

Billy Pot can satisfy all your seafood cravings thanks to the team at Auckland Fish Market. While the menu is limited, you can still expect the finest and freshest mussels, prawns, and oysters. When paired with classic sides, your favourites taste even better on a cruise afternoon.

Mar & Tierra 

Mar & Tierra, located in the historic Auckland Fish Market, combines Latin flavours and street food with Kiwi produce and the freshest local seafood. “Mar & Tierra,” meaning sea and land, features carefully curated flavours combining the best of South America and New Zealand.

Market Galley

Old favourites and future classics, eastern cuisine and western cuisine. A place at the market where fresh, delicious fare is prepared from the freshest produce. 

Oji Sushi 

Oji Sushi is being brought to Harbour Eats by Yukio Ozeki, the mastermind behind Azabu and Ebisu. You can expect delicious Japanese food and fresh ingredients from Oji Sushi 

You’ll find their food full of flavour, protein, and omega fatty acids so your body, mind, and mood will be healthy and vital! You can rely on your healthy grab-and-go smart food to be made fresh on-site every day.

That’s A Wrap

In Auckland Fish Market, you can find some of the most passionate fishmongers and chefs the New Zealand food scene has to offer. Try their delicious, fresh recipes today!