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Best Friend Gifts That Celebrate Your Unique Bond…

Looking for the best friend gifts in New Zealand?

You’ve come to the right place! Our selection of gifts for friends is sure to have something perfect for your BFF. We have a wide variety of gift ideas, from practical items like stationery and home decor, to fun and unique gifts they’ll love.

Whether you’ve been friends for five years or your whole life, your best friend is special to you, and that means they deserve a gift that’s extra-thoughtful. If you’re searching for Christmas gifts, their birthday, wedding, or a just-because kind of gift, if you’re not sure what to get them, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

The best friend you have will always be there for you no matter what. You can find meaningful best friend gifts for every occasion here, whether it’s her birthday, Christmas, a major milestone, or “just because.”

Here are some unique gift ideas to make your BFF feel special. Here you’ll find gifts to shop for friends of all kinds: your long-distance friend, your childhood friend who’s basically your sister, as well as your new friend who has brought you joy within a short period of time. We pulled the top best friend gifts from NZ that are sure to touch your best friend’s heart and can be sentimental, funny, something that all women will love, or a little bit of everything. It couldn’t be better than that, could it? Friends like you are priceless, after all.

If you’re celebrating your best friend’s birthday or just because, here are a range of the best gifts for her.

1. Makeup gift sets

If you’re looking to find the perfect birthday present to give your best friend, consider makeup gift sets. There’s no better thing to give a best friend on their birthday than makeup. From start to finish, makeup kits have you covered with essential products and easy-to-follow instructions. And for a targeted approach, from eyebrow kits to makeup-brush sets that’ll take you from intermediate to expert. Your bestie will love makeup gift sets, which include lipstick trios and eyeshadow stacks.

2. A Luxurious Leather Handbag

Ah, the bag of the moment. 

Add a sleek leather bag to her everyday style. A luxury leather bag will make your bestie swoon. From leather totes to leather backpacks and across-body bags to bowler bags and clutches. The leather bags for women from Leather Bags NZ are available in neutral or colourful hues to match any outfit. The variety is endless! You can find a bag for every occasion, from simple totes to leather backpacks.

Think a satchel, everyday tote, or across-the-body bag. There is a bag for every outfit and attire that Leather Bags NZ has to offer. Is an evening dinner on the agenda? The collection of timeless leather designs lends an elegant finishing touch to your bestie’s look, from desk to drinks.

Real leather bags last a long time and offer excellent protection. They are generally made of a tough, durable material, which improves over the years and can last a lifetime.

3. Memorable jewellery

Whether you are looking for something to enhance her everyday wardrobe or looking for a little something to add some sparkle to an occasion outfit. Unique jewellery makes an amazing gift for best friends. To give her the ultimate best friend gift, think about friendship jewellery. Consider a necklace engraved with her initials. Chain necklaces are hot right now, so this gift will definitely make them feel on-trend. Maybe some cute lightweight earrings, so the giftee can wear them as long as they want without any problems.

4. Hair Gifts

Like us all, your bestie is likely to have had her trusty hair straighteners since before you met. Get her a stunning new set. Make any haircare queen’s day with a collection of hair brushes, brush sets, and tools. With numerous products and styles designed for all hair types, you can be certain you’ll find high quality, professional brushes that would make even Rapunzel envious!

5. Electric Ultrasonic Diffuser

An enveloping scent can be added to a room with the use of a diffuser.

With this luxurious electric ultrasonic diffuser, her living space will be instantly filled with a soothing aroma and delicate mist. With an electric, ultrasonic diffuser, essential oils are dispensed into the air as a result of vibrations of a plate which creates ultrasonic waves, creating microscopic particles of oil which disperse into the air.

6. Best friend keyring

Your best friend is always there for you, so why not keep them close to your heart with a beautiful key ring?

Keep her memory of your friendship (and her heart) alive with a key chain that is personalised. Your best friend will treasure your friendship if you add her initials, a message, and a photo.

7.  Custom Best Friend Portrait

A great friend is hard to find, but maintaining a beautiful relationship with your BFF deserves all the love and attention it deserves! Nothing will make your BFF a little emotional quite like a custom illustrated portrait of the two of you, especially with a sweet personalised message.

8. Bluetooth Earbuds

Whether she’s a fitness fanatic, listens to podcasts, or tunes out noise, she’ll enjoy stylish bluetooth earbuds.

9. Bath Products

Pamper your bestie with bubbles, bath bombs, and self-care. Whether it’s for a special occasion or “just because” there’s nothing better than unwinding and relaxing after a long day.

A bath gift set is also one of the sweetest gestures you can make. The same goes for a skincare gift set. Sure, it’s an easy choice that doesn’t require much thought, but everyone appreciates them, no matter whether they prefer a bath or a shower, because they always enjoy something in there.

10. Notebook 

Big notebooks for big thoughts.

Personalised, handmade notebooks make a perfect gift for your best friend! This can be used as a journal, planner, memo book, sketchbook, or notebook where you can record any important plans or ideas you may have in your lifetime! The perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, a travel present or another special occasion.

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