Best DIY Meal Kits in New Zealand


Are you fed up with spending hours of your day in the kitchen? DIY meal kits are a convenient way to cook tasty, healthy meals at home.

We have listed the best DIY meal kit options in New Zealand that produce vibrant recipes inspired from around the world.

Benefits of DIY Meal Kits:

1.Quick and easy way to prepare foods: Cooking isn’t always easy and enjoyable as it could be, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, with kids, or a busy work schedule. You may have the motivation at the start of the day to cook up something healthy and equally delicious when you get home, but by the time you get home, you’re tired and lacking energy, having a boxed DIY meal kit is just so much easier.

2. Right portions sizes: Portion sizes are baffling. When you are following a recipe at home, you aren’t too sure how much chicken, grains, or even vegetables to use, we typically always add too much just to be on the safe side. Meal kit delivery services are brilliant because each meal is pre-measured and portion-ready.

3. Reduce food waste: When you find an inspirational and delicious looking recipe and make it at home, you have to buy all the ingredients at the supermarket, which in itself can be a headache, trying to remember you’ve picked up everything that you needed to make that favourable looking dish. What if you buy ingredients and spices that have a high chance, you are not going to use them again for a while and might likely go out of date. With home dinner kits, the ingredients are put together and sent pre-measured.

4. Access to ingredients not easily obtained locally: Some of the ingredients you get with your meal kits are not easily found locally. You may also not have access to fresh produce. If you don’t live on the coast, you may find the fish and seafood options fresher from a home dinner kit than what you buy at the supermarket. 

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1.Bargain Box


Telephone: 0800 227 424

How it works: 

  • Choose your Bargain Box
  • Bargain Box create your chosen recipes 
  • Delivered to you door
  • You cook for meal in around 30 minutes

Costs: From $6.10 per plate 

You can order for up to 6 people which costs around $182.99 for 5 nights.


Bargain BoxBargain Box VeggieBargain Box BBQProtein & Vegetables

Some of Bargain Boxes family favourites are: 

  • Mouth watering Ultimate chicken burgers with veggie chips & picklenaise 
  • Flavoursome Easy cheesy chicken spaghetti
  • Tasty Ultimate smokin’ halloumi taco party
  • Bursting with Flavour Bacon, Asparagus & Cheesy Potato Caesar

Bargain Box is now owned and operated by My Food Bag, they run a separate website for Bargain Box that offers food boxes focused on family favourites at lower prices. This DIY meal provider focuses on providing great value-for-money for the hungry bellies that you need to feed with either three or five meals per week depending on the box you choose. Leaving you to spend more quality with the family. Bargain box is perfect for a family on a budget.

2. HelloFresh


How it works:

  • Personalise your perfect menu
  • Fresh ingredients are delivered
  • Cook delicious dinners

Costs: $13.99 per serving

Delivery: $9.99

Some of HelloFresh popular meals: 

  • Honey-Soy Glazed Chicken & Sesame Fries
  • Rosemary & Caramelised Onion Lamb Rump
  • Crumbed Pork Dippers & Rosemary Wedges


New Menus Each WeekCreate Your Perfect BoxDelivered To Your Door

HelloFresh is the largest meal-kit provider. Their global mission is to make dinner easy. HelloFresh is a recipe box delivery service, creating new recipes each week that are both delicious and nutritious meals that you can make at home. 

You do have to register with an email address for HelloFresh after signing up, you simply pick a plan depending on your dietary preferences, HelloFresh delivers your box to your doorstep on the day of your choosing. 

What’s great about HelloFresh is that you are always in control, as you can pause, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

3. My Food Bag


How it works: 

  • You choose
  • They create
  • My Food Bag Delivers your order
  • You cook & enjoy

Costs: From $10.00 per plate and $199.99 per week

Delivery: Refer to their website.


GourmetPlant-BasedVegetarianWeight Loss

Some of My Food Bag favorites:

  • Ready Made Herby Pesto Chicken Lasagne
  • Paneer Tikka Masala
  • Low Cal Peri Peri Lemon Chicken

My Food Bag is the biggest New Zealand-owned meal provider. Their meals generally take around 40 minutes or less to cook, and in their boxes are balanced and nutritious recipes, a variety of free-range proteins, and local and seasonal produce with simple step-by-step recipe instructions. My Food Bag is a great value-for-money meal kit service that provide everything you need to make your life easier.

4. The Kai Box



How it works: 

  • They plan
  • You choose
  • They deliver
  • You cook

Costs: between $40 – $115 depending on your chosen package.


  • Albany and Papakura in Auckland your order will be delivered on Friday, the rest of Auckland will be delivered on Sunday. Delivery time is between 6pm – 9pm.
  • All other regions, refer to their website.


Breakfast BoxLow Carb BoxVegan Snack BoxFamily Box
Kickstart Kai BoxCouples BoxPlant-BasedSubscription

Some of The Kai Box favorites: 

  • Kumara & Corn Cakes
  • Cannellini Pesto Pasta
  • Thai Noodle Bowl
  • Lentil & Potato Curry
  • Mediterranean Tofu Scramble

The Kai Box is New Zealand’s leading plant-based food box company. They say that they will always remain a 100% plant-based business. Their meals are meat-free (includes fish), dairy and eggs. 

Each recipe has nutritional information provided including carbohydrates, protein, fats, sodium, and fibre.

In a Kai Box, you’ll receive all the fresh, healthy food box ingredients and recipes you need to prepare your meals. You will need basic pantry items such as salt, a dash of olive oil and soy sauce, etc. Each meal takes between 30 – 45 minutes. 

You can order on a weekly basis without having to commit. They do offer subscriptions if you would like a box every week, or fortnightly and you can cancel your subscription at any time. The Kai Box is perfect for those who want divine home cooking in a hurry.

5. Woop



How it works: 

  • Choose your box
  • Woop delivers to your door
  • Cook with less prep
  • Enjoy your delicious dinner

Delivery: Free delivery to the following locations:

TaurangaNapier & HastingsRotoruaPalmerston North


FoodieClassicBalanceFlexible Subscription
VegetarianGluten-FreeDairy-FreeNut Free

Some of Woop’s favorite recipes:

  • Lemon, caper and dill tarakihi
  • La Vera chicken
  • Chorizo and black bean quesadilla

Woop is Kiwi-owned, they provide everything you need to make 3 or 4 dinners and are delivered to your door each week with fresh ingredients, colour coded labels, and exact portions. Super easy and allows you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your evenings!