What Are the Best Alarm Clocks in NZ

#1 Best Overall
Smart Digital Robot Alarm Clock
#2nd Choice
Rechargeable Digital Alarm Clock
#3rd Choice
Sunrise Alarm Clock LED Digital Alarm Clock
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As the world has evolved and the usage of smartphones has increased, most of us have slowly moved towards incorporating all other aspects of our lives within these phones. 

Smartphones come with a built-in alarm option, regardless of what brand it is and while it has made our lives easier in every aspect, it has also caused us to be addicted to our screens. 

An alarm clock on phone will also likely mess with your sleep even if you mute it or dim the lights on it. So, an alarm clock while may feel like a digital downgrade can actually turn out to be a beneficial addition to good nights sleep and turning your bedroom into a no distraction zone.  

After careful deliberation and screening we will be listing down our top picks for the best alarm clocks available in New Zealand which will not only do a good job, but they will also look lovely on your nightstand. 



  • LED backlit screen, lcd clock, alarm, temperature, heartbeat, breathing circle animation
  • Animated Heartbeat and Breath Circle loop display
  • There are 5 types of alarm sounds available
  • Snooze function, 5 minutes break
  • When the alarm rings, the robot’s eyes blink


This temperature display and smart digital robot alarm clock with snooze function are ideal for children’s bedrooms.
Features: LCD clock, alert, temperature, heartbeat movement, and Drove backdrop illumination.
Liveliness of the heartbeat and breath all around.

There are 5 unique assortments of caution commotions.
Nap include, five-minute delay.
When the alarm goes off, the robot blinks its eyes.

Pros: 5 types of alarms, pleasant to look at, good design, better price

Cons: hard to set sound of your choice, no battery backup option

Rechargeable Digital Alarm Clock



  • Adjustable snooze minute: can adjust from 1-60 minutes
  • Product Material:Plastic ABS + Electronic Components
  • Product Diamension: 15 x 6 x 3 cm


Its super multifunctional with features such as Hands-Free Call, Touch Sensor Night Light, Bluetooth 4.0 Hifi Speaker, Digital Alarm Clock, MP3 Player. Connecting through Bluetooth is a breeze, and it works with all Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, flash drive, micro-SD card, and AUX input are also supported.

It also features, colourful night lights for kids or adults which is touch activated and gives you full control over brightness. There is a built-in large capacity rechargeable battery. It can easily be charged with a usb cable and has wonderful sound quality, all in all making for a great gift. 

Pros: aesthetically pleasing, solid build, true to description

Cons: Loud Bluetooth noise, no charger block so it has to be charged through laptop, can be a bit inconvenient


Sunrise Alarm Clock LED Digital Alarm Clock



  • Sleep aid with 10 calming sounds
  • Touch lamp & adjustable brightness
  • Glows 5-60 minutes before you wake up


Your mornings just got a sunny upgrade! The projections led alarm clock – the bright, bold and beautiful way to start your day. This alarm clock helps you rise and shine so you can start your day off right.

The variety and splendour of the daylight morning timer will gradually change from red to dazzling yellow, reproducing a characteristic dawn with the best lights and sounds to assist you with awakening step by step.

Features: Ten calming sounds for a sleep aid: Customise your rest routine by changing the light and force mode, as well as quieting sounds (winds, downpour, light music, water stream, children’s songs), tenderly assisting you with unwinding before bed fall rest.
Brightness adjustment and a touch lamp: Tap the metal frame in light mode to quickly switch between warm white light, seven monochrome lights (white, red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple), and five vibrant ambient lights. As a night light, reading light, mood light, or bedside lamp, you can select your preferred light mode.

Say goodbye to hard mornings and hello to this special alarm clock that will be sure to add some sunshine moments to your mornings!

Pros: Sun simulation, 10 calming sounds, touch lamp and adjustable brightness

Cons: Time consuming to set up

Digital Alarm Clock LED Temperature Humidity Dual Alarm



  • Small Alarm Clock with 2 alarm and snooze functions
  • Auto Night Light with Light Sensor
  • Indoor temperature and humidity display; Calendar with 7 Language selection
  • There are 12/24 format
  • Battery-operated


This little alarm clock features two snooze and alarm settings, an automatic night light with a light sensor, an indoor temperature and humidity indicator, a calendar with seven language options, and more. There are battery-operated 12/24 format devices.


All of the information on the display can be read somewhat from any angle because of its slim, clean, and straightforward design. In well-lit settings, it can be seen without additional lighting, and the Atom clock will always show you the appropriate time. The alarm wheel may be placed in a suitable location in your house, such as a bedroom, bed, kitchen, or living area, thanks to the battery power.

Double alarm and auto night light: 2 alarm features that are simple to turn on and off will assist you in snoozing the alarm. When the brightness of the automobile setting is very low, the light switch activates simple backdrop illumination.

Temperature and humidity inside:

Units for indoor temperature and moisture are obvious here. Both degrees C and degrees F are used to display the temperaturen 

Pros: Double alarm and auto night light, true to description, multi-functional, conserves energy, good value for money

Cons: Batteries are not included

Projection Alarm Clock, LED Digital Alarm Clock



  • Comes with a large backlit 6-inch LED screen, looks crisp and modern as does the mirrored screen, and show time(12H/24H mode), week, temperature (in C/F), and more in clear digits, easy to read. Perfect alarm clocks for bedrooms, keeps you and your family’s living conditions optimal.
  • FM radio clock


The LED Digital Alarm Clock with Week Time and Temperature Display, FM Radio, Dual Alarm Clocks, 4 Levels Adjustable Brightness, and Snooze Digital Clock for Bedroom and Office makes this projection alarm clock an excellent investment. Your selection on your everyday attire and the environment will be aided by these extra functions.

Pros: Fashionable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to work with, FM Radio

Cons: Long delivery time 

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