The Best Beach Trolley In NZ

#1 Best Overall
Beyond Rugged Beach Trolley - Grey
#2nd Choice
Mighty Carts Navy Beach Trolley
#3rd Choice
Ascent Beach Cart
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We all love to go to the beach and enjoy a day full of sunbathing and swimming. However, the one thing we dread on our trips is carrying our stuff from the car to the beach.

When you load things into the trunk of your car, they don’t seem heavy. However, when you have to carry everything together, it can exhaust you.

Luckily, with a beach trolley, you don’t have to worry about getting tired and missing out on the fun. This cart can help you carry towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, and other things with ease.

If you’re looking for the best beach trolley in NZ, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will be guiding you on everything about them.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Beach Trolley In NZ

1. Weight

The weight of a beach trolley in NZ is a vital factor to consider. This is because if it is underweight or overweight, you will face various troubles.

You should note that the best beach trolley in NZ is the one that is easy to pull and push on the sand.

Another thing you should remember is that it should be easy to lift. This is so that you can put the trolley back in your car with ease.

2. Wheels

The wheels of your beach trolley will determine the surfaces you can use the vehicle on. Typically, you should look for off road wheels in the product you are considering.

Off road wheels are larger than the standard wheels and ensure smooth movement on various surfaces. You should also check if the wheels are suitable for using the trolley on multiple terrains.

3. Maximum Weight Capacity

All beach trolleys have a maximum weight capacity that determines the number of things they can carry. Typically, you should look for a range of 80kg to 120kg.

This range will allow you to fill the trolley with various stuff. Besides that, if your family is large, we guarantee that you will want a high capacity.

4. Ease To Push/Pull

To get this factor right, you should get a lightweight trolley. However, keep in mind to not get a very light cart. Otherwise, your stuff can cause it to topple.

Besides that, you should check that the construction materials are not heavyweight. Lastly, you should see the surfaces the trolley is compatible with. If the number is high, it means the vehicle will be easy to push/pull.

Beyond Rugged Beach Trolley - Grey


Overall rating – 5 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Frame: Powdercoated Steel
  • Fabric: 600D Polyester
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 560 x 670mm
  • Folding Size: 530 x 250 x 790mm
  • Carton Size: 550 x 200 x 820mm
  • Gross Weight: 13.20kgs


With this Beyond Rugged Beach Trolley, you can transport your belongings to the beach, camping, and even attending events while out in the Beyond.

Whether at a music festival, a scenic spot, or a cricket match, its wide, sturdy wheels are ideal for handling rough terrain or sandy beaches. You can swivel the front wheels for added control, and you can easily fold it down when you’re done.


  • Ideal for the beach, camping, sporting events, and festivals!
  • Features large, wide wheels for sand and rough terrain
  • A swiveling front wheel for steering
  • Easily folds up
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame + 600D polyester canvas
  • Generous load capacity


  • Expensive


Mighty Carts Navy Beach Trolley


Overall rating – 4.5 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Fabric: 600D Polyester
  • Frame: Powder Coated Steel
  • Weight: 13kg


Do you have a relatively small family? Are you looking for a reasonably priced beach trolley in NZ? If so, you should look no further than this cart by Mighty Carts.

The navy-blue canvas fabric has high strength, so you never have to worry about the material tearing due to load. Besides that, the weight of the trolley is a bit high. This is a benefit as it does not allow the cart to topple.


  • Comes with a warranty
  • Removable and washable fabric
  • 360-degree rotary wheels
  • Suitable for camping and sports events too
  • Large load capacity


  • Not ideal for large families


Ascent Beach Cart



  • Fabric: Polyester with PVC Coating
  • Frame: Steel
  • Weight: Not Known
  • Max Capacity: 70kg


Are you looking for a beach trolley for carrying lightweight stuff? If yes, the Ascent Beach Cart should be in your top choices. It is made by a reputable brand and is of high quality.

The fantastic thing about this best beach trolley in NZ is that it is easy to clean and fold. That is why you can carry this cart in a trunk with limited space as well.

You can also use this trolley when going to the market for shopping or on your camping adventures.


  • Multi-purpose trolley
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy to push and pull


  • Wheels are a bit narrow
  • Not the best beach trolley for soft sand


Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re shopping for a large capacity beach trolley or one that allows you to attach a car seat, you need to look for a trolley that suits your specific needs. The beach trolley can be made easier to use and more enjoyable overall by other factors. Look for the following:

1. Weight and durability: These are often sacrificed when it comes to weight, but you want one that is a suitable balance of both for your purposes. You may want to consider a lighter beach trolley if you’re not able to carry much weight or find yourself carrying it a lot. For heavier loads, you’ll need something more durable.

2. Collapsibility: These types of trolleys fold up compactly so they are easier to store. Collapsible beach trolleys are excellent for carrying your wagon in and out of your car since they fit easily in the trunk and are easier to transport.

3. Weight capacity: Beach trolleys have varying weights that they can handle, so make sure you check the weight capacity to be sure you can easily transport your belongings and pets.

4. Maneuverability: Find wheels with a large diameter so you can explore different types of terrain more easily. The larger wheels also make it easier to navigate sand without getting stuck.

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