Best Primer NZ (Our top picks)

#1 Best Overall
Perfectly Primed Illuminating Primer by Thinlizzy​
Perfectly Primed Illuminating Primer
#2nd Choice
Lancôme Absolue Melt Perfect Skin Primer ​
Lancôme Absolue Melt Perfect Skin Primer
#3rd Choice
THE ORDINARY High-Adherence Silicone Primer​
THE ORDINARY High-Adherence Silicone Primer
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Looking for the best primers to create a smooth base to apply makeup on? You’ve come to the right place. Primers are extremely important to apply before starting your makeup. Using the primer before the application of makeup plays important role in improving the longevity of the makeup. As the fashion industry is a giant market, there are thousands of primer products available. However, choosing the right and the best primer is very crucial as it helps define the tone of your makeup.

There are some reasons one should consider and look at before buying the product. It is essential to understand each reason as it will help them understand why they want it.

Primer Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best One

Here are some of the main reasons one should consider before choosing the right primer. Understanding each factor is important as it tells you more about the product and how it would suit you.

Your Skin Type

Many people desire normal skin but it is a luxury not everyone has. Dryness or oily skin is a common problem faced by the majority of the population. If you have dry skin, you should avoid using mattifying primer. For dry skin, it is better to choose a primer added with moisturizer. This would not only smooth the makeup but also benefit the skin, and give you a glowing look.

Type of Primer

There are various types of primer available in the market. Each type of primer serves a different benefit to your skin and makeup. Getting the first primer you see would be a big mistake. Get to know about the primer, understand it and see if it would suit your makeup choice and skin type. Getting the wrong primer would not make the makeup last longer but can also have some side effects on your skin. There are primers available to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face. Also, colour correcting primers work best to even out the skin complexation. First, decide what work you want your primer to carry out and then choose the right one.

Top Best Primers In NZ

High quality primers offers a lot of benefits to the users who are looking to brighten their skin and making it soft. After thorough research of various primer products, we have shortlisted some of the best primers. The products mentioned below are top market and high quality. Many users trust these primers so why shouldn’t you.

Perfectly Primed Illuminating Primer by Thinlizzy


Perfectly Primed Illuminating Primer by Thinlizzy​


  • Illuminating Primer
  • For Dry Skin
  • 30 ml bottle


Looking to create a perfect radiant look for your makeup? This product by Thinlizzy is perfect to cater to all your requirements from a primer. This is best for creating a smooth base for makeup on your dry skin. It is an exceptional face primer. The best feature of this primer is that it helps your makeup stay for a lot longer than other products in the market. Completely healthy for your skin, this is made from natural and skin-friendly ingredients. Perfect to give your makeup a glow, sun-kissed look. One of the highest-rated products on the market. This product has helped thousands of women in showing off their beautiful makeup. Comparatively light primer, this product gives a pleasant and mild tint to your makeup.


  • Fantastic customer service
  • Can help you remove excess oil from your skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable


  • Not for oily skin
  • May feel a burn sensation to some people


Lancôme Absolue Melt Perfect Skin Primer


Lancôme Absolue Melt Perfect Skin Primer ​


  • Anti-aging effect
  • Golden glow
  • 30 ml


Infused with 24-Karat pure gold, the primer by Lancôme is perfect to give your makeup a golden glow base to your makeup. This product is new in the market and has been prepared with top quality and skin loving ingredients.

The unique light texture of this product makes it easy to apply and melts into your skin. Not just providing a smooth base the primer gives a silky sensational touch to your skin. This can work as the perfect gift to give your friend or any close one. This primer gives your skin an instant golden glow and is a perfect ally for your foundation. It works best in providing the complexation you desire and is set on your skin all day long. The product is made with an exclusive Absolue perpetual rose extract by Lancôme. This is why the primer gives a unique silky sensation to your skin and is light in texture.

Are you also looking for anti-aging in your primer? This would work the best in providing the anti-aging effect with a subtle golden light look. This product is a great face primer. It also keeps your skin hydrated and has no side effects on your skin.


  • Unique ingredients
  • Perfect way to counter uneven skin tone
  • Clean both small and large pores
  • Made with advanced technique
  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • The 24-karat gold helps give a golden oil free glow to your skin
  • It can also be used as an eye primer thus helping helping you remove dark circles from under your eyes.


  • It Maybe too bright if used in a
  • bit higher quantity
  • Comparatively expensive than other
  • products available in the market

THE ORDINARY High-Adherence Silicone Primer


THE ORDINARY High-Adherence Silicone Primer​


  • Mattifying primer
  • Blurring primer
  • 30 ml


THE ORDINARY is one of the top leading brands in the skincare industry. The products of this business are highly used and have revolutionized the industry. Ideal for oily skin and enlarged pores, this high-adherence silicone primer is perfect to give your skin a smooth and matte base finish to makeup. Oily skin can be a problem for the makeup to stay longer, this is where the mattifying primer comes in to save the day. Primers are a perfect beauty accessory. This primer can help you improve your appearance and provide moisture to your skin while reducing the unwanted oil from your skin pores. This is why it can also be used to reduce wrinkles.

Made with highly advanced adaptive silicones, the primer is perfect to suit your oily skin and is healthy. It blurs out all the imperfections in your skin and provides with lends the skin a matte finish. This helps the makeup set easily on your skin and last a whole day.


  • Reduces the look of pores and uneven texture on your face
  • Can be used on its own to provide the skin with a matte look
  • Highly affordable


  • Only for oily skin
  • Mattifying primer can have some side effects if you have a normal skin

Frequently asked questions

Yes, primers can even be used without makeup.

Primer is only to be used before the makeup application as it provides a smooth base to your makeup. Also for perfect application use a reasonable amount of setting spray.

Primers can offer a number of different advantages like neutralise redness, improving complexion but what most people don’t realise is that it can also be used as a sun screen as some of the primers have the same ingredients that are used in a sunscreen.

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