Top Personal Trainers North Shore


Personal training sessions with a certified trainer are the fastest way to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want weight loss or just more energy, a professional personal trainer will help make it happen in no time at all through targeted workouts that fit perfectly into any schedule- even on limited incomes.

Looking for a personal trainer is hard because everyone has different opinions on what they offer! Plus there are so many options – how do you choose someone qualified?

Do you find it tough to eat healthy and workout at home? But you don’t know where to find the right personal trainer?

It’s also wise to research the credentials behind different professionals offering this service; some may have more experience than others which can lead towards better results from exercise programs tailored specifically toward yours.

If you’re into group fitness classes or if you prefer one on one training then we’ve curated a list of the best personal trainers on the North shore.

Here’s our list of personal trainers:

Truly Toned Personal Trainer Takapuna

79 Barry’s Pt Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

When you want to make a change, it’s not always easy finding the right motivation. That is why we recommend Bridget as your personal trainer! Not only does she have years of experience and know hows; but what really sets her apart from other trainers? The fact that they can motivate people while also setting realistic goals for them – nounbelieveable expectations here (I think?) And when we’re feeling down or need help getting back on track-Bridget will be there by our side every step along this journey

Vision personal training

The trainers at Vision Takapuna are excellent. They have personal training knowledge and always support you in your workouts, no matter what goal or pace is needed to reach it!

I’ve tried other gyms before but none of them gave me the proper guidance on how best achieve my goals; until I found this studio where all their instructors can help walk newcomers like myself through weight loss with confidence that they will succeed- because we’re not just here for show -we actually care about each others’ success stories as well!.

The Sweat Shop – Personal Trainer for Women

The Sweat Shop is a fantastic gym for women. Wednesday morning’s group sessions are an excellent total body workout and as the newbie in class, Anna always took time to check my form while we performed exercises together – she really knows how important proper technique can be! There’s such great camaraderie among these ladies; it feels like they’re friendships instead of just working out partners too see each other again after months apart during busy work weeks or weekends when schedules permit… And I love that this place has such great facilities: The Coatesville hall with its beautiful surroundings makes me feel right at home whether going on workoutday afternoon escape

Sophie Beddoes Personal Training

With Sophie’s training, you will feel and look great from the inside out. A number of different packages are available, including a one-to-one plan, which is set up at Sophie’s Albany home. Sessions last one hour and are tailored to your needs and goals. 

Also available, if you’re a beginner, is a one off 4 week program that you can follow at home or at the gym. Kettlebells and dumbbells of different weights are all you will need to get started. In this four-week plan, you will do two resistance training sessions and one core/stabilization session. Online coaching is also an option that requires a minimum of six week blocks to assist you in tailoring your training plan to your goals.

Rob Garza – Personal Trainer Northshore (Ageless Fitness 100)

Ageless Fitness 100 is a premier personal training company dedicated to having clients reach their fitness goals safe and effectively. Rob Garza leads the expert team of Ageless Fitness 100 personal trainers. Rob uses evidence-based science to design your exercise program to assure it matches your goals, body structure, and abilities. If your goal is to lose bodyfat, tone or build muscle, increase your stamina, or improve your fitness & conditioning then Ageless Fitness 100 is your first choice.

Testimonial: Rob will help design a fitness training program tailored specifically towards YOUR needs- not just another “cookie cutter” plan like some other places may offer. You’ll work one on one sessions over time until something sticks; then boom–you have yourself not only a healthier and fit lifestyle BUT also increased self confidence as well thanks to Rob. – Tony Byrd, Albany

Final Words

Here is our list of the best personal trainers on the North Shore who provide the best fitness training programs to achieve your goals. These exercise professionals and are certified in various levels of exercise help people feel better by helping them reach their fitness goals. These passionate personal trainers in Auckland will help you reach your personal goals, whether you are looking for high intensity training, weight management or group classes they have got you covered.