The 7 Best Onetangi Accommodation Options


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We’ve got the inside scoop on the best places to stay in Onetangi for the perfect getaway. From beachfront villas to secluded holiday homes, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our list of the 7 best accommodation options will help you find the perfect place to stay while you’re in town. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious getaway near a beautiful beach or a cosy cottage with great views, we’ve got you covered.

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Onetangi is a small settlement on Waiheke Island with white sandy beaches, vineyards, glamping options, and much more. This is why you may be planning to visit the location with your family or partner.

The great news is that there are multiple hotel options in this region of Waiheke Island with popular attractions close by. They have some great facilities which include: free wifi, room service, flat screen tv, and also so of the most helpful staff around who have a wealth of local knowledge. You also don’t have to do deep research with our help. So let’s look at the seven best Onetangi accommodation options:

  1. Onetangi Beach Apartments

The Onetangi Beach Apartments is a suitable option for if you want a homey experience. Each unit contains a private deck overlooking the beach and hills to give a scenic view. You will also have a modern kitchen in the unit for cooking meals yourself and saving money. This is preferable if you’re traveling on a tight budget and looking for cheap deals.

You can also rent electric bikes and VW Beetles from the hotel to explore Onetangi. There are multiple vineyards within the vicinity to help you taste great wine. Meanwhile, the beach provides an excellent diving experience and other water sports activities. Another great thing is that the golf course is three minutes away from the accommodation.

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  • A playground is available to help kids enjoy near the hotel
  • Free Wi-Fi and beach towels are provided to each guest
  • EcoZip Adventures is only one mile away from Onetangi Beach Apartments
  • Pets are allowed in the units
  • Comfortable rooms with high space
  • Perfect base for travellers
  • Cheap deals


  • The hotel is not the best option for people who are restricted to wheelchairs

2. Villas Waiheke

Villas Waiheke is an excellent Onetangi accommodation option for a luxury experience at a reasonable rate. You can get one of the five exclusive villas with one or two bedrooms for a comfortable stay. The best part is that you don’t have to leave the accommodation to relax and enjoy some well deserved sunbathing and water activities. The hotel offers heated mineral and spa pools for enjoying.

Besides that, the spacious outdoor deck with sun loungers allows you to sunbathe without issues. The infinity lawn also adds a splash of colour to the villas and provides a scenic background. You can walk around the bushy area or enjoy biking with your partner. Many couples prefer Villas Waiheke for a private weekend getaway on special occasions.

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  • Free Wi-Fi is available in all parts of the accommodation
  • Peacock Sky Vineyard is just a few minutes away from the hotel
  • The hotel has an airfield if you want to arrive directly by helicopter or plane
  • Five beaches are near this hotel


  • Not suitable for large groups as this Onetangi accommodation does not accommodate more than 14 people

3. Waiheke Unlimited

Waiheke Unlimited is one of the best accommodation options in Onetangi because of the multiple lodging options. You can choose from luxury homes to small cottages for your stay. This means you don’t have to break your bank to enjoy a fun trip to Waiheke Island. The hotel offers reasonable rates while ensuring maximum comfort.

The top feature of the hotel is its Moeraki lodging, which is a three-bedroom home with premium features. It can accommodate six guests at once and offers a private path to the nearby beach. So you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the crowd on your way to the beach. This Onetangi accommodation is designed to save your time and money.


  • Auckland is 35 minutes away from the hotel and easily accessible by ferry
  • Palm Beach, Onetangi Beach, Little Palm Beach, Little Oneroa Beach, and Okoka Bay Beach are near the hotel
  • Free parking and public transport are easily accessible from this accommodation
  • The hotel security is relatively high


  • Smoking and pets are not allowed

4. Treetops

If you want to immerse yourself in the nature of Waiheke Island, Treetops should be your top choice. The accommodation is located in the forest and provides a fully-furnished private cabin for a comfortable stay. Lush green plants will surround you from all sides. Many nature enthusiasts use this hotel and explore the region by viewing the wildlife.

The best part about this premium Onetangi accommodation is that it is suitable for medium-sized families. You will receive a cabin with three bedrooms, one bathroom, a TV, a balcony, etc. So you can enjoy the best value for money by choosing Treetops for your stay in Waiheke. Another great thing is that pets are also allowed on the site upon request.

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  • The kitchen is fully equipped with essential tools
  • The balcony is spacious with some outdoor furniture
  • Air-conditioning is present for a comfy experience
  • Suitable for families with young kids because children are also allowed


  • No Wi-Fi is available due to the secluded location

5. Nikau Apartments

Nikau Apartments is famous on Waiheke Island for offering a budget-friendly staying experience. The hotel is 12 minutes away from the beach and offers multiple BBQ facilities. This is why many people stay at this accommodation during chilly nights. You will also get an elevated view of the beach from the sun terrace of your unit.

The units also have a green backdrop because of the palm trees that keep the property cool and shaded from the sun. The hotel is minutes away from three restaurants and two cafés. You can have alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks at the locations. For an authentic experience, you can also go on a wine tasting tour with your friend or partner.

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  • Plants on the property attract birds to offer a holistic experience
  • The elevated view allows you to enjoy the weather without leaving the unit
  • Dining and seating options are present on the sun terrace
  • A golf course is nearby if you want to engage in sports


  • Shuttle service is unavailable because the hotel is not on a bus route

6. The Waiheke Lodge

The Waiheke Lodge is suitable for large families or groups of friends because it offers a five-bedroom spacious cabin. On-site parking is provided to the guest for free, along with an internet connection. So you don’t have to disconnect from social media during your trip. The property will also offer you a private airfield if you come by helicopter.

If you get bored in the Onetangi region, you can also take the nearby 35-minute ferry to Auckland. The city is large and offers multiple fun activities for enjoying. This transport method also allows you to plan half-day trips to the city for shopping and other activities. The hotel also has a gaming lounge for kids with a PS3 console.

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  • Accommodates a large group of people
  • Multiple offerings for kids and adults
  • It offers a balcony to enjoy the scenic view
  • The building has three private bathrooms and one small toilet


  • The shower stalls are relatively small

7. The Jazz Loft

The Jazz Loft is an excellent Onetangi accommodation for couples. It has an open plan design and offers a fully functional kitchen to the guests. You can also hire bikes or cars from the hotel to explore the nearby vineyards and restaurants. The hotel also offers horse-riding amenities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Besides that, you will also receive access to free toiletries such as towels and hairdryers. You can visit the different beaches to enjoy your stay in Onetangi. The hotel also provides multiple on-site services such as a golf course, gaming zone, etc.

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  • High security
  • Multiple on-site and offsite amenities
  • Offers landmark, garden, and beach views
  • Reasonably priced


  • Kids below age 18 are not allowed