The 5 Best Foundation For Mature Skin NZ

#1 Best Overall
Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Foundation
Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Foundation​
#2nd Choice
Lancome Ultra Compact Foundation
Lancome Ultra Compact Foundation ​
#3rd Choice
Glo Skin Satin Foundation ​
Glo Skin Satin Foundation ​
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Are you looking for a foundation for mature skin in New Zealand? If so, you have come to the right place. The suitable model can help you with hiding imperfections and achieving a radiant finish for your skin tone. 

However, we understand that it can be difficult for you to choose the top foundation for mature skin. So here is a complete guide that will help you get the best product. 

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Reasons To Consider Before Buying The Best Foundation For Mature Skin In New Zealand 

Here are the top reasons you should consider when deciding whether or not to buy the best foundations for mature skin: 

Blurring Imperfections 

Do you have various spots on your skin or does your skin break out often? If so, the best foundation can help you. The product can allow you to hide the various imperfections by offering full or medium coverage. The best part is that it can also provide skin hydration. 

Aging Skin 

Are you an adult with mature or aging skin? If so, you must get the best foundation for your skin. A matte finish product can help your skin to look younger. You can also use triple action serum foundation to rejuvenate your skin’s glow. 

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Enhanced Look 

One of the top reasons people wear foundations is because they enhance the overall look. The item can keep your skin hydrated, dark circles, hidden, and much more. It can also offer sun protection to help you maintain your skincare routine. 

The Top Foundations For Mature Skin In New Zealand Reviews 

Here are the reviews of the top foundations for mature skins that you will come across in Australia: 

Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Foundation


Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Foundation


  • Size: 30 ml 
  • Shades: Warm and Dark 
  • Type: Liquid Foundation 


The Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion is a full coverage foundation that is designed for older skin. You can use the product for sensitive skin, dry skin, and much more. The best part is that this is the best full coverage foundation you will find on the market. 

Besides that, this foundation is a liquid type and comes in more than nine shades to accommodate all skin tones. The product minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and much more. Another thing to note is that this foundation offers a flawless finish. 


  • Lightweight formula 
  • Keeps skin fully hydrated 
  • Offers sun protection 
  • Cruelty-free 


  • Not the best choice for a light skin tone 

Lancome Ultra Compact Foundation


Lancome Ultra Compact Foundation


  • Size: N/A 
  • Shades: Light 
  • Type: Compact Foundation 


The Lancome Ultra Compact is one of the top foundations you can get for your mature skin. It comes in four different shades to match your tone easily. Besides that, this product can offer protection for up to eight hours. 

A key feature of this lightweight foundation is that it offers a natural finish to your makeup. Not only that, but the unique formula of this product also adds to its appealing factor. It also offers a buildable coverage because of the high sebum absorption capacity 


  • Suitable for dry skin 
  • Offers smooth coverage 
  • Works well on uneven texture 
  • Provides a healthy glow 


  • Does not contain anti-aging ingredients 


Glo Skin Satin Foundation


Glo Skin Satin Foundation ​


  • Size: 30 ml 
  • Shades: Beige 
  • Type: Cream Foundation 


Are you looking for a foundation that offers a satin finish to your skin? If so, you should look no further than the Glo Skin Satin Foundation. This product is designed to help you hide your dark spots. 

Besides that, this luminous foundation has a creamy texture for smooth application. The best part about this item is that it is also a dewy foundation and offer a natural look. This is why you don’t have to worry about using various makeup products with this satin finish product. 


  • Lasts all-day 
  • Can help you to hide dark spots 
  • Does not get affected by environmental stressors 
  • Offers an oil-free skin 
  • Contains Vitamin E 


  • Expensive 

Lancome Miracle Foundation


Lancome Miracle Foundation​


  • Size: 30 ml 
  • Shades: Light to Dark 
  • Type: Liquid Foundation 


The Lancome Miracle Foundation is the perfect foundation for all those looking for an excellent liquid formula. It is free from all oils and can easily hydrate your skin. Besides that, the foundation shade flexibility of this product is also high. 

Lancome is one of the top companies you will find on the market that provides makeup tips and essentials. This brand’s foundation is suitable for all skin types including a dewy complexion. Not only that, but one of the ingredients of the liquid formula of this item is vitamin C. 


  • Suitable for various skin types including oily skin 
  • Acts as a hydrating serum 
  • Offers a luminous glow 
  • Best for achieving a beautiful skin 


  • Relatively a new foundation 

Glo Skin Loose Base


Glo Skin Loose Base ​


  • Size: 15 ml 
  • Shades: Multiple Shades 
  • Type: Mineral Foundation 


To achieve a luminous finish, you can apply foundation to your skin type. The best part is that the Glo Skin Loose Base can help you with the task. The foundation formulas of this brand are excellent and suitable for oily skin. 

You can enjoy medium coverage to full coverage when using this sheer foundation. The best part is that it can adapt to skin changes to offer a smooth experience. No matter what your skin type is you can enjoy sheer coverage with this mineral product. 


  • Offers sheer coverage 
  • Suitable for oily skin 
  • Just a hint of this product can help you achieve a glow 
  • One of the best foundations on the market 


  • Does not contain hyaluronic acid 


Frequently asked questions

Wearing a foundation can help you achieve a glow and a beautiful look. This is why you should go with a liquid option. This can help you adapt to changes while maintaining your look. 

The top way to choose the right product for yourself is by understanding your tone. Besides that, you should also compare the item with your complexion.