14 Great Things to do with Toddlers in Auckland

Are you looking for places to take your kids to in Auckland? Well, look no further. Here, you will find the fourteen best kids activities Auckland that will help you find the perfect solution to meet your kids’ needs for entertainment. There is a range of things for your kids to do in Auckland. So, buckle up to know of all the places you can take your kid to enjoy a multitude of activities. 

Best Kids Activities in Auckland

1. JUMP Indoor Trampoline Park In Auckland

Who doesn’t like jumping around, especially when you’re a kid? Take your child to Jump, the indoor trampoline park in Auckland, and see them live their dreams of jumping around and reaching for the highest possible points. The best thing is that this is located in three different locations, including Avondale, Takanini, and North Shore. 

Your child is sure to have a blast jumping about in this trampoline park. It covers a range of activities such as basketball hoops, foam pit, interlocking trampolines, and so much more across over a thousand square meters of space. It is safe for your young ones to hop around and enjoy their time. Another great thing about them is that you can join in on the fun and make sure that your kids have fun at the same time. 

2. Rainbow’s End In Auckland

If you’re looking for various activities for your kids in one spot, then Rainbow’s End is your best bet. This Auckland destination is ideal for your child as it comprises over 20 rides for your child to enjoy to the maximum. This theme park offers you a range of rides, including roller coasters, rides, costumed characters, and everything that your child will enjoy throughout. 

You can book the tickets online to make things easier for yourself and help your kids have a great time there. If you have children under the age of eight, then don’t worry, as this theme park has you covered. Kid’s Kingdom is placed within the theme park that consists of all the fun things that younger kids would want to do.  

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3. Butterfly Creek In Auckland

Butterfly Creek is one of the most prominent locations in Auckland that you can take your child. The best thing about this is that you can take your whole family there and it will be fun for all. You get to see the likes of otters, eels, butterflies, and so many other animals. More than that, it has other activities for children, such as running around in the playgrounds and sitting on a train. 

It offers you a day full of fun activities. From dinosaurs to alligators, there’s so much that your kids will learn about at Butterfly Creek. So, it’s not just fun; they will also get to know more about the various types of animals that exist. Since there is so much to do and see here, you will also want a place to sit and eat. Luckily for you, Butterfly Creek is also home to a café where you can enjoy a good snack. 

4. Auckland Zoo In Auckland

Another variation where kids will love watching animals is the Auckland Zoo. It is renowned for the exceptional variety of animals that it has in store for kids to look at and interact with from a safe distance. Since kids are always looking for a way to learn more things, this will surely give their curious minds a way to capture more data. 

There are about 135 animal species present in the Auckland Zoo. All of these animals are spread out across 17 hectares so that they have enough living space. You can take your kids on a safari, behind the scenes, and so much more by keeping a check on what’s being offered here. It will surely not disappoint you and your kids in any way. 

5. Rocket Ropes In Auckland

Rocket Ropes is for kids to bring out their adventurous side. It is mainly for children over six years old, however, there is also a relatively easier course for children younger than that. It offers children a range of activities to do, all while they’re safely secured with high ropes. The course of this activity is full of adrenaline rush and lots of climbing. 

Here, you will find tunnels, pirate ships, and a whole lot of climbing for your kids. It will surely drain a lot of their energy, but they won’t want to leave since they will be having so much fun here. This activity park is one of a kind as there are no other similar urban activity parks in Auckland New Zealand. Let your children unleash their energy here, and they will surely love it. 

6. Sky Tower In Auckland

Next, we have the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. This is a must-visit place for anyone in Auckland as this is building offers the best views in the country. While views might not interest children that much, they will surely enjoy getting on the elevator and heading up the 328 meters with their family. Most of the time, schools plan trips to the Sky Tower since it is so highly demanded and is considered the ideal place to take children. 

The adrenaline rush that it has to offer matches no other as the children look from the glass windows at the top floor of the Sky Tower. You can also avail of the dining experience here as a family, and your children will surely enjoy this as well. 

7. Dragon Quest In Auckland

If you’re looking for a particular activity for your child in Auckland, New Zealand, then nothing there is nothing better than mixing mini golf with a storyline. Head to the Dragon Quest in Auckland, and you will find your children amazed and excited about all the dragons they will see in the mini-golf courses. The fun bit is that the story behind this is that the kids are supposed to get all the eggs back to the mother dragon. This will surely excite your kids and make them want to pot those eggs (golf balls) into the holes. 

It is different than many other options out there, and your children will surely be asking you to take them here more often. It will keep them busy for hours, and time will pass by quicker than you know it because soon, you will also want to enjoy the game. 

8. Clip ‘N Climb In Auckland

Rock climbing is an absolutely amazing activity for children. It helps boost their resilience while also working their confidence levels. Who doesn’t want that for their kids? Take them rock climbing to the Clip ‘N Climb in Auckland, New Zealand, and you will see a different, more determined version of your child. They will surely want to get on top of all of the 34 wall climbing options they have. 

Here, you will find ladders, poles, glow in the dark, stained glass, drop slides, and so much more for your kids to enjoy. This is truly an Auckland treasure for children as it gives them a variation of rock climbing and other activities to do, all in one place. The best thing about this is that you won’t find any age limits here, so you can easily take your children to Clip ‘N Climb for hours and hours of fun. 

9. Kiwi Valley In Auckland

If you’re looking for something different for your kids, then you should head to Kiwi Valley Farmyard in Auckland. Here, you will find a range of animals for your kids to see and interact with. These include donkeys, goats, pigs, and other farm animals that are present here. But that’s not all that this farm has to offer you. 

Here you will find many other fun activities for your kids, such as getting a pony ride, trying to figure a way out from the maze, and so much more. It a great place for the whole family to go to and enjoy without worrying about anything. It is safe, relaxing, and offers you hours of fun in Auckland. 

10. Stardome In Auckland

Another ideal activity that you can plan out for your kids is taking them to Stardome. This is perfect for turning your young ones into astronomers. They will have fun taking a look through the telescope and enjoying the views. The ideal time to taking your children to the Stardome is at night if you want them to have a look at all the stars at night. It will bring them to question so many things and allow their minds to expand. 

If you’re looking to doing something during the day, then you can head to the Stardome and enjoy the day shows that take place here. Your kids will be sure to love these fun performances here at Stardome in Auckland as well. 

11. Party Kingdom In Auckland

Sometimes, you just want to book a place where you and close friends can enjoy. The same goes for kids. So, to make their day special, you can make bookings at the Party Kingdom. With this, your kids will have a day of their own where they get to spend their time with their close friends. Here, you will find a range of activities planned by the Party Kingdom in Auckland. 

Here, you will find a vast pirate background where your kids and their friends can run around, exploring all of the new things. They have a bouncy castle, bikes, and so much more for your children to enjoy. The best time for you to make bookings for the Party Kingdom is when your kid’s birthdays are around the corner. It is the perfect thing for them. 

12. Parakai Springs In Auckland

Water games are fun for all ages, especially the young ones. Why not take them to a water park to let them enjoy hours of their time going down on slides and splashing water in the pools? Head to Parakai Springs in Auckland, New Zealand, the ideal location for people of all ages who just want to have a good time surrounded by different kinds of water activities. 

At the Parakai Springs, you will find two hydro slides, an open-air pool, a sloping beach area, an indoor pool, and so much more. The best thing is that there is more that this place offers than just water activities. It is also home to a massive ground that allows children to run around and play for a long time. Adults can hold barbecues or a picnic to spend their time here while their kids play. 

13. Tree Adventures In Auckland

Help your child unleash their adventurous side by taking them to Tree Adventures in Auckland. It is the ideal place for kids over five years of age as they will have the time of their lives swinging around trees and climbing high up in the ten different courses that this place has to offer. 

The adventure park offers children different courses that go from about three to fourteen meters high. So, depending on their comfort level, they can go as high as possible within this range. Just like monkeys, you will see them swinging from one place to another with ease. It will help them enhance their motor skills and peripheral visions as they will get to exercise their senses better with this activity. 

14. VR Room In Auckland

Lastly, we have the infamous VR room that is one of the most popular locations in Auckland. This is one of the few places that the entire family can enjoy their time at. The Auckland destination comprises multiplayer games in which up to four players can play at a time. If you have kids younger than six years of age, then there is a separate place for them to play. It is the perfect family destination during the school holidays as you will indeed spend hours playing and experiencing 4D games. 

We suggest that you add all of these places to the list of locations that you should take your kids in Auckland. They will love each one of them as they will offer a different kind of experience to them. Auckland is full of fun places for your kids, so let your kids experience them all by taking them there.