The 7 Best Concrete Pavers in Auckland

You will achieve highly satisfactory results if you hire a concrete paver with the correct experience and knowledge for your project. When looking for the right professional for your project, you need to bear in mind how the construction industry differs from other industries. It’s important to find a trusted expert for your concrete project before you rush into a one-off concrete project – our guide to concrete pavers in Auckland reveals what you need to know.

What we cover is:

  • How to get the best price for your concrete project in Auckland
  • Our top tips
  • These are the seven best concrete pavers right now in Auckland

Which concrete contractor in Auckland will give me the best price for my project?

  1. Speak to friends and family – Check with friends and family to see if they have any recommendations. Whenever you see concrete work that grabs your attention, it’s not an issue to ask the property owner who did it.
  2. Make sure you get multiple quotes – Get quotes from more than one company and compare them side by side. You might find the cheapest is not the one you prefer, in which case you can negotiate.
  3. Ensure that the contractor is a good fit in order to avoid issues in the future – Ask questions that will help you vet the company and avoid cowboys.

If you plan to work with a company, you’ll want to ask a number of questions to avoid working with a cowboy. Questions to ask include:

  • Are they able to show you similar projects they have completed?
  • When did the company start operating? An ideal one should be at least three to five years old.
  • Are they confident they can handle the job, or is it too small or beyond their abilities?
  • In the quote, is everything included, i.e. are there no hidden fees?
  • How do they handle a change in plans?

Our top tips:

It is important that you are comfortable with everything that is proposed in the quote before you hire. These things include:

✓ Are you both in agreement about what you want and the price? What if the cost goes over budget?

✓ Have you been satisfied with the previous work that this company has done?

✓ Are they easy to get along with?

✓ Are they properly covered for damage and liability while on your property? It’s a red flag if a concreter does not have business insurance.

✓ For how long do they guarantee the concreting?

✓ When will the job be completed?

✓ Do you include subcontracting and third party work in the price?

✓ You should not only look at the company and people, but also check out the previous work they’ve done – you might be able to find local work they’ve done before, and talk to somebody who has worked with them before.

 The 7 Best Concrete Pavers In Auckland are listed below:

1. Paving Slab Co

📍 135 Marua Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1051, New Zealand


📞 09 274 5496



  • Paving
  • Industrial products
  • For the garden
  • Made to order

When it comes to paving that looks flawless, look no further than Paving Slab Co. Their ethos is to supply honesty and helpfulness in the treatment of customers. A cost-effective and convenient paver for your outdoor living space or to create access around your property, they are ideal whether you need them for the whole backyard or just a couple for under the wheelie bin.

They also offer many types of pavement materials, including exposed aggregate, diamond, Bowers, and grass pavers. Their garden collection includes stone feet, tree rings, and concrete spheres, perfect for adding a distinct touch.

2. Flex Group

📍 135 Marua Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1051, New Zealand


📞 09 274 5496



  • Concrete
  • Paving
  • Landscaping
  • Excavations

The Flex Group’s paving team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of paving, pool coping, paving slabs, permeable paving, keystone paving, block walls, and kerbing. Their qualified and experienced staff are fully dedicated to ensuring that your project is completely protected from the effects of the elements. 

Their staff understands that any project can be challenging for their clients. Members of their team understand this and will work with you to reduce the impact on your business while maintaining the highest levels of quality and attention to detail.  You can rely on Flex Group for a stress-free experience from the design phase through the approval process and construction.

3. By Design Concrete & Paving Ltd

📍 5 Vernon Street, Papakura, Auckland 2110, New Zealand


📞 021 34 66 66



  • Paving
  • Concrete
  • Retaining Walls
  • Commercial
  • Pool Coping
  • Streetscape and site management

If you’re searching for permeable paving specialists in Auckland or the Waikato, you’ve come to the right place! The team at Design Concrete and Paving is proud to provide only the highest quality paving and garden edging in New Zealand. They are not only made with the best materials, but are installed with masterful techniques as well. Your paving and kerbs will continue to look good for many years.Your paving and kerbs will continue to look good for many years.

This paving company in Auckland supports local businesses to the fullest extent possible, because By Design Concrete & Paving Ltd is a family-owned and operated business. Their skilled craftsmen are qualified and experienced to make your dreams a reality, whether they be residential or commercial.

4. Stone Paving & Concrete Finishing Ltd

📍 136 Pigeon Mountain Road, Half Moon Bay, Auckland 2012, New Zealand


📞 0272249295



  • Stone paving
  • Concrete and granite
  • Tiling
  • Plastering and paint works
  • Brick and site works

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space? Stone Paving & Concrete Finishing Ltd are one of the best pavers in Auckland. There are many styles and options available for stone paving, so you can achieve an amazing look on your driveway, terrace, or pool area.

Paving service is their specialty. Sandstones, granite, and brick have all been used by them. Stone sealing is a vital part of paving. Stones that have been laid well are sealed so they will look great throughout the year.

Working with the best stone suppliers in Australia, which means that you can rest assured that the stone we use and our workmanship are of the highest quality. Strictly focused on customer satisfaction. They strive to deliver a long-lasting, reliable, and affordable service. Their paving team is friendly and happy to talk with you about the services and your needs.

5. Greenroom Projects

📍1/26 Queen Street, Papakura, Auckland 2110, New Zealand


📞 09 575 8440



  • Paving
  • Landscaping
  • Decking
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscape architects 

Greenroom Projects offers comprehensive paving solutions that are tailored to your preference and budget. They can help you discover your space’s potential no matter what your project is, from paving stones to detailed designs. The professionals at Greenroom have over fifteen years of experience creating unique outdoor spaces made of high-quality materials and beautiful designs.

6. Pavemaster

📍 8 Vaughan Crescent, Murrays Bay, Auckland 0630, New Zealand


📞 09 570 4797



  • Parking areas
  • Paving relays
  • Footpaths and patios
  • Entrance ways
  • Permeable paving systems and driveway pavers

Over the past 15+ years, Pavemaster has proven to be a reliable company.  For your next paving project, you can rely on their skills and experience. The paving job will be done to your standards in a timely manner and with clear communication.

Pavemaster serves both residential and commercial customers in the greater Auckland area with both new pavers and re-laying pavers. From small driveways to large entryways, they have you covered.

7. Milford Paving, Concrete, Landscaping

📍 24 Oakleigh Avenue, Takanini, Auckland 2112, New Zealand


📞 09 570 4797



  • Permeable paving
  • Residential pavements and concrete
  • Commercial pavements and concrete
  • Streetscapes and retaining wall

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Are you thinking about paving your patio, garden, or pool area? Look no further than Milford Paving, Concrete, Landscaping! Throughout the years, they have done a number of impressive projects for commercial and residential properties.

They can provide you with a quote. This will include all the information you need – costs, design, materials, time frame, etc. On top of that, they deliver on time and on budget every time.

With their highly skilled and skilled pavers, you can make your place more inviting, and even boost its value. Hence, they are one of the best concrete pavers in Auckland.

​A list of concreting professionals covering Central, East, West, North, and South Auckland. Our selection of these businesses is based on their long history of service within Auckland, their location, and information from Google Business and Facebook reviews. 

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