The Best Pancakes in Auckland

The best pancakes in Auckland are waiting to be discovered!


Craving pancakes but don’t know where to go?

We have located the best pancakes in Auckland! These restaurants have a variety of flavours and toppings to choose from, so you can find the perfect pancake for your taste.

These pancakes are made fresh and with high-quality ingredients, so you can enjoy them guilt-free.

Whether you like ’em with maple syrup, cinnamon butter, candied walnuts, grilled banana, seasonal fruit, whipped cream, cream cheese frosting, or just plain savoury pancakes – we can all agree that whoever came up with eating cake for breakfast was a pure and utter genius. This delicious food can be easily found on a dinner menu anywhere in New Zealand.

However, where in New Zealand can you get the peak pancake eating pleasure? What is the ideal place to get your Sunday brunch pancake craving fixed? That’s where we come in and share our almost sacred knowledge about the best bacon and banana pancakes in Auckland.

No matter if you like your pancake with mixed berry compote, vanilla yoghurt, cherry mascarpone, a vanilla whey batter, or if you’re more of a rum and raisin pancake type of person. Stick with us (maple syrup joke – sue us), and learn about which places you should visit if you want to have some of the best pancakes in Auckland, New Zealand.

Below, you’ll find our top picks for the top stacks.

Pour that maple syrup!

Woolfy’s Dessert

If you are more of a fan of traditional pancakes, we have the place for you. You can find the perfect fluffy cakes in the heart of Auckland. They have a uniquely airy and fluffy rise, combined with the delicious taste of blueberry ricotta hotcake. Personally, their stacks combined with fresh seasonal fruit, as well as white chocolate crumbs will have you foaming at the mouth. These epic flavours make for some of the best pancakes found in New Zealand. Ask for their blueberry compote and tangy lemon curd pancakes if you want to spend half an hour in heaven.

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Circus Circus

Our top recommendation are the candyfloss pancakes from Circus Circus. These fluffy sticky date cakes are beyond tasty, and will definitely bring excitement to your taste buds. You go to Circus Circus when you’re looking for a fix for your sweet tooth – not for a savoury pancake. They have been around ever since 1995, and they are a true staple of New Zealand.

If you wanna get fancy, ask for vanilla maple syrup or honey orange blossom syrup over your (tiramisu) pancake. The creamy Greek yoghurt alongside spiced poached pears is always a hit. (They do have other delicious fruity toppings, such as berry coulis or strawberry compote.) Whatever you order from here, just know that you’re in for some amazing food.

If you’ve never had a cheese pancake – ask for their vanilla mascarpone pancakes made with delicious ricotta laced batter or ultra fluffy nippon pancakes with whipped cream cheese. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an extra punch. Eat dessert like you never have before at Circus Circus. PS. Try their mermaid yoghurt bowls.

Jam Organic Cafe Takapuna

People boast about them in the reviews, and we have to agree. They produce some gorgeous, ultra fluffy nippon pancakes that are quite literally to die for. They have incredible griddle cakes and iconic dessert pies that you won’t stop mentioning to your friends once you’ve had them. Combine this with their delicious fruity toppings, and you have a one-stop ticket to pancake heaven, my friend.

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Yun (ex Major Sprout)

If you’re worried about your brunch cravings breaking the budget, visit Yun. Yun has a beautiful interior and exterior, and with its large gorgeous windows. You definitely won’t miss this gorgeous place on Graham Street. To us, this is one of the greater pancake places in New Zealand. They have delicious Korean-style pancakes topped with almond mascarpone, made with a buttermilk batter. One of our favourites is their ricotta pancakes. For an extra three dollars, you can get a side of gorgeous vanilla ice cream. PS. Their buttermilk citrus pancakes are a favourite for many New Zealand natives. If they have it on the menu, try their housemade butterscotch sauce. Visit Yun to get your sugar fix!

Lemon curd, seasonal fruit, or vanilla bean ice cream?

Candy Shop

If you’re worried about your brunch cravings breaking the budget

but-boring brunch, and while the cabinet usually has any number of delectable baked treats to satisfy a sweet craving, the dine-in menu’s pancakes are worth a try. The default batter is gluten free, and is presented under a cloud of creamy labneh topped with stewed local quince and topped with Fijian dark chocolate crumble for textural contrast. Buttermilk pancakes and hotteok from The Candy Shop If you’re seeking pure indulgence, The Candy Shop’s buttermilk pancakes are for you. The plate is lined with sweet strawberry mascarpone and dollops of Nutella foam while the cakes themselves are garnished with coffee

Honey Bones

Honey Bones is well known for serving pancakes that are as big as your entire plate. Their have truly unique flavour profiles. Some of our personal favourites are their ricotta pancakes, which are served with lemon curd, Greek yoghurt (expect vanilla yoghurt), luscious poached fruit, and bacon that is optional. If you’re not into pancakes with a poached pear, try their salty Green Tea pancake. It’s made with pumpkin, kale, seasonal greens, dukkah, and served with a poached egg and an optional avocado. Their breakfast menu is amazing, so check them out even if you don’t feel like getting a pancake.

Marua Road Cafe

Carrot cake is truly appreciated in New Zealand, meaning that it’s no surprise that so many people adore Marua Road’s carrot cake pancake. The only downside with this place is that their portions aren’t as big as you would like. However, the taste makes them easily one of the greatest pancakes in Auckland. The fluffy stack comes surrounded by cinnamon crumble, maple drizzle, and cheese frosting. The combo of these items makes for a truly delicious dish.


Us Kiwis, we truly praise whoever is to credit for the invention of pancakes. Whether you like sweet pancakes or savoury Korean pancakes, we know a place for you. Only the best of the best for the ultimate lovers of this fluffy goodness! I’m sure that you can find the baklava pancake of your dreams served with rhubarb poached pear, alongside red velvet hotcakes in one of our recommendations. We always think that it’s fun to experiment with foods that you love

What’s your favourite pancake place, and which pancakes do you order?

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to play around with your pancake order a bit more.