The Best Makeup Artist Auckland


When it comes to the world of cosmetics and beauty, every woman knows that finding the right makeup artist and hairstyling expert that is a true artist isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. A makeup artist has to be a true artist, in order to be able to sell their professional services for money.

Nobody wants to see a bride or bridesmaids cry on her wedding day because they hate their makeup. No, it takes a true artist and skill to be able to satisfy the insane beauty standards what we, as women, tend to internalize. Luckily, here, we are going to cover over the creme de la creme in the world of hair and makeup in Auckland.

Whether you are looking for a natural or glamourous look, we have the perfect solution for you. We have listed some of the best makeup artists in Auckland that only use the highest quality products and techniques to ensure that you look and feel your best. They also offer a variety of customisable options so that you can create the perfect look for your special occasion.

Let’s go over some of the best makeup artists and hair stylists that New Zealand has to offer.

The Greatest Makeup Artists

Serenity MakeupMake Up

Best for: wedding makeup, large wedding parties, corporate events, special occasions, editorial makeup, makeup workshops

Services: mobile makeup and hair styling

Address: PO Box 133281, Eastridge, Mission Bay Auckland 1146

Phone: 0800-737-364


Operating hours: Always Open

Serenity Makeup consists of a local team of wonderful makeup artists and amazing hair stylists. They are reliable, passionate, and professional. They do mobile hair and makeup for weddings and photoshoots, otherwise, a travel fee needs to be paid. However, there is an on-call makeup artist that will happily come to whatever location you are at. Serenity Makeup also has a home studio, located at Glen Innes.

They specialise in large wedding parties and corporate events. Serenity Makeup wants you to feel special and will happily do your makeup and hair for school balls or special nights out. They use a range of high-end makeup and hair products (Wella, Kevin Murphy, Sebastian, etc.), assuring you that you will get that perfect ball hair for your special occasion.

Serenity Makeup has the products ideal to suit anyone and everyone, and they are amazing at what they do with makeup and hair. Don’t hesitate to contact their team and be sure to request the trial service before you decide on your professional makeup artist and hair stylist.

Freckles and Blush

Best for: makeup for brides and bridesmaids, advertising and special occasions,

Services: wedding makeupmake up, advertising, high fashion looks,

Address: Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: 0211077186


Operating hours: Always open

Freckles and Blush was started by Christina Dellar, who is a phenomenal based in Auckland makeup artist. She was born in San Francisco, but she has been living in New Zealand for 15+ years. She has always been a lover of makeup and admired all the different types of makeup applications – inspiring her to become a makeup artist herself. She attended a year course at Cut Above Academy and has been in the makeup artist business ever since.

She managed to land a job for the famous Bobbi Brown company as a part of their freelance team. Here, when she got to talk to people in the studio, she learned that many women struggle with insecurities, confidence, and the concept of beauty. Imperfections truly don’t matter in the world of beauty and makeup. Actually, they make you even more beautiful.

She wants people to feel lovely and wondrous after they get their makeup done, which is why she pays so much attention to detail when she works with clients. That’s how she came up with the name for her beauty hub. She adores doing beauty for weddings; her makeup looks have been featured in magazines and some of her brides won the title of “Bride of the year”. Freckles and Blush is a “must-contact” if you want to look lovely and dainty for your big day.

She also took her professional service to New Zealand fashion week and did make up for TV commercials. Since she works as a freelance make up artist, she does offer a mobile service. An interesting fact about Christina is that she isn’t exclusive to women, since she does also cater to men.

The Best Money Can Buy: Auckland makeup artist

Melinda Patel

Best for: wedding makeup, fashion editorial makeup, makeup for special occasions,

Services: special occasionocassion makeup artist, make up lesson services, makeup for weddings

Phone: 021949090


Operating hours: Always open

Melinda Patel is the definition of an experienced makeup artist, with more than a decade of experience (6 of those spent working for MAC), and has done make up for celebrities such as the fabulous singer Lorde. She has talent, ambition, and a true passion for stunning makeup. Melinda is, simply said, an amazing makeup artist who produces stunning results. Melinda specialisesspecializes in make-up formake up for your wedding day, special occasions, ball seasons, film make up, fashion editorial makeup, and so on.

Over the years, she has done make-up formake up for New Zealand fashion week and other extravagant events. Since she is a freelance makeup artist, she has a fully mobile station; meaning that she can get you ready for whatever special event or big event you are attending. Apart from that, she also runs a makeup lessons service. Melinda only works with top range makeup brands, such as M.A.C, Bobby Brown, Giorgio Armani, Urban Decay, and NARS Cosmetics. She has a particular style when it comes to makeup and weddings are her favourite event to do make up for.

Ashley Collett

Best for: hair and makeup, make up for your big day, makeup for photoshoots

Services: hair stylist, wedding makeup, make up for special events, every-day looks

Address: Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: +64 21 055 1019


Operating hours: Always open

Ashley Collett is another great professional makeup artist and hairstylist located in Auckland, New Zealand, making her a true local artist. She doesn’t necessarily have a team, but she has been in the hair and makeup industry for over 6 years now. Doing makeup for weddings and photoshoots, as well professional hair styles, are some of her favourite things to do when it comes to the world of hair and makeup. You won’t come across a bride or clients that were unhappy with her artistic skills. All of her looks ooze style and tell the story of her passion.

She wants every woman to feel special and beautiful after Ashley is done with them. She wants her clients to exude confidence since she does her best to accentuate the natural features and beauty of her clients. On her website, you can find loads of testimonials and reviews. Hair and makeup (for every occasion) are what Ashley Collet was born for.

The Make up Artist: A True Creative

When it comes to hair and makeup, it’s never an easy choice to find the perfect, experienced makeup artist that will be right for you and all of your makeup needs. Let alone a hair stylist. Hopefully, now it will be much easier to find the ideal beauty hub for you – for every occasion.

Who are you calling for your big day? Share some of your favourites in Auckland with us as well.