Summer Activities in Auckland


From sandy beaches to beautiful parks, you will have an adventure of a lifetime in Auckland! Are you wondering where and how you should spend your summers? Well, to make your decision easier, we recommend you to make your way to Auckland. Here, you’ll find the best of both worlds: you can go and explore the wilderness or just chill out on one of their pristine beaches. To enjoy Auckland to its fullest, the best season to go in is summer, as it has one of the best summer attractions. So, without further ado, let us guide you on what places you should visit in this city and the things you can do to have a golden experience that you’ll remember forever.

Top 9 Summer Activities in Auckland

1. Dice & Fork café

If you’re into playing board games, then make sure to visit the Dice & Fork café where they have more than 140 board games for you to choose from, including old favourites such as Battleships. They also have many tasty food items such as fries, chicken tacos, etc. you can eat while playing your game.

2. Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is a spot in Auckland that you shouldn’t miss out on. This island has an absolutely beautiful white-sand beach where you can relax and get your tan or go surfing, making it the perfect summer experience. If you’re adventurous, then Waiheke island has perfect walking tracks for you to trek on. It also consists of vineyards where you can stop and indulge in tasting different wine samples!

3. Oyssey Sensory Maze

This maze will leave you with a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll keep reliving in your head. In this sensory maze, you will encounter various quirky physical challenges, lighting and sound effects, illusions, and much more.

4. Regional Parks

Who doesn’t love exploring nature? Auckland has a variety of local parks, plus almost 26 regional parks. Take your barbeque items and have a relaxing day out with your family or friends while soaking in the beautiful scenery around you.

5. Central City Library

The central city library is enormous, having a wide range of books from authors, both local and international. It also has a separate area for kids where your little one can roam around and borrow any book they want.

6. Camping

One of the things we would highly suggest you to do is go camping! Imagine spending the night looking at the stars with bewitching views surrounding you. There are a lot of places in Auckland where you can go camping such as on any of the beaches, regional parks, or somewhere further for a remote experience. Remember to book in advance, as many people like to go camping in the summers.

7. Kayaking

If you’re in need of an unforgettable experience then the perfect thing would be to explore the islands of Auckland by kayaking. The best time for kayaking is during the day because of the unbelievable views your eyes will witness and the image that’ll remain in your head for a lifetime.

8. Hiking

The most popular activity that people prefer doing in the summers is hiking, and Auckland is the perfect destination for it. There are multiple different places where you can go, but the two most beautiful would be The Hunua Ranges Regional Park and the Waitakere Ranges.

9. Auckland Waterfront

This place is known for its architecture, recreational activities, events, and restaurants with food that’ll make your taste-buds sing! Waterfront is divided into three areas including the Wynyard Quarter, where you can watch classic movies in Silo Park for free. On the other hand, The Viaduct area has all the bars and restaurants you can go to when you’re done with your exploring. Last but not the least, we have Queens Wharf which is a space where different events such as live gigs, Summernova, etc, occur throughout the whole year.

Final Words

Auckland is one of the best places you should spend your summer at. This city guarantees everyone something fun to do, regardless of age and gender. Whether you want to chill out on the beach with your family and friends, go hiking in any of the numerous hiking spots present, or explore the magnificent parks, we know you’ll love each second of the time you spend in Auckland.