Romantic Things to Do in Auckland

romantic couple watching the sunset on an auckland beach

Take the ultimate romantic vacation in a city that will steal your heart! Auckland is one of the top destinations for couples, newlyweds, and long-time partners, offering an array of romantic activities and locations. You don’t want to miss out on your chance to see this lovely city in person—and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

In this guide, we’ll go over fifteen of the most romantic things to do in Auckland from ocean-themed activities to tranquil events in the heart of the city. Keep reading to find out how to make sparks fly during your next trip to this New Zealand megacity!

Most Romantic Activities in Auckland

What romantic things do we recommend in Auckland? Take a look below:

1. See Auckland’s Sky Tower

Want to start off your love-cation with a bang? You can’t go wrong with Auckland’s famed Sky Tower. Towering 328 meters in the air, this Auckland landmark is one of the most thrilling and romantic locations in all of New Zealand.

The Sky Tower offers stunning views of the city, as well as exhilarating activities such as the SkyJump, SkyWalk, and even yoga in the sky! Take part in some fine dining as well, as you spot key landmarks and volcanoes dotted around Auckland. Be sure to get some souvenirs from the gift shop to remember your trip!

2. Go on a Picnic

Enjoy some quiet time with that special someone by going on a quiet picnic. Auckland is filled with scenic spots such as Tawharanui Park, where man and nature collide in the most harmonious way. There are several great eateries in the city where you can pick up a bite to eat and carry them with you, wherever you decide to dine. Services such as the Picnic Box will even deliver your food straight to you!

Having a picnic in the New Zealand nature is one of the most romantic things you can do in Auckland. But don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself!

3. Relax at Piha Beach

What’s more romantic than a day at the beach? Nothing—especially if you go to Piha. The scenic drive up to this famed Auckland beach is gorgeous, for starters, making an excellent prelude to the romantic day you can spend with your loved one there.

Just what makes this iconic beach so special? It starts with the views. At Piha Beach, deep black sand is set off against crashing blue waves that are liable to take your breath away. Enjoy the experience and see why Piha Beach is both a local and a tourist favorite!

4. Watch Movies Outdoors at Silo Park

When was the last time you caught a movie outside? Enjoy the best of Auckland as you sit outside with your loved one and watch a classic film! Silo Park can get packed, so be sure you get there in advance of the showing if you want to have a good spot.

Silo Park also has famous local DJs, a great bar for couples, and a beautiful waterfront location where you can spend a romantic evening with your partner. Have the perfect date at this top Auckland, New Zealand park!

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5. Visit Waiheke Island

Is your relationship based on thrills? Then Waiheke Island is a must. One of the most exhilarating islands in New Zealand, this Auckland location is chock-full of amazing things to do. Get your heart racing by spending time on the island’s famous zipline, take an adrenaline-pumping bicycle tour, or get romantic couple photos taken by local professionals.

No matter what you decide, you’ll want to ensure to take a day trip to Waiheke Island while you’re in Auckland. With so many romantic things to do, it’s a must for any thrill-seeking couple!

6. Take a Rest at Cornwall Park

When you finally settle down, go for a rest at Cornwall Park. One of the most beloved parks in Auckland, this iconic location is a top location for the perfect date. Simply sit back and relax while holding hands or enjoy good food from nearby eateries.

Despite being in the heart of Auckland, Cornwall Park is famous for its nature scenes, including tree-lined walkways where you and your loved one can simply enjoy being together. If you come at the right time, you may even get the chance to view incredible festivities, events, and concerts.

7. Climb to New Heights at Mount Eden

Is your love hotter than a volcano? See for yourself at Mount Eden, a dormant volcano and the highest point of the Auckland isthmus. Surrounded by a quiet residential area, the mountain itself is dotted with trails that will take you straight to the top.

Admire the incredible nature as you spend time climbing around the expansive volcano, and be sure to take new selfies with your partner to brag about your day on social media. Mount Eden offers some of the best views anywhere in Auckland, so make sure to get out there and see them!

8. Go to Rangitoto Island

There’s a reason why couples love Rangitoto Island. With its legendary cone-shape and incredible range of nature and forest, it’s one of the most scenic locations anywhere in Auckland. Rangitoto Island can be reached by ferry straight from downtown Auckland and offers fun and new romantic things you can do with your partner.

Start by taking a guided kayaking trip off the Rangitoto coast. Offered both during the day and at night, these romantic trips are a great way to experience the ultimate in Auckland outdoor fun.

9. See Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour

Connecting the Auckland mainland with the Hauraki Gulf, the Waitemata Harbour is also known as the Auckland Harbour. From the mainland, the harbour offers timeless views of the Pacific Ocean, and from the waters itself, it provides individuals with perhaps the best view of the Auckland skyline there is (during both the day and night).

Take a ferry, boat, or even a yacht into the water and relax as you experience the best New Zealand has to offer. Because Waitemata is a naturally protected harbour, it’s tours are among the safest and romantic things you can do anywhere in Auckland!

10. Admire the View at Hauraki Gulf

Hauraki Gulf has more than just dolphins. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind views and stunning nature as you tour through the waters of the gulf, which contains several of New Zealand’s most iconic islands. Look out for whale and other marine life as you cruise through the gulf’s spectacular blue waters.

Getting onto the water here is easy. Simply take a ferry from the Auckland mainland or from one of the islands that make up the gulf. From there, simply enjoy the fantastic sights and terrific Auckland breeze!

11. Have Fun at Mission Bay

A quiet suburb on the north side of Auckland, Mission Bay is also home to one of the best beaches in the city. Here, you can do plenty of romantic things, including a tour of Bastion Point, shoreline walks with your partner, mid-day picnics, and more! Mission Bay is a popular family and couple destination, making it a great place to go for a bit of relaxing fun. Be sure to check out the numerous nearby eateries that offer a diverse range of food at cheap prices!

12. Take an Auckland City Tour

Want to experience the heart of Auckland? Get a guide to take you on a city tour! With the right tour, you’ll be able to spend a day (or days) truly experiencing the city. Half-day tour packages are available that will take you to all of the important sites in the city, including the aforementioned Mission Bay, the Auckland Museum, Mt. Eden, and more!

If you have trouble making your own itinerary, this is a great way to see a new and comprehensive view of Auckland proper! Make sure to book in advance so that you have a spot and can truly experience the city with that special someone!

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13. Visit SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton

Get up close and personal with Auckland’s most beautiful marine nature facility. SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton offers tours of their amazing aquarium, which houses over 80 exhibits of more than 30 different species. See the absolute best New Zealand’s nature has to offer, including exotic stingrays, cute penguins, and fascinating turtles.

Not only does SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton give you a chance to interact with the best of nature, but it also helps you learn and grow with your partner—and that’s pretty romantic, if you ask us.

14. Take a Craft Beer Walking Tour

Take a break from the stunning Auckland nature with a fun, guided craft beer walking tour that is sure to be a buzz! These three-hour tours will introduce you to the best craft beer in Auckland. You’re sure to enjoy tons of new and interesting flavors! Food sampling is also part of the tour, so you don’t have to worry about going hungry, either.

The best part? A local guide versed in the art and the beauty of craft beer will lead your tour, meaning you’ll get the very best Auckland has to offer!

15. See the Dolphins

Make your vacation even more romantic by going to see the dolphins in Hauraki Gulf. With stunning views of the pristine New Zealand waters, a tour of the gulf will bring you closer than ever to before to dolphins in their natural habitat. For those who love nature, this guided tour is a must, as it gives you the opportunity to interact with some of the ocean’s most beloved creatures.

Generally, you can expect an Auckland dolphin tour to take nearly five hours, so you’ll want to plan ahead (and be sure to bring your camera for all the photos and selfies you’ll inevitably take!).

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Auckland offers the ultimate couples experience! If you’re looking to enjoy a love-filled vacation in one of the top New Zealand cities, you can’t go wrong with Auckland proper—or any of the incredible locations in this guide.

Trip coming up soon? Make sure to use this guide to plan your romantic getaway in Auckland!