Pins Henderson

Whether you are a kingpin or a gutter ball expert, you will love bowling at Pins Henderson.


Looking for a fun activity to do in Auckland?

Pins Henderson offers a variety of activities for people of all ages. Their bowling alley is perfect for family fun or group events. They also have a café on site so you can enjoy delicious food and drinks while you play.

The lanes at Pins are well-maintained and offer a great experience for everyone who visits. Plus, their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, so they can help you with anything you need.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, first date, or just relaxing, bowling is great for all ages! This place is perfect for group functions, kids’ birthday parties, and much more. The ultimate 10 pin bowling action and entertainment is waiting for you at Pins Lincoln Road Auckland.

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✅ A family-friendly activity

✅ 10 pin bowling

✅ There are game zones

✅ A café and a bar

Get down to Pins Lincoln Road for the best ten pin bowling action and entertainment around. Whether you are a kingpin or a gutter ball expert, you will love bowling at Pins Henderson.

West Auckland’s premier indoor recreation space offers great value for money entertainment.

With its 10 pin bowling lanes, games zone, café and bar, Pins is the best place to play. Come for a fun bowling experience, then relax and laugh with your friends and family.

Opening hours: Open every day of the week from 9:30am to midnight

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ten-pin bowling?

During ten-pin bowling, a bowler rolls the bowling ball down a wood or synthetic lane toward ten pins arranged evenly in four rows in the shape of an equilateral triangle at the far end of the lane. The aim is to knock down all ten pins on the first roll of the ball, or if that fails, on the second roll.

Can you wear your own shoes at bowling?

As long as they are flat-soled, closed-toe shoes, everyone (adults and children) can bowl with their own shoes.