Obar Review 2021


Obar operates a short walk away from the SkyTower in downtown Auckland. The place is a high-end Asian restaurant that features a sleek and striking ambience.

We figured we would try out Obar to see if it is any special and see how well the foods are. We discovered that the place offers quite a bit of flash, and it has some good foods here and there. The restaurant sells foods that take up quite a bit of room and are enough for everyone to share. But there are a few issues to note with this place, including with how much it costs to dine.


  • Provides trays of food for entire parties to share
  • Offers spicy and non-spicy food
  • Serves mushroom sauce over some foods
  • Includes vegetarian-friendly meals

Plenty of Spicy Foods

The first thing we noticed surrounding Obar was the thorough array of spicy foods on the menu. The place seems to focus on spiciness when offering foods.

We tried the spicy chicken to see how well it tastes. We definitely felt the spice, but it didn’t overwhelm the chicken flavour. The chicken tasted rich and noticeable, and it also breaks apart well to produce a good taste.

But there are a few non-spicy foods to explore as well. The mushroom rib is one good choice to see. The meat is prepared well with mushroom sauce coating everything. The greens and chips on the side go well together.

Big Dishes

The foods at Obar focus mainly on a modern palette. These include foods that the restaurant will serve in vast platters and trays that an entire party can share. Some of these trays include the rice or noodles on the side.

The place focuses on a social atmosphere and in offering foods with friends. It provides massive portions for many of its foods, so be prepared to go with a friend or two if you want to visit this place.

How Are the Noodles?

The noodles look flexible, but they aren’t too weak or limp. They are easy to grip with the included chopsticks at the table. They also absorb the broth used in the meal well.

We like how the place serves enough noodles or rice with the meals, but they don’t go overboard in doing so. They provide the right amount of what they offer here while focusing on the meats, vegetables, or whatever else is in the entrée. They know how to balance a meal well and to ensure it looks its best without being too overwhelming or otherwise rough to enjoy.

Yoghurt For Sale

Another thing we saw at Obar involves the yoghurt they serve here. The yoghurt is available in various flavours, including ones that offer small pieces of fruit on the inside. The added fruit provides a good flavour with a nice touch.

Watch the Prices

While the foods at Obar taste pretty good, you must also watch the prices when you’re finding something. An average meal can cost at least $20. The portions are significant enough to justify the value, but it still seems like a lofty total.

What’s more, is that the place does not accept credit cards. You’ll have to visit your local ATM to pay for whatever you want to order while you are out here.

A Hurried Staff

We also noticed that the staff members at Obar seemed rather hurried. They were more than ready to get us out the door not long after we came over here. They wanted to serve as many people as possible, which is understandable for a place in such a prime real estate spot. But the team seemed pushy at times.

We feel they might have been nicer if they were taking in people through reservations. The team is well-meaning and respectful of everyone, but it seems like they want to get more out of their efforts. 

Our Verdict

We found Obar to be an entertaining place to visit if you want a modern Asian experience. The place offers massive foods that are big enough for entire parties to share. But be prepared to spend a good deal of money when you visit this place.