Best Hotels For Glamping Waiheke


If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious getaway, we have the perfect solution – glamping on Waiheke Island!

Glamping is a new and exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors. With luxury tents that offer all the comforts of home, with stunning views of the island’s natural beauty.

Imagine waking up to panoramic views of rolling hills, pristine beaches and sparkling waters – it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Waiheke Island is located in a secluded spot away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Waiheke is a hidden gem, and if you’re looking for glamping accommodations, it’s easy enough to find. Check out this guide!

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hotel for Glamping Waiheke:

Here are some things to consider before opting for glamping in Waiheke:

1. Region

The region of the accommodation matters greatly because it determines your exploring ability. It is best to choose a hotel with multiple nearby offerings. For instance, if you do glamping in Rangi Yurt, you can visit Oneroa Beach for some water sports activities.

2. Amenities

Amenities play an essential role in determining your overall glamping experience. Some places offer relatively cheap services with low access to facilities. Meanwhile, you can also opt for medium to luxury options. These are best because you’re most likely to get free Wi-Fi, parking, and a private bathroom at such glamping Waiheke hotels.

3. View From The Tent

Many people prefer to stay secluded during their glamping trips and prefer a view of the woods. However, most people in Waiheke love to get a tent with a scenic view of the beach. The latter is best for you if you want to wake up watching the sunrise. Hotels that offer a private terrace with a tent are also suitable for enjoying sunsets with your partner.

4. Price

Price is another thing you must consider before choosing glamping Waiheke hotels. You can get this factor right by comparing the services and amenities with the price. The best option is to choose a hotel that offers you various essential features at a reasonable rate. You should also consider your family size because most hotels charge per person.

Best Hotels For Glamping Waiheke

Here are the top three glamping accommodations Waiheke offers to locals and tourists:

1. The Terraces Rangi Yurt

The Terraces in Rangi Yurt is one of the top glamping Waiheke hotels. You will get access to garden views and multiple amenities at this place. For instance, the hotel is located in Palm Beach. So you can reach the water within a few minutes of walking and enjoy sunbathing.

Besides that, Oneroa Beach is a beautiful place that is just a short walk away, and Onetangi Beach is within 1.4 miles. This means you can easily enjoy water activities at other places if you find Palm Beach highly crowded. The accommodation service includes free parking, free Wi-Fi, and a sun terrace.

The best part about this glamping hotel is that it has multiple restaurants that serve up great food within the vicinity. You can try unique dishes at a reasonable rate in this region. Multiple vineyards are also nearby, along with a shopping mall. So you don’t have to stay in a tent for a fun experience.

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  • Free private parking
  • Own private bathroom
  • Offers shuttle and car rental service
  • High-quality indoor and outdoor furniture


  • Children are not allowed

2. The Terraces Papa Yurt

The Terraces Papa Yurt is another excellent glamping accommodation you will encounter in Waiheke. During your holiday you can visit the nearby Palm Beach by walking for ten minutes. Meanwhile, the Oneroa village and beach are just three minutes away from the tent. So you can easily avoid spending extra money on car rentals as you won’t have to travel far for fun.

If you love outdoor activities, guests can also visit the EcoZip Adventures. The zipline activity will allow you to get a bird’s view of the paradise of Waiheke Island. Goldie Wines is also located ten minutes away from the tent. This is why you can easily make the most out of your trip. Meanwhile, the hotel facilities include free parking, Wi-Fi, and more.

The private terrace is also packed with reclining chairs to help couples wanting to relax and enjoy the garden and sea views easily. Public transport is also available in the region.

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  • Hardwood floors
  • Sockets near the bed
  • Free toiletries
  • Multiple nearby amenities


  • Parties are not allowed at the tent

3. Fossil Bay Lodge

The Fossil Bay Lodge offers multiple glamping services in Waiheke for a fun and relaxing experience. All the glamping tents are highly spacious and offer a good room for walking inside. You will receive a comfortable queen bed, battery packs, carpeted flooring, etc. The best part is that Fossil Bay Lodge offers highly reasonable rates.

Oneroa village is located near the Fossil Bay Lodge to offer guests the best travelling experience. You can explore the lovely beach if you love water activities or the many vineyards for wine tasting tours. A great feature of this accommodation service is that you can also choose a cabin if you don’t want to stay in a tent.


  • Offers private kitchen 
  • Scenic garden views
  • All essential amenities are provided
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Multiple lodging options
  • Queen sized bed


  • It does not offer a beach view