Family Photography Auckland – Our Best Picks


The beauty of life lies in capturing the spectacular moments and people around us. After all, memory fades, but pictures don’t. So, if you are looking to capture the beauty of your family, then you are in the right place. Here is a list of the ten best photographers in New Zealand that do family photography.

Best Family Photographers in Auckland

#1 Sarah Clayton Photography

Sarah Clayton is an Auckland family photographer who has won multiple awards for her fantastic family portraits. You can shoot in a studio or on location, depending on your family photography needs. She does portraits of families, newborn babies, and much more.

As a mother of four kids, Sarah knows how to handle kids, and so the picture session will be a breeze. If you want the best photographer in Auckland, then she is the one you need to contact.

#2. Shooting Stars Photography

Melissa Karu is the owner of the photography studio named Shooting Stars Photography that does family portraits. She specializes in pregnancy photos, baby pictures, and family pictures. Her studio also provides many packages that you can choose from depending on your budget and the kind of photography session you want.

If you are a married couple, a big family, or pregnant with a baby, then Shooting Stars Photography should be your go-to choice. Melissa Karu is a well-known portrait photographer, and she will capture the essence of your family perfectly. 

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#3. Angela Scott Photography

Angela Scott has more than two decades of family photography experience, and no one does it better than her. She has a unique style, and she doesn’t just give you professional family pictures. She gives you memories that you can cherish forever. That is the beauty of her photography.

She specializes in baby sessions, studio sessions, on location sessions, families, pets, and much more. So, if you want a holistic photographer specializing in many things, Angela Scott should be your first choice.

Her portraits are not just pictures but framed pieces of art that you will bring home with you. She is one of the best photographers in her field as she captures candid moments with ease and perfection. Her experience as an Auckland photographer is unparalleled, so she should be your top choice.

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#4. Boutique Lifestyle Photography

Auckland is filled with award-winning photographers, and Boutique Lifestyle Photography is no exception. They have been doing photography in Auckland for a long time now, and many people have gotten their kid’s photos done from their studio.

The best part about their photography studio is that they provide multiple discounts and different packages that you can check. You can then choose the one that suits you the most. Boutique lifestyle does maternity, couple, family, kids, and lifestyle photography.

They provide shoots in the studio and on location as well. If you want to stay within your budget and want fantastic images of your family, then Boutique Lifestyle Photography is the one you should go for.

#5. Evermore Photography

Gina Brumby runs evermore photography in Auckland, and she does family portrait, maternity photography, newborn babies photography, and much more. She has more than ten years of experience in this field, and she is excellent at paying attention to detail.

Her portraits invoke emotions and feelings that you don’t feel with many pictures. That is the beauty of her photography, and you will get to see this once you check out her portfolio. The fantastic pictures will melt your heart.

If you want pictures filled with love, emotions, and memories, then Evermore Photography should be your first choice.

#6. Chelsea Haworth Photography

She is an Auckland family photographer that has won multiple awards for her talent. Chelsea specializes in pregnancy, family, baby, and maternity photoshoots. Every picture she takes is aesthetically pleasing, and she creates the mood and tone you want to set for your portraits.

It can be dramatic, cute, loving, and whatever you want it to be. She will take in your opinion and create the picture you have envisioned in your mind. After all, she has not gotten awards for nothing.

If you want the best pictures with your family in Auckland, be it in a studio or on location, then it is worth giving her a shot. 

#7. Sarah Weber Photography

Sarah Weber is a fantastic Auckland family photographer. She specializes in doing wedding, couple, and family photoshoots. She does not shoot pictures of kids or newborns. She has covered many weddings in Auckland and beyond, so you can count on her to provide you with the best family photos you will see.

All you will have to do is explain to her what you want from the portraits, and she will execute it with perfection. After all, every great photographer does this without hesitation.

#8. Sophie Jane Photography

If you want the perfect pictures with your family or children at the beach or in different locations, then Sophie Jane should be your top Auckland family photographer. She is excellent at using natural light and outdoor elements to create an aesthetic and mood for your pictures that you will not find anywhere else.

Of course, her studio photography session is also just as good, but her skills shine when it comes to location photography and family portraits. If you want the best pictures of your children and family in an outdoor setting, then choose her.

#9. Captured By Bridget

If you want affordable and candid family pictures in Auckland, then Captured by Bridget should be on the top of your list. She specializes in creating beautiful pictures that look good because of their natural elements. She is well-known for not over-editing her pictures, and that is a guarantee when you get your portraits done from her.

#10. Still And Moving Pictures

Doing family photography is no easy task in Auckland. However, Still and Moving Pictures make it seem like a breeze with their professional team and photography studio. They do fantastic family photography as they have a team of fantastic family photographers that do their job exceptionally well. So, if you want beautiful pictures of your families, newborns, and kids, then consider them as one of your choices.

Final Words

Every family photographer on our list is impressive. They have years of experience, and no one does family photography in Auckland better than them. Please choose the one you think is best for you and enjoy the beautiful pictures that come out of it.