Facts about Auckland

Auckland city skyline at city center and Auckland Sky Tower, the iconic landmark of Auckland, New Zealand.

Is your magnificent trip to Auckland, New Zealand on the horizon? Then you’ll hopefully be exploring and taking in the sights of the fantastic city of Auckland. Like many cities Auckland is full of charm and character, but there are a few things that also make it incredibly unique. In preparation for your trip, we’ve put together some interesting facts to give you an insight of the awesome city.


Auckland, based around 2 large harbours, is a major city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island.

Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world.


After a British colony was established in 1840, William Hobson, then Lieutenant-Governor of New Zealand, chose the area as his new capital. He named the area for George Eden, Earl of Auckland, British First Lord of the Admiralty. Māori–European conflict over land in the region led to war in the mid-19th century.

Auckland also has a second name the City of Sails.


Auckland has a population of about 1.65 million according to Auckland’s Growth Monitor. 


The weather in Auckland is subtropical which has a rather moderate climate throughout the year. The summers in Auckland are beautiful, warm and sunny, but not too hot at an average of 25 degrees. During winters, the weather is moderate at an average of 11 degrees.


Built on one of the world’s youngest volcanic fields, Auckland is dotted with over 50 volcanoes, each originating from a magma source located 100 kilometres below the city.

Experiences you need to do: 

1. West Coast beaches such as: Muriwai Beach, Piha and Karekare.

2. Kayak or hike to Rangitoto Island which is Auckland’s most iconic island.

3. Waiheke Island is a retreat and is best known as ‘island of wine’ as it has many wineries and vineyards.

4. Tuck into delicious different foods and wines. Auckland is home to world-class food producers. For those that are passionate about fresh and seasonal ingredients. 

5. The Farmers’ Market in Matakana. Pick up organic, seasonal produce or savour some fresh delicacies by the river’s edge at the Matakana farmers market.

6. Great Barrier Island shelters Auckland’s harbour from the relentless swells of the Pacific Ocean. Covered in lush native forest.

7. Hauraki Gulf is home to stunning coastlines, world-class vineyards, wildlife sanctuaries, pristine beaches and active marine volcanoes.

8. Adventure activities such as: Skydiving, bungee jump or a bridge climb.

9. Art and Culture – take a guided walking tour of Rangitoto Island or explore the Maori history and traditions at Auckland Museum. 

10 . Central Auckland is a lively mix of shopping, dining and entertainment. Explore the city’s large range of different shopping experiences from local and international designer clothes to retro and vintage fashions. Or live it up with Auckland’s nightlife with a visit to one of the many bars and eateries.