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Get your adrenaline pumping by visiting one of Auckland's best escape rooms!


Escape Room – Team of 2 to 6 People – Escapade NZ

Auckland is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do. But have you ever tried an escape room?

Escape rooms are a unique and fun activity perfect for friends, families, groups, corporations, team building, and birthday parties, and they offer a different challenge every time. You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room – can you do it?

Whether you’re looking for something scary, funny, or challenging, we’ve got the perfect room for you. Book now and see if you can solve the puzzles in time!

You’ll need to use your imagination and problem-solving skills to escape in the best escape rooms in Auckland!


✅ An exciting and fun experience for everyone

✅ Learn how to work as a team and sharpen your brain

✅ Try to solve a series of mysteries and clues while racing the clock

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In a locked room, you will have 60 minutes to solve a series of challenges and puzzles based on clues. Using observational skills and problem solving abilities, you and your team must decipher a set of clues and puzzles while searching for answers and escaping within just 60 minutes. Join forces with your fellow players as you test your mind, relying on perception skills, common sense, and problem-solving abilities to find the solution and escape!

Each of the games provides a thrilling experience for all, with Kiwi-themed puzzles that can only be solved by working together as a team.

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Games include:

The Bach: Step into a vintage kiwi bach (beach house) with all the typical vintage furnishings, where you have been left a cryptic clue by your Gran that unlocks an old mystery only the most perceptive investigators can solve! 

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Galactic Cantina: You have been trading on the space cartel’s patch, and they have heard about it. There’s a price on your head, and the bounty hunters will be out in force. Can you discover how to escape before you’re captured and frozen in carbonite? 

The Tavern: Experience the thrill of saving the city in a mystic land that needs to escape the darkness to survive. You’re locked in an ancient tavern and must solve ancient puzzles and clues to escape and save the city before it’s too late! 

The Boathouse: As you prepare for a boat race, a rogue competitor tampers with your plans and equipment! Now you are in danger as well! You have a limited time to save your designs and yourself. Be quick, as the clock is ticking.

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Old School: Getting out of this room will require you to be resourceful and employ everything at your disposal to solve every clue! Be quick, resourceful, and creative! 

Standard Prices:

Team of 2 $82.00
Team of 3 $117.00
Team of 4 $148.00
Team of 5 $175.00
Team of 6 $198.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the whole experience last?

Allow 90 minutes for the entire experience.

What is the location of the escape room?

Level 1, 23 Victoria Street East, Auckland Central, 1010

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Can escape rooms be played by 2 people?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to take on an escape room challenge as a couple. A lot of couples or two-person teams successfully complete escape rooms.

How many people can be in an escape room team?

Team of 2 to 6 people.

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