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Are you tired of boring dining? Are you craving a fantastic experience that will engage your other senses while eating food? Wanting a unique sensory experience? Look no further because Dans Le Noir presents the dining in the dark (in Auckland) that you have been looking for. Yes, you heard us right – eat your wondrous meals in pitch-black darkness and take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Dans Le Noir (meaning “in the dark” in French) is an international company known for their delicious and fabulous dining experiences. Their main concept is having a fantastic meal full of flavours that you eat in the dark. You won’t just be eating in complete darkness; you will also be guided and served by low vision or blind people. The servers will help you manage your way to your delicious meal. More than 1.6 million people have already lived this unique experience worldwide, will you be next?

At first glance, it may sound a bit odd, we know. However, by eliminating your vision, your other senses will be heightened. By leaning on your sense of smell and taste, all while not paying attention to other guests, you’ll be able to elevate your meal like never before. This isn’t just a cute date idea, this is a fabulous event that you’ll never forget.

Surprise your taste buds

Dining in the Dark Auckland is the ultimate tasting experience. Step inside a darkened restaurant and have the most amazing three-course meal from the surprise menu while losing your senses in the darkness. This truly makes for a unique tasting experience, as the pitch darkness just somehow makes the food taste so much better.

There will be a multitude of diverse flavours, textures, and aromas. Some food will come at various temperatures, bringing your dinner to a whole new level. Sounds like a great time, doesn’t it? Research conducted by psychologists has shown that this is a unique social experience as well as a unique tasting experience.

Dining in the dark – How Does It Work?

Once you arrive at the restaurant, a guide will be waiting for you and lead you into the darkened environment, where you will be, of course, dining in the dark. The guide is there to make sure that you don’t accidentally bump into anything on your way to your table.

Waitress Georgia (a well-known waitress in the restaurant) will bring you your welcome drink (most often wine), so make sure that you carefully grab and hold the glass in your hands once you receive it. The welcome drink is often a carefully picked wine to help elevate your meal. After that, you will be slowly introduced to the food menu. If you have any dietary requirements such as not consuming meat for religious reasons or if you’re a vegan, worry not, because there will be an option for you on the surprise menu.

The address details are:

  • Viaduct Yacht Club (48 Market Place, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand, 1010, Auckland)

Food menu & surprise menu

Dans le Noir is open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6:30 pm. It’s located in the heart of Auckland city (CBD Auckland), at Rydges Auckland. This well-thought experience has been around for many years, serving countless guests from all over the world. Attending this event is guaranteed to be a great time. Rely on your other senses, and do your best to carefully grab your cutlery and welcome drink.

The team behind Dans le Noir has created their famous surprise menu that comes in three different versions. The first one is called “Trust the Chef”, the second one is called “Seafood” and the third option is created for those who are vegan. It might sound crazy, but complete darkness will elevate your taste buds. Dining in the dark will, therefore, be a fantastic experience like never before.

Options and pricing

Are you ready to surprise your senses? Good. Since the night will be full of speculation, relying on your sense of smell, excitement, wine, delicious flavours, and even some self-questioning. This unique sensory experience is truly a fantastic yet fun lifetime event. Something that you’ll tell your grandkids about for many years. Immerse yourself fully in your dinner while dining in the dark, in Auckland CBD.

Dans le Noir also does private events, special events, and even corporate events on request, every day of the week.

Here is a breakdown of the prices of this fantastic experience:

  • Classic food menu – 3 course meal : starter, main and dessert: $95.00 ea
  • 2 course menu – starter & main or main & dessert: $74.00 ea
  • Gourmet food menu – starter, main, cheese plate, and dessert: $115.00 ea

You are guaranteed to have a fun experience for your senses at the Rydges hotel in Auckland. The dark in Auckland has never tasted this good.

The Finest Evening in Auckland

Join Dans le Noir no matter what your dietary requirements are. Be welcomed by the finest, unexpected guides that Auckland has to offer. Their unexpected guides (waitress Georgia being the most well known) make dining in the dark a unique human experience as well. Since the waiters and waitresses are all either blind or have low vision, meaning that you will also be experiencing dining their way, creating a unique sensory adventure.

This human experience may even permanently change how you perceive the life of those who have poor eyesight or don’t have it at all. You can call the guides experts of the dark since they will make sure that you don’t miss the table or accidentally hit it. Your safety is in the hands of the best restaurant team in Auckland.

Send your taste buds on an adventure like never before. Don’t wait any longer! Elevate your meal and purchase your ticket as soon as today! Countless testimonials go on and on about what a well-thought experience it is. Dining in the dark will challenge all of your senses in a way that you will never forget. Purchase your ticket for this fantastic event at the Viaduct Yacht Club. Remember… Anything can happen in the dark.

Eat and have fun in the dark, in Auckland!

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