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Finding a car park with incredible parking rates your car in Auckland CBD can be both difficult and expensive. Secure parking spaces are in popular demand, especially when the city centre is packed with people commuting to and from the office. Unfortunately trying to find a free car park space is near impossible but if you have time to check around you may be in luck.

Our best advice would be to park near a train or bus station and get a train or catch a bus into the city, least you get to admire the beauty of New Zealand on route!

While public transport will save you the nightmare of finding somewhere to park, it’s not always convenient to do so.  So, if you’re keen to drive to Auckland CBD, then you’ll want to have a plan with a few options on where to park.

Parking Apps

Download the ParkMate parking app onto your phone. An alternative is ATPark parking app which you can use for street parking for pay by plate. There is no time limit for pay and display parking. Parking will cost will be $5 per hour for the first 2 hours and depending where you parked additional hourly rates.  Ensure you aware of the cost as I personally experienced after using this option and parking for 7.45 hours, I was charged $47.25 an experience I wish never to repeat.

My advice would be to book a secure parking car space in advance or if you’re not a planner find a car park on the day as there are several car parks around Auckland CBD available.  However, pre-booking a parking space is by far more convenient and definitely the most cost-effective way.

Top 5 best secure parking options in Auckland centre:

1. Downtown car park – Customs Street West

Casual parking – $4.50 per hour with maximum of $40 
Off-peak parking – $2 per hour to a maximum of $10

Monday to Thursday 6am – 1am
Friday 6am – 12am
Weekend parking open 24 hours

2. Civic car park – Greys Ave & Mayoral Drive

Casual car parking – $4 per hour with maximum of $24 per day
Evening flat rate – $12 
Monday to Thursday 6am – 1am
Weekend parking: 6am – 3am

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3. Victoria St car park – 30 Kitchener Street

Casual car parking fees – $4 per hour with maximum of $24 per day
Off-peak rates – $2 per hour to a maximum of $10 (evenings, weekends & public holidays) 

Monday to Friday 6am – 12am
Weekend parking – 6am – 12:30am

4. Fanshawe St car park  – 72-100 Fanshawe Street

Casual fees – $4 per hour with maximum of $24 per day
Weekend flat rate – $6 per day

Monday to Friday 6am – 12am – All levels
Weekend parking – 6am – 12am – Levels 1 & 1A only

5. Upper Queen Street – 20 Upper Queen Street

$3 per hour for the first two hours, then $5 per hour.

Secure & weekend parking – 6am – 8pm

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