Best Steakhouses in Auckland

Best Steakhouses Auckland has to offer

There’s nothing more appealing than a lavish steak feast. For a flavourful experience, we recommend the best steak houses in Auckland. We bet these places will make your visit worthwhile. It is not just the juicy taste of the steak that grabs the attention of the eaters; the ambience of the area matters too. Whether the steak is grilled or pan-fried, it delights the taste buds if made right. Also, the ambience of the eateries enhances or weakens the quality of the place. We have narrowed down the best places to invest in for a wholesome steak experience in Auckland.


One Tree Grill serves the best rib eye around town. The steak is succulent and the portion is good-sized. The place is mainly known for its:

  • Splendid drink selection
  • Friendly and alert service
  • Mouth-watering sizeable portions of steak at a reasonable rate

The moment you enter the place, you are struck by little pleasant things. The staff members provide you with comfortable seating. Then you are given an iPad, replete with details about every meal. After just a small period, comes your delicious meal, preferably steak. The exemplary taste charms you and your day is made already.

ServicesAddressContact Details (Website, Email)Operating HoursBest For
Food,Private dining area,Full bar,Reservations,Gift card,Free Wifi.
9 Pah Rd Epsom, Auckland Central, Auckland 1023 New Zealand Open for dinner from 5:30 pm (Monday to Saturday) and lunch (Fridays only) from 11.30 am.Steak,Wine collection.

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Who wants a scrumptious salad with his steak? If you are one of those, then Angus Steak House must be your priority in Auckland. Without this exquisite steak, you are incomplete. We highly recommend this premium steak for your stay in this city. It is custom-made according to your liking. All big eaters should visit this value place as the size of the steak is a treat.

The procedure is simple and satisfactory. You get to select your meat. After which, you tell to what extent it should be cooked. When that is done, you opt for the sides which are mostly salad. When everything fits your desires, you wouldn’t want to go to someplace else ever again.

ServicesAddressContact Details (Website, Email)Operating HoursBest For
Food,Salads,Full Bar,Reservations,Table Service.
8 Fort Lane, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010 New Zealand for lunch (Monday to Friday) and Dinner (7 Days)Steak,Salads,Eye fillet,Wine collection


Among some of the most appreciated steakhouses in New Zealand is Tony’s Wellesley Street. The décor of the place is bright and cosy. The staff members make you feel at home.  Tony’s is one of the iconic steak places for lunch in Auckland city. The location of the place is central. We suggest you try this because of its:

  • Excellent food quality
  • Fast service
  • Welcoming ambience

For a lovely casual outing, always turn to Tony’s Wellesley Steakhouse. We assure you it won’t disappoint you. Not to miss, give their fish and chips a try too.

ServicesAddressContact Details (Website, Email)Operating HoursBest For
Food,Salads,Sea Food,Reservations,Table Service,Free parking.27 Wellesley St W, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
11:45 AM – 2:15 PM(Monday-Friday)5:00 PM – 9:30 PM(Monday and Sunday) 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM(Tuesday to Friday)Steakhouse pies,Fish and chips.


For tourists looking for a great beginning in Auckland, we suggest The Grill Steakhouse. It offers a tender steak with amazing sides. The eye fillet is top-notch- so tender that it could be easily cut using a spoon. Little bottles of sauces are served with the delicious steaks. Vegetables with a steak would boost the pleasure for you. So, do order some. Highly suggested!

What is a steak without a good beverage? This exquisite place offers a diverse collection of wines. This selection is made from New Zealand as well as overseas. In other words, the place is marvellous for both- the natives and the tourists alike.

ServicesAddressContact Details (Website, Email)Operating HoursBest For
Food,Virtual Tour,Super Saver Parking,Festive Dining,The Grill Private Dining.90 Federal St Sky City Grand Hotel, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010 New Zealand
5:00 PM – 9:30 PM(Thursday- Saturday)Steaks,Eye Fillet,Wine collection.


We have put Jervois Steak House on this list of the best steakhouses in Auckland for multiple reasons. The major ones are enlisted below:

  • The steak is to die for.
  • Homely atmosphere.
  • Amiable staff.
  • Great coffee.

Besides, Gluten-free dishes are also available. The atmosphere is home-like. Perhaps, that is the reason why it is a go-to place for many natives. The steaks are cooked to perfection. They melt as soon as they enter your mouth. The meat is tender and well-chosen. All steak-lovers should explore this divine place. Moreover, the presentation of the food is exquisite. For food bloggers and tourists, that’s a plus too. We strongly suggest this steakhouse in New Zealand.

ServicesAddressContact Details (Website, Email)Operating HoursBest For
Food,Outdoor Seating,Wheelchair Accessible,Full Bar,Reservations,Table Service.
70 Jervois Road Herne Bay, Auckland Central, Auckland 1011 New Zealand Opens at 5:30(Tuesday- Sunday)Opens at 12 PM(Fridays)Steak,Coffee,Vegan dishes.

A lot of expertise goes into choosing the perfect piece and cooking it to the right extent. Not every hand can bestow this level of excellence while preparing a steak. Moreover, the sides served with the steak dinner count just as much. Every place has a different way of presenting their meal. Some people like it fancy while others prefer plain and traditional. Same is the case with the atmosphere of the restaurant. Depending on your choice and money in your pocket, carefully choose from the list we put above. The entire steak experience can either make your day or ruin it. The call is yours. Good luck!