Best Sensory and Movement Classes For Babies and Toddlers in Auckland


Sensory classes are designed to help your young baby’s social and physical skills before they go to preschool.

Sensory and movement classes for babies and toddlers your little one will develop self-awareness and awareness of others around them. 

Why Attend a Baby Sensory and Movement Class?

✓ You can help your baby learn and develop important skills through this educational, interactive and developmental programme.

✓ A wonderful place to meet other new parents, exchange ideas, share experiences and make memories together.

 Highly trained Class Leaders

Here at View Auckland, we have curated the best sensory and movement classes for babies and toddlers in Auckland, New Zealand.

Find below your local class in Auckland :

1. The Tots Academy Sensory Sessions

📍 Takapuna War Memorial Hall, 7 The Strand, Takapuna, North Shore



The Tots Academy Sensory Sessions are for babies 0 to 12 months throughout Auckland. Freshly disinfected play spaces with photo booths, sensory toys, and a class sure to leave your baby ready for nap time! Each class has a unique theme, music, activites, and development opportunities for your baby. 

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2. Wriggle and Rhyme FREE sessions

📍 Majority of local Auckland libraries

Wriggle and Rhyme is a programme that promotes active movement and brain development for babies and toddlers aged two years and under. Baby sensory sessions at Wriggle and Rhyme Provide free weekly drop in sessions and are usually 30 minutes.

3. Baby Sensory Auckland City NZ


☎ 021 378 622


Baby Sensory in Auckland provides learning and development classes for your baby from birth to 13 months, specifically designed from birth, to help your child’s development, the classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, singing. When you take your baby to a sensory session you’ll never experience the same class twice.

 Kids Time – Free classes

1.  Helensville Library Kids Time at Helensville

📍Helensville Library, 49 Commercial Road, Helensville, West Auckland

2. Avondale Library

📍 Avondale Library, 93 Rosebank Road, Avondale West Auckland

Helensville and Avondale libraries offer free weekly baby sensory sessions for children under 6 with plenty of rhymes, songs, stories and sensory experiences.

Happy Kids Bilingual music and movement Free classes

1. Te Manawa Happy Kids

📍 Te Manawa, 11 Kohuhu Lane, Massey, Auckland

Te Manawa Happy Kids offers music and movement sessions in English and Mandarin for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 2 years old.

Baby sensory classes are a great way to meet other parents and children in your area. These classes will also help socialize with others, before sending your little one off into pre-school!


  1. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BABY SENSORY CLASSES? With your little one in class, you will be able to see their self-awareness and awareness of others grow. They’ll also develop physical skills like co-ordination as they become active during tummy time sessions while being introduced to new ways of movement through moving toys or singing songs with Nursery rhymes attached!
  2. WHAT IS THE COST OF BABY SENSORY CLASSES? The cost will vary depending on where you go but the average cost of these classes is around $25 per time. But please note these prices will vary.