Best Podiatrists in Auckland (Our Top 7 Picks)

Top-of-the-Line Care Designed to Get You Back on Your Feet

An active life starts with healthy feet. If you’re suffering from foot pain or limited mobility, you know this better than we do. Unfortunately, most of us neglect to give our feet the care and attention they deserve. Sometimes, we don’t think to take care of them until it’s already too late.

That’s where podiatric care comes into play. In this guide, we’ll go over the 7 best podiatrists in Auckland so that you can get back on the road to healthy living. Whether you’re experiencing a problem with your gait, injured your ankle playing sports, or are a senior citizen struggling with diabetes, you can find a podiatric clinic for you in the guide below.

7 Best Podiatrists in Auckland

Which Auckland podiatrists do we recommend? Take a look:

1. Step Forward Podiatry

Best forExpert Footcare
ServicesGeneral and Sports Podiatry
Operating HoursMonday-Friday 8AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-1PM
AddressFred Thomas Health Medical Centre 2 Fred Thomas Drive Takapuna, Auckland
Phone Number09 280-4358

Move toward a brighter future with Step Forward Podiatry, a leading Auckland-based clinic that specializes in foot and lower limb care. Importantly, the clinic provides both general and sports podiatry, making it a great place for both common individuals and performing athletes. Step Forward Podiatry is located within the Fred Thomas Health Medical Centre and works with a diverse range of healthcare professionals to deliver top-quality care.

Need another reason to head over to Step Forward? The clinic uses the most modern technology to assess gait and diagnose your problems. With appointments available six days a week, it is one of the most accessible anywhere in Auckland!

2. St Lukes Foot Clinic

Best forExpert Footcare
ServicesGeneralized Podiatric Care
Operating HoursTuesday 9AM-7:30PM, Wednesday 9AM-6PM, Thursday 9AM-5PM, Friday 7:30AM-7:30PM, Saturday 9AM-12:30PM
Address81 St Lukes Road Sandringham, Auckland 1025
Phone Number021 498 038

With three decades of experience, St Lukes Foot Clinic has just what it takes to get you moving again. The clinic specializes in a variety of areas, including the treatment of heel and arch pain, plantar warts, sports and musculoskeletal injuries, and orthotic design. What’s more, St Lukes is headed by an expert staff that has received some of the biggest awards in New Zealand podiatry.

St Lukes provides care for patients of all age groups, making it the perfect destination for young and old alike. Whether you’re a teen athlete or a senior citizen with limited mobility, you can expect top-notch care at this ACC-accredited institution, which also happens to features doctors on the NZ Podiatry Board.

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3. Picton Surgery

Best forPodiatric Surgery
ServicesMulti-lingual Podiatric Care
Operating HoursMonday-Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM
Address2/2 Fencible Drive Howick, Auckland 2014
Phone Number+64 9-534 7176

Picton Surgery offers expert care for all your podiatric needs. From diabetic foot care to sports injury and shockwave therapy, this top-of-the-line facility has the tools and the knowledge to restore functionality and pleasing aesthetics.

Importantly, Picton Surgery is the only podiatric location in Auckland that offers care in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. The clinic also specializes in elderly footcare and offers reasonable rates for senior citizens looking to stay moving.

Don’t know the cause of your foot pain? Picton Surgery also offers injury assessments and consultations that will allow you to know the source of your pain before you decide on any treatment.

4. Perform Podiatry

Best forGeneral Podiatry
ServicesFoot Orthotics, Injury Management, Surgery
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday 8:30AM-5:30PM
Address122 Remuera Rd, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone Number+64 9-523 2333

Enhance your physical performance with Perform Podiatry, one of Auckland’s leaders in generalized podiatric care. Located in the One Health Medical Centre, this comprehensive footcare clinic can take care of all your foot-related needs. Whether you’re looking for a brace to re-set your gait or want surgery on a pesky (and painful) foot wart, Perform Podiatry delivers.

Perform Podiatry works with full ACC accreditation and offers both late-night and weekend appointments. Importantly, the clinic is wheel-chair accessible and convenient for those suffering from disabilities. What’s more, with special age care programs designed to treat the elderly, it’s one of the most inclusive podiatric clinics in Auckland.

5. Foot Mechanics Podiatrist Greenlane

Best forFoot and Lower Limb Care
ServicesMedical Conditions, Minor Surgery, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Nail and Skin Care
Operating HoursMonday-Tuesday 8:20AM-5PM, Wednesday 7:20AM-4PM, Thursday 8:20AM-5PM, Friday 7:20AM-4PM
AddressAscot Office Park, Level 3, Building C
95 Ascot Avenue, Greenlane, Auckland 1051
Phone Number+64 9-523 7051

It’s not hard to see why Foot Mechanics Podiatrist in Greenlane has become one of the 7 best podiatrists in Auckland. This location, one of several Foot Mechanics branches based around Auckland, is one of the leaders in solving musculoskeletal issues that cause real pain and decrease mobility. In fact, the brand is actually the largest anywhere in New Zealand, with more dedicated experts on staff than any other clinic in the nation.

Just how extensive is the reach of Foot Mechanics Podiatrist’s care? Since starting in 1996, the clinic has treated nearly 150,000 Kiwis for their foot and leg problems—meaning you’re in good hands.

6. Clear Nail Laser Clinics

Best forNail Treatment, Fungal Care
ServicesCold Laser Treatments
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday 9AM-6PM
AddressSuite 12, Level 6, 87 Albert Street, Auckland
Phone Number+64 9-801 2211

Tired of battling that stubborn fungus on your toenails? Clear Nail Laser Clinics can help. A leader in Auckland podiatry, this clinic specializes in the removal of nail fungus on the feet. This is made possible through cold laser therapy, which the clinic boasts has an 84% success rate at getting that pesky fungus away for good.

How does it work? Clear Nail Laser Clinics provides their innovative treatment plans over the course of four to six appointments. And don’t worry—it’s a completely pain-free experience. The best part? You can use your private insurance or receive free treatments under ACC.

7. Mobile Feet Podiatry

Best forGeneral and Specialized Podiatry
ServicesChildren’s Podiatry, General Podiatry, Sports Podiatry
Operating HoursTuesdays, Available by Appointment
Address45 Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
Phone Number+64 9-363 2810

Walk confidently with care from Mobile Feet Podiatry. This comprehensive footcare clinic, which has locations throughout Auckland, provides the best in both generalized and specialized care, including children’s footcare and minor foot surgeries. The clinic even brings their foot, ankle, and lower limb care to the homes of their patients to provide more intimate and effective treatment.

An ACC provider, Mobile Feet Podiatry offers low rates and convenient care. Incredibly, the clinic even offers free footcare for certain diabetic patients who are eligible (more information can be found on the Mobile Feet Podiatry website).

The Wrap Up

Treatment from these Auckland podiatric clinics will have you walking on air. No matter what your problem, you can bet that these trained, accredited experts will help you get moving again. Choose from any one of the 7 best podiatrists in Auckland featured in this guide to get back on your feet and get the most out of life.