Top 7 Best Plumbers in Henderson


You’ve got a vast selection of plumbers to consider hiring for your home or business in Henderson. But with there being so many choices, you might struggle to see what works. The pressure of trying to find someone of use can be daunting, especially if you’re bearing with an emergency you need to resolve right away.

You shouldn’t trust your plumbing task to any ordinary plumber in the Henderson area. Plumbing projects can cost hundreds of dollars to complete. It can cost at least $100 to fix a leaky pipe. You might spend $500 or more to clean a sewer line or install or repair a gas connection. Those expenses will become worse if the plumber has to travel a little longer to reach your property.

You’ll need to ensure the plumber you hire is right for the task and will take care of your needs the first time around. The plumber should also be close to home to ensure you won’t spend extra on travel charges.

The good news is that you’ve got many choices to find when looking for a talented plumber in the Henderson area. You’ll find teams available for residential and commercial plumbing needs alike throughout the region.

We’ve found seven of the best options to explore when you’re looking for a team you can trust. Many of these groups offer 24-hour services, which can come in handy if there’s an emergency at your property.

1. Heron Plumbing


Address: 146 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland 0650

Phone: 800 888 287

Hours: 24 hours

Start your search for a top-rated plumber in Henderson by seeing what Heron Plumbing offers. Heron has more than sixty years of experience in managing various plumbing concerns throughout Henderson. The team is open for small and large tasks alike. You can ask about fixing leaks, replacing toilets, or anything else your property demands.

The team provides plumbing, gas fitting, and drainage services. You can also ask for help with your hot water cylinder, including when you need to get a new cylinder ready in your space.

Heron Plumbing will help you with your backflow prevention needs. The team can inspect your existing system and identify potential back-flow threats.

Heron even has a roofing team that can check on possible leaks around your roof. The team can inspect your roof and find leaks that can be fixed as necessary. The team can help you install a new roof if necessary, but basic repairs are also useful if your roof is relatively new.

You can reach Heron twenty-four hours a day when you have emergencies you need to resolve. The people here are always willing to help their customers and ensure whatever problems they encounter are resolved as soon as possible before things can get worse.

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2. Allpoints Plumbing Auckland


Address: 260b Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612

Phone: 9-818 7646

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays

Allpoints Plumbing has been serving Henderson and other parts of West Auckland since 2007. The team members have more than 25 years of experience in managing plumbing tasks.

The team can help you install or maintain a hot water system. You can hire Allpoints to install a new tankless water heater if you wish. Tankless models are more energy-efficient than other units and produce hot water in less time.

Allpoints will also support other plumbing projects like renovation tasks, spouting and gutter replacements, and leak fixes. The team can even work on water main leaks.

The experts here will also help if you need to get a new plumbing system ready in your home or small commercial space. You can receive a free no-obligation quote surrounding what materials you’ll need when getting a new system ready. The workers here can help you install a new pump or water main.

Gas services are also available for your convenience. You can hire Allpoints for help with fitting new gas connections for heaters. They can also fit gas hobs and ovens. You can request these features for existing or new kitchens alike. They will also test all connections to ensure their functionality and to confirm they will stay stable without becoming too dangerous.

3. Sumich Plumbing and Drainage


Address: a2/50 Keeling Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612

Phone: 508 786 424

Hours: 24 hours

Chris Sumich formed Sumich Plumbing and Drainage in 1991, and he still provides his services to people in Henderson and West Auckland today. Chris and the rest of his team have a combined total of more than a hundred years of plumbing experience. The company is a registered member of the Auckland Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainage Association.

The team offers drainage solutions for your needs, including help for downpipes and drains. You can also request help for any plumbing system in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry space. The team also has many hot water solutions, including tank-based and tankless models.

The workers here will also check and test every part of your home for safety purposes. The team follows a thorough process for testing for leaks in your plumbing and gas systems. The company also uses CCTV cameras when inspecting pipes and other openings.

Other services at Sumich include back-flow prevention, roofing support, and toilet replacement. All of these services are managed with the best possible attention, plus you could qualify for a discount on some services.

You can find discounts on some of their services. New customers will receive a special discount, although conditions will apply for what you can earn. The team can discuss possible costs for services before they start, so you can be assured you know what you’re spending before finding something new.

4. Matthews Plumbing and Gasfitting Ltd


Address: 32A Covil Avenue, Te Atatu South, Auckland 0610

Phone: 9-416 4084

Hours: 24 hours

You can trust the team at Matthews Plumbing and Gasfitting if you need help with your plumbing demands in Henderson and West Auckland. Matthews is available for regular installation and fitting processes on weekdays, but you can also call the emergency team 24 hours a day if you have urgent concerns that cannot wait.

The plumbing solutions at Matthews include help for maintaining drains, boilers, water heaters, and whatever connections you use for your equipment. The team can handle old and new setups alike. You can even request Matthews if you have a smart toilet that needs extra help.

The gas fitting service is also convenient. Matthews provides safety inspections and new fitting installations. The team can support gas fireplaces and burners. You can also request a new hot water heater that will instantly heat the water that moves through its body.

The company is a family-owned group run by Chris Matthews, who formed the business in 2008. The team provides a family-based approach where everyone will work together to resolve whatever plumbing or gas fitting needs you have at your property. The helpful work the team here offers will be to your liking when looking for a smart solution in your space.

5. Luxton Plumbing and Roofing Ltd


Address: 1/42 Eastglen Road, Glen Eden, Auckland 0602

Phone: 22 418 6133

Hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, by appointment on Saturdays

The staff members at Luxton Plumbing have more than twenty years of experience in serving plumbing needs throughout Henderson and the Auckland area. Luxton Plumbing provides water main repairs, water pressure fixes, and repairs for blocked and running toilets. You can also contact the team for whatever renovation projects you wish to manage.

You can also reach Luxton if you need help with a new build at your Henderson property. Luxton’s experts can inspect your new building and prepare a new plumbing connection and layout. You can request a no-obligation quote to see what the team will do for your property. The team will not start working until you agree upon whatever quote they provide.

The team’s new-build plans include support for bathrooms and kitchens. They can also install new hose taps and rainwater tanks. They’ll even source whatever bathroom products you want to install, including a new toilet, vanity, or faucet tap. They offer modern-looking items that fit any property in Henderson.

6. Collins Plumbing and Gas Limited


Address: 23 The Concourse, Henderson, Auckland 0610

Phone: 800 888 007

Hours: 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day

Collins Plumbing and Gas was formed in 2007 and provides a convenient approach to plumbing work in Henderson. The team at Collins has more than a hundred years of combined experience, so you can be assured the workers will know what to do for your property.

The plumbing services at Collins include help for your hot water cylinder, water pumps, and water filters. The team can install and maintain new items around your property. They also offer drain fixes, including jetting and unblocking solutions.

The company can also help you with a solar hot water system, gas fitting needs, and whatever heating solutions you require at your property. Collins can also install resources that work with renewable energy for your water or energy needs. Some of these renewable energy devices work with solar power and geothermal heat. These items will make it easier for you to become carbon neutral.

Emergency services are available at an added charge if you have an urgent need outside regular business hours. Whether it entails a gas appliance not functioning well or an overflow pipe becoming clogged, you can contact the experts at Collins for help with whatever needs you hold.

7. Campbell Plumbing and Gasfitting Limited


Address: 4/31A Veronica Street, New Lynn, Auckland 0600

Phone: 210 667 465

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays

Your last choice for a plumber in Henderson to hire is Campbell Plumbing and Gasfitting Limited. Rowan Campbell runs the company and has been in charge for more than twenty years. His team respects the distinct needs you have for handling your plumbing requirements in Henderson.

The residential and commercial solutions at Campbell Plumbing will work for new and existing items alike. You can request a new plumbing layout when installing a new kitchen, for example. The team will find the right connections and piping arrangements for whatever you install.

The team also has top-rate gas fitters that will serve your needs. The gas fitters can help you install a new freestanding oven or a hob. They will also install new gas lines for fireplaces and other gas-using devices. All projects are carefully monitored to confirm their work.

You can request a modern-looking design for your kitchen or bathroom when working with Campbell. The workers here have multiple design options that provide a modern style to a home or business. From a stone-inspired walk-in shower to a sink with a raised bowl design, you’ll find many choices for your convenience when you contact Campbell for help with your work demands.

Final Words

It isn’t easy to find a top-rate plumbing service in Henderson. With there being so many choices, it can be tough to find one that fits your needs. But it’s not impossible for you to find someone you can trust.

Be sure you analyse your situation at hand and determine what your property requires. You can then call whichever plumbing team you feel is best for the task. You’ll find many choices that will serve whatever residential or commercial needs you hold.

Many of these plumbers will be there for all your needs, especially when there’s an emergency. Many emergencies can get worse if you don’t resolve them soon, but the best plumbers on Henderson will be there right away if there’s ever a problem with your plumbing setup.

Check around to find a useful plumbing team that serves the Henderson area. You will feel confident in knowing your plumbing task is managed well and that you won’t risk any problems with how something is set up for your needs.