Best Playgrounds In Auckland

Are you looking for a Playground that not only offers a wide range of fun activities to keep the kids entertained for hours. Somewhere for you to sit back and relax whilst watching your kids enjoying themselves with their friends.

Playgrounds are one of the best joys that allows children and adults to be happy and able to have endless amounts of fun and are completely free. They provide a wide selection of different types of  equipment that helps kids learn and develop social skills while challenging themselves around the activities. There is no need for you to spend ages looking for different playgrounds as I have put together a short list of Auckland’s best playgrounds for everyone to discover.

1. Marlborough Park Playground 

Location: Marlborough Park is in Glenfield on the North Shore in Auckland

Marlborough park playground is a stylish outdoor park for children of all ages and is based in Glenfield on the North Shore of Auckland. This vibrant playground was created in 2017 providing fun activities for everyone to get enjoyment out of whether its exploring the enjoyable equipment or finding a nice spot for a picnic, without costing a penny . Marlborough playground has recreational equipment for you to have lots of fun with, such as cool basket swings, whether it’s crawling down a tunnel or if you fancy speeding down a slide. You can also burn lots of energy by playing basketball or netball on the yellow court.

In 2019 a skatebowl was added to the playpark, it  was designed exclusively for teenages to play, socialise, and relax outside. There are lots of fun activities which include; hammocks, climbing nets, benches and balance beams. 

2. Tui Glen Playground

Location: Tui Glen Reserve at 2 Claude Brookes Drive, Henderson, Waitakere, Auckland

Tui Glen reserve is an appealing tree top themed playground which mirrors its large trees on its natural landscape. 

There are a great range of fun things for the kids to do, such as swings, slides, rope bridge, big tower and eagles nest. They also have a selection of size benches for the family to have a rest break to enjoy a tasty picnic. The playground is suitable for all ages and offers drinking fountain, easy parking.

3. Takapuna Beach Reserve Playground

Location: 14 The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand

Takapuna playground is one of Auckland’s most visited playgrounds and is designed for children, adults,it also offers wheelchair friendly activities which include a carousel, trampoline,net seesaw and a flying basket swing. The main attraction point at Takapuna playground is the eye catching tower which stands at nine metres high and has three twirling tube slides, which are all at different heights and joins to a seven metre high climbing rope structure. 

When the playground has exhausted everyone’s energy you have the option to play with the sand and water on the beach, chillax in the hammocks or swings it is a truly happy place for everyone to enjoy and have shared laughter with , it is also an amazing place for everyone to switch off from everyday commitments.

4. Madills Farm Playground

Location: 6 Baddeley Avenue, Kohimarama, Auckland 1071

Madills Farm playground is suitable for children of all ages. It has lots of fun equipment to keep the children entertained for the day, they have swings, slides, a giant climbing net, basket swing, seesaw, small bike track, and in- ground trampolines. It also offers a scooter and bike track around the park. It is a fully fenced playground which is an appealing feature for parents. 

5. Onepoto Domain

Location: 18 Sylvan Avenue, Northcote, North Shore

This scenic park is one that won’t leave you feeling disappointed whatever the weather, it will get you recommending it to your friends and family with its great range of facilities including parking, toilets, suitable for all ages, and is pram friendly. It offers a range of different activities for younger and older kids so no one misses out.  Onepoto playground has a dedicated play area for younger ones to explore and have oodles of fun and for the  older ones Onepoto playground has a climbing frame,  monkey bars, flying foxes. You can also take your bike or scooter to the park as there is a purpose built track. 

If you are looking to do something that requires less energy you can opt to feed the ducks at the duck pong, or you can have a tasteful barbeque as this park has a selection of  barbeques.

6. One Tree Hill 

Location: 670 Manukau Rd Auckland 1023

This is a perfect fun day trip for any family, this park has a small train track for the parents to take it in turns to push around their little ones seeing their faces full of excitement and laughter, it also has a climbing rope structure, flying fox, and in One Tree Hill Domain there is liberty swing for children in wheelchairs. Facilities at the playground park includes parking, toilets, pram friendly and suitable for children at any age.

7. Myers Park Playground

Location: 72 Greys Avenue, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Myers is a modern and fun inner city playground that is full of colourful equipment suitable for children at all ages to discover. This fun inner playground has a variety of fun things for young and older children to use, they have a mixture of different sized swings, monkey bar, peep holes, different sized slides, this playground  has even got some life like oversized bird and insect sculptures for everyone to climb and play on. This park has public toilets, a water tap, lights and cctv camera, suitable for bikes and scooters, and is buggy friendly.

8. Waterview Playground, Skate Park and Pump Track

Location: Waterbank Crescent, Waterview

Waterview is a kids firm favourite place to go with their friends and family, not only is there a playground but there’s also a place for skateboarders to have some freedom and show off their latest tricks to their friends. There is also a bmx track for all those bike enthusiasts, and if you are wanting some down time they also have barbeques, picnic tables, drinking fountains and toilets making it the perfect day trip for the whole family.