Best Necklaces for Girlfriend

Shop for the Best Necklaces for your Girlfriend now and find the perfect gift for your special someone.


Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend can be tough. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have listed some of the Best Necklaces for Girlfriends that have something for everyone. Whether she’s into dainty and delicate pieces or bold and statement-making jewellery, these jewellers have the perfect necklace for her.

Forget about all the crazy (and expensive) gifts pop culture magazines and lifestyle magazines keep recommending. You want to give her a gift that is timeless and that is a thing of real beauty. Perhaps even gifts that simply reflect her beauty and her charm. So, what am I recommending?

You guessed it! Jewellery. Getting a beautiful and unique necklace for your girlfriend will always be a great gift, nay the perfect gift – no matter what anyone says. I mean, my fellow women, is there anything better than receiving a gorgeous sterling silver chain with a meaningful crystal? I think not. (Okay, maybe with a diamond…)

Jewellery in general are always timeless items that carry a certain charm. You can get a piece of jewellery for virtually any of the amazing women in your life, and chances are: they will adore your beautiful gift. If they are high quality, nickel free, it will be a gift that she will be able to wear forever and that your girlfriend will forever love.

A ring or earrings are cute gifts, but sometimes they are not something that a girl will be wearing for every occasion. Women love a gold or sterling silver necklace or chain, whether with crystals, beads or a pendant since they are the perfect piece to wear for everyday life. Why? Well, a chain is always in fashion, and necklaces are the perfect way to impress a girl or a woman. They can be a powerful symbol that signifies everlasting love.

Let’s jump in to some of my recommendations for the perfect necklaces for your girlfriend.

A Meaningful necklace: The Perfect Gift

Ideally, when buying a necklace for your girlfriend, you will either want to get a beautiful necklace that is great for everyday wear, or you want to get her an elegant personalised piece that will serve as a focal point. Another tip that I have is to make sure that the necklace or necklaces are nickel free, and lead free. Otherwise, that piece of jewellery will start fading away and might even cause some skin issues for your other half.

For me, silver and gold will always be the way to go. You don’t have to worry about how many times you have worn the necklace if the metal has been plated or rhodium plated.

You want something timeless, elegant and perhaps even dainty. Think about what message you want to send to your girlfriend. For example, an infinity necklace is a great idea if you want to symbolise endless love. However, you need to find the perfect necklace, since not all infinity necklaces scream style, charm and beauty.

As a final piece of advice: not all necklaces suit everyone. Some women simply look ridiculous with a bunch of swarovski crystals around their neck, if that’s not their style or doesn’t go with her sense of fashion. Some women prefer more versatile pieces. If you’re not sure, try to ask your girlfriend in a more subtle way to feel out if she wants a gold chain, a choker necklace, or a dainty pendant necklace.

You want to aim for meaningful necklaces; maybe even a personalised necklace or handmade piece, especially if you want the jewellery to represent your life together and your everlasting love. A cute (heart) pendant or beautiful crystal might do the job for you. Essentially, you want to buy your girlfriend a necklace that truly suit her and go with her style. Otherwise, you have missed the mark on your gift.

The Most Beautiful Sterling Silver Necklace

If your girlfriend is the type of girl that can appreciate a more elaborate design, I know the perfect yet meaningful necklaces for you. Let’s go over some of my recommendations when it comes to jewellery gifts.

If she is a big fan of having a necklace with a pendant, and if she’s a sucker for heart-shaped things: get her a heart necklace. White gold or rose gold finish is always a great way to go. One of my favourites (when it comes to a heart necklace) is the Walker & Hall Meadowlark Mini Camille heart pendant necklace. It has gold plating, it’s elegant yet romantic, and it’s not too expensive. You can also easily pair this with other pieces such as a beautiful ring.

If your girlfriend is more of a crystal and silver type of girl, I recommend the Flamingo Pendant from The Woodland Reserve. It’s made of recycled Ancient Swamp Kauri and eco-friendly resin. The pendant necklace was inspired by the unique “Flamingo” tree (Chinese Toon). It’s made of recycled materials, eco-friendly resin and it’s a pure sterling silver necklace.

The Walker & Hall single strand chain white gold necklace with diamonds is a true classic, if you’re looking for something stunning. Since it’s a single strand necklace, you can easily add a heart pendant, or an infinity symbol to make it more special. It’s a bit pricey, but hey… Diamonds are forever and they’re a girl’s best friend. They also have some great rose gold and sterling silver chains.

Another meaningful necklace that will blow her mind, and that she will be able to wear for every occasion the Class fine diamond necklace in yellow gold. If she is a fan of yellow gold that is. It’s a true beautiful gift that she will forever love. It’s from the brand Naveya & Sloane. It’s a beautiful chain with a diamond pendant. It’s an ultimate favourite amongst women, so you won’t have to worry if you made a mistake or not. Diamonds last all of your life and they exude style.

A great jewellery gift is the Al Coro Palladio necklace in 18k rose gold. It’s a true heart necklace with a gorgeous heart pendant. It’s such a romantic piece, and this necklace actually started as a personalised necklace that gained a lot of popularity amongst the women that saw it. It’s a true focal point, no matter for what occasion your girlfriend will be wearing it for. You can easily pair a ring with this gorgeous gift, and it will be a necklace that will last her all of her life.

Jewellery: The Ideal Gift For Any Girl

Gifts and jewellery are synonymous for women. A gorgeous gold or silver necklace will always be a thing of beauty, especially in the world of gifts. Hopefully, now you’ll know what forever jewellery a.k.a. necklace for your girlfriend you can get. Whether it’s a gorgeous rose gold necklace with a pendant, a personalised piece made from white gold, a chain with a crystal pendant, or a silver necklace with a charm and beads.

Remember, check with your woman what kind of necklace she likes, or pay attention to the type of chain that she likes to wear. I have presented you with some of the best jewellery pieces that you can buy in our very own, beautiful New Zealand.

Go on, get that necklace, get that pendant and buy that chain. Believe me, it will be a gift that she will never forget.