Best Handmade Leather Bags NZ


Best Leather Bags NZ

Looking for something unique and special in the world of handmade leather bags? Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or something more contemporary and innovative, we’re sure to have the perfect piece for you in this article.

If you’re someone who loves to carry around their makeup items and favourite snacks along with the cash, cards or any other important documents in a compact leather handbag then know that these bags will last forever! 

Not only do they come styled beautifully but also durable enough for everyday use.

Handmade leather bags are perfect for every occasion. They come in various colours, designs such as tote bags and sizes to suit any outfit or event from the office party all the way up through your college reunion!.

What to look for when buying a new handmade leather handbag

  1. Machine-Made vs Handmade bags

Leather tote bags are really popular right now, but you might be wondering if they’re all machine-made.

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The answer is no!

While machine-made leather goods brands have flooded the market over the years, the rise of handmade leather goods is slowly creeping up and we’re seeing a lot more independent artisans selling their goods.

The machine-made leather brands also opt for using chemicals within their chrome tanning process to dye and texturize the leather which is a much quicker method.

2. Budget

Leather bags are a luxury item and can cost as much as $1,000. They’re not for everyone though!

However as mentioned above it’s worth considering those independent type sellers that choose to opt for more natural methods such as vegetable tanning which is a much longer process but a result of this is the bag is more unique and natural.

You are trying to get the best product for your money.

3. Colour

If you’re looking to make a statement with your outfit, then get yourself a green pouch! They come in various tones so they will go well on any complexion.

Black is the ultimate versatile colour because it can be dressed up or down to go with anything. As one of this season’s most popular handbag colours, black will never go out of style!

Whether you prefer a vibrant jewel-like shade or softer pastel, it’s time to go green with your fashion. The likes of Gucci have released their own signature version for this year so all that’s left is deciding which one will be better suited towards what kind of outfit they think suits best!

4. Event type

The event type or occasion often dictates the type of bag required, if you’re a sociable butterfly it could be worth buying multiple types of bags and colours, so you’re well equipped for random events that arise.

If you’ve got a hot date or you’re a guest for a wedding then it could be time to opt for a leather clutch or wallet. Whereas if you’re going to the gym or commuting to work then tote bags would be the best to shop for.

Then there’s the infamous crossbody bag which some would say is the perfect choice for any female, as it’s versatile enough to be suited for a girl’s night out or a date night and even more formal type functions.

Leather Tote Bag


Perfect to make a statement

Overall rating – 5 out of 5 

This is a truly beautiful and unique tote, it’s well made and a convenient small size that will fit your most essential items.

This leather tote is the perfect everyday companion for her. It can be worn on your shoulder, in hand or across your arm and has a single compartment so you don’t need anything else! The design gives it its own character which will last forever.

Made of high-quality full-grain leather, this tote is durable and comfortable. The chain shoulder strap can be worn on the shoulder or the forearm. 


– Height: 12.99 in (33 cm)

– Length: 12.59 in (32 cm)

– Width: 1.96 in (5 cm)

– Chain shoulder strap length: 9.84in (25 cm)

– Weight: 1.07 kg

What you need to know

  • Space for a laptop up to 12 inches 
  • A large pocket for a mobile phone or iPad up to 9.7 inches
  • With a zipper opening, this tote makes it easy for you to access your belongings.
  • One spacious compartment, plus an inside leather pocket to organise your belongings.


Full grain Leather Clutch Purse


This leather clutch is perfect for the stylish woman who wants to be noticed. With its edgy design and spacious interior, this wrist tote will hold your keys as well as some cash so you can go out looking polished no matter what outfit or event prompts it! 

It comes in an elegant Green colour or a beautifully luxurious brown. 

What you need to know

  • One compartment for a smartphone complete with a small inside pocket for cards or money
  • High quality YKK zippers to allow for convenient access 
  • The detachable leather band is designed to fit your palm, making it easy and comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Detachable shoulder strap chain allows for carrying this elegant clutch over the shoulder or crossbody


Leather Cross body bag


This women’s leather messenger pouch is a great choice for those looking to stay simple. It features the rich colour of Italian standard-quality cowhide, which makes it impossible not to be captivated by this shoulder tote and one that lasts long into your future! 

With so many different styles available from Time Resistance® their collection will surely suit any woman on an active lifestyle – just make sure you get yours today before they sell out again.

What you need to know

  • With three separate compartments, this bag is perfect for keeping your items organised and within easy reach. 
  • The outside zip pocket allows quick access without taking up any room inside our tote or purse
  • This bag’s closures are fastened with magnets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Available in green or dark brown


Jo Mercer Campomaggi Margot Cross Body Bag


The Campomaggi range is the perfect choice for anyone looking for unique and exclusive accessories. The high-quality leathers and rustic textures create a look that is both stylish and timeless. Plus, all of the bags are hand-made in Italy, meaning you can be sure of their quality and craftsmanship.

What you need to know

  • Sizing: 25cm x 18cm x 6cm
  • Removable and adjustable body strap
  • Within the main compartment it features 3 internal pockets
  • Push clasp closure
  • Internal zipper pocket
  • 30 day free returns!


Saben Frankie Handbag Leather Crossbody Bag


Looking for a versatile and functional leather bag that will take you from Monday to fun-day? Look no further than Frankie!

Made from heavy-duty textured leather in a beautiful pale gold hue, Frankie features an up-sized chunky zip and plenty of pockets to keep you organised on the go.

Her functional handle set up means she can be carried on the shoulder or draped cross-body, making her the perfect partner for busy days. Plus, she comfortably fits a ipad or a 12 x 8″ laptop (equivalent to a 13″ screen 2021 Macbook Air), making her ideal for work or travel.

Saben also have a wide range of other bags such as baby bags, wallets & tote bags. 

What you need to know

  • Sizing: 33cm x 37cm x 16cm
  • Detachable and adjustable body strap
  • Within the main compartment it features 2 internal pockets
  • Internal zipper pocket
  • 30 day free returns!