Top 7 Best 24 Hour Laundromat in Auckland

The Better Way To Do Your Laundry…


Are you looking for reliable and prompt laundry services? Then look no further than our guide of the top 7 best 24 hour Laundromat services in Auckland. Allowing you to do your laundry whenever it suits you. 

Whether you need a sports kit or a rug cleaning. All the companies that we have listed in this article have years of experience in offering top-class laundry services that don’t break the bank. By the way, the seven laundromats in this article are in no particular order.

Our Top Laundry Tips:

The following are a few laundry do’s and don’ts to make sure you don’t miss anything:


  • Separate the lights from the darks

There is nothing more tempting than stuffing all your clothes into the washing machine and doing the laundry in one go. If you do that, you are likely to end up with pink whites or faded clothes. Sort your clothes into light and dark colours and run at least two loads. 

It only takes five minutes when you put the second load in and you won’t have to worry about colour fading, discoloration, etc. after washing.

  • Make sure you are aware of the temperature

Wash whites in hot water for maximum stain removal, and all other loads in warm water. To avoid ruining delicate clothes, wash them in cold water only.

  • Before washing, soak

The best way to make sure stained clothes are properly cleaned is to soak them in water before washing them. To wash the clothes, add some warm water and detergent to a tub and soak for 15-30 minutes at a minimum. You should check the colours, though, to make sure they are not bleeding or ruined; perhaps soak them separately.


  • Overload the machine

Do not overload your washing machine with clothes. Saving time might not result in a properly cleaned load of clothes.

  • Make sure you don’t leave anything in your pockets

Remember to pull up zippers, close snaps, hooks, and Velcro as you empty them. To prevent them from being stressed, buttons should remain unfastened.

  • Make sure you don’t leave your clothes in the dryer or machine

Once the cycle has finished, remove the clothes from the machine or dryer. The colours of clothes might transfer if they are left in the machine for a long time. Mould spores and bacteria can also grow in damp environments. They might become too wrinkled if left in the dryer for too long.

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1. Mint Laundry

📍 2 Anzac Avenue, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand


☎ 021 998199


🕤 Open 24 Hours – Daily


✓ 24-hour access to self-service laundry✓ On-site barista
✓ Drop-off and pick-up laundry✓ Free WiFi

Mint Laundromat is a New Zealand owner-operated business based in the heart of Auckland.

What’s great about Mint Laundromat in Auckland is that they have 24-hour access to their self-service, a brilliant option –  so you can take your laundry into the laundromat at a time that suits you.

Also, why not grab a coffee from their on-site barista and take advantage of their free WiFi and take a break while you wait for your laundry. 

Short on time? No problem, Mint Laundromat provides a free drop-off and pick-up laundry and dry cleaning service, with a same-day turnaround if you have booked in before 10 am.

All you have to do is order online and their super friendly team will take care of the rest.

You will not be disappointed having your laundry washed at Mint Laundry – one of the Best 24 Hour Laundromat services in Auckland.

Customer Review: 

Very impressed, clean, tidy and everything simple to follow in regards to instructions etc.

Good to see there is a, small donut shop next door, so one can have a, snack whilst waiting.

My only gripe, is the limited Wi-Fi on offer, but thats minor.. Overall, I was very impressed with the set up, been over 20 years since I used a Laundrette to be frank!

Oh, everything is done by card, ie just use your eftpos card for services. Wash was around $6, $1 more for a, “heavy load, whilst it was $2 for 12 mins on drying, you can add by $1 increments thereafter.

They do offer a cleaning service, which is best for you to discuss, during opening hours with the young lady in the donut shop who is more than happy to help! 

Doug –  Google Review

2. My Laundry Service – Te Atatū

📍 3/570 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatū Peninsula, Auckland 0610, New Zealand


☎ +64 210 229 2894


🕤 Open Daily – 5:00am – 1:00am


✓ Pick-up & delivery service✓ Free Quote
✓ Coin-operated washing and drying machines✓ Ultra-modern machines

My Laundry Service has many years of experience in offering top-class laundry and dry cleaning services. My Laundry Service is one of Auckland’s leading laundromat services for both household and business customers. 

The company prides itself on excellent value for money and a friendly customer experience. The laundromat has coin-operated washing and drying machines by Electrolux of Sweden ranging from 8 – 28 kg washing machines and 21 and 28 kg dryers making delivery results second to none. 

Customer Review:

This laundry would have to be the cleanest and best value laundry I have ever seen.  Tiled floors that are spotless. They have a Cashless Payment option but you can still use coins. I use their cashless payment because I don’t have to worry about getting cash before going to the laundry. They have a money changing machine on site so you can get coins for your notes, free Wifi, free TV, free hand sanitiser, free hand towels and you can buy snacks, drinks, gloves, laundry bags and soap powder. This place is amazing and the owner is very helpful. I recommend this place. 

Alan – Google Review

3. Smart Wash Laundromat

📍 355-357 Lake Rd 20A Link Dr Hauraki Auckland 0622 New Zealand


☎ 022 400 6001

🕤 Open 24 Hours


✓ 24-hour laundromat service✓ Free WiFi
✓ Background music✓ Parking 

Smart Wash Laundromat opened its doors in 2007 and is owned and operated by Koke and Sokha, they opened the laundromat because they both felt that the Hauraki area of the North Shore was in need of a modern friendly laundromat with big machines for people to take advantage of with their large clothing items.

Smart Wash Laundromat has 30kg jumbo washers, 20kg large washers, and 10kg small washers, and lots of dryers. Who says laundromats can’t be fun? Smart Wash provides free WiFi and background music, which is a nice little treat whilst you wait for your laundry. 

Customer Review: 

Tried this place for the first time and so easy to use, competitive prices, feel safe, hassle-free parking at the back. Awesome place! – Muy – Company website 

4. Stoddard Road Laundromat- Self-service or Serviced 24/7

📍 220 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041, New Zealand

☎ +64 9-629 5117

🕤 Open 24 Hours


✓ 24-hour laundromat service✓ Coin-operated – self-service & serviced laundromat

Stoddard Road Laundromat is a well-established 24-hour laundromat service company that has built up an enviable reputation and is known as one of the top laundromat companies in Auckland that has highly trained staff who are always on hand to assist you with all your laundry needs.

Stoddard Road Laundromat offers a superior laundry service in a relaxed and clean environment. They have over 60 Electrolux washers & dryers available for your convenience. 

Customer Review: 

Hassle free drying. Good and powerful dryers. Minimum waiting time. You will always find machines available. Friendly staff and good arrangement during lockdown. Amjad Khan – Google Review

5. Liquid Laundromats

📍 135 Lake Road, Belmont, North Shore | 174 Mokoia Road Birkenhead Auckland | Seddon Lane, Pukekohe


☎ +64 9-629 5117

🕤 Open 24 Hours


✓ 24-hour laundromat service✓ Card only

When it comes to self-service laundry, you can always rely on Liquid Laundromats in Auckland, which is an unmanned 24-hour laundry service.

There’s no need to worry about having the correct change as all the three sites that we have mentioned are card-only sites, which is super convenient than a coin laundry, all you need is a Liquid Card with credit and your items are good to go.

Liquid Cards can be purchased and topped up on site.   

How it works…

Using the Liquid Laundromat laundry service is really easy. Bring your Liquid Card to operate washers and dryers.

All you have to do is 👇

1. Place item(s) in the washer and close the door
2. Place powder where indicated
3. Insert Easy-Key or place the Liquid card
4. Select Cycle and press start 
5. Remove Easy-Key or Liquid card

Easy as pie…don’t forget to bring your own soap powder!

Customer Review:

Perfect place to wash those huge winter duvets, coverlets, bedspreads and pillows. Always clean and well kept. – Susan – Google Review

6. Aqua Spin Laundromat

📍 Unit 6/4161 Great North Road, Glen Eden, Auckland 0602, New Zealand


🕤 Open 24 Hours


✓ 24-hour laundromat service✓ Card only
✓ Easy parking✓ Free WiFi

Aqua Spin knows how to keep things simple, their self-service laundromat located in Glendene is a cashless payment system that avoids the hassle of coins tokens or pre-paid / top-up cards.

All their machines are equipped with payment terminals so use your own EFTPOS, credit, or debit card.

They have super-fast machines which can wash and dry in as little as 60 minutes, giving you time to enjoy the rest of your day.

The largest machines at Aqua Spin can handle 6 baskets of laundry in a single wash but with 3 sizes of washers and 3 sizes of dryers to choose from no matter what your household looks like Aqua Spin has got it covered.

Environmental friendly…

Aqua Spin washing machines are super-efficient; they use up to 70% less water than inefficient domestic models. Ensuring hygiene whilst minimising waste and environmental impact.

Customer Review: 

Great washing and drying machines, also close parking very convenient. Eftpos machines more efficient as well 👍 – Myer – Google Reviews

7. Mega Laundromat 

📍 2 Margan Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland 0600, New Zealand


☎ +64 21 229 5959

🕤 Open 24 Hours


✓ 24-hour laundromat service✓ Spacious

Mega Laundromat, New Lynn is a well-established laundry company that has built up an enviable reputation with 10 years of experience in the Laundry industry and supplying the best service to local customers.

They have 70 new machines with modern and usable washers and dryers. 

Customer Review: 

Machines are clean, place is also well maintained. Price is good. – Lianne – Google Reviews


What do I need to know before going to a laundromat?

  • Before loading your clothes into the machine, check that it is working properly. Make sure you remove any items left behind by the person before you. 
  • Take a sniff and see if there is any bleach left.
  • If there are any odours, get rid of them. 
  • Make sure a basket is left behind. 
  • Lint should be emptied from the dryer’s lint trap.
  • Make sure your clothes are shaken out.

What are the rules of the laundry room?

  • Don’t leave clothes unattended
  • Reservations should be made with discretion
  • Don’t overload the machines
  • Use moderate amounts of detergent
  • Lint traps should be checked regularly
  • Get rid of your trash

Can you leave your clothes in the laundromat?

No. Don’t leave clothes unattended after washing/drying. Unattended clothes left in the machine are likely to be removed so no one wants to be that person. Using your phone to set a timer for the cycle of your load is proper laundromat protocol. The average cycle at a laundromat lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.

That’s A Wrap

There you go…our round-up of the seven best laundromat companies in Auckland. With a range of different services from pick up to self-service, these top laundromats in Auckland can take care of all your laundry needs. 

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