Best Laptop Bags NZ


Laptops… Some love ’em, some prefer the good, old desktop computer, but we can all agree that the laptop revolutionized computers and how we think of them. Back then, computers were still a bit bulky, taking up a lot of extra space in comparison to the desktop computers of today. They were sturdy and durable, but they weren’t exactly pretty, nor a device that you could enjoy outside of the comfort of your home or school.

Personal computers and their accessories

With tech as a sector rapidly improving, changing, and innovating, accompanied by business, there was a rising need for lightweight computer devices that you could just grab and work from. At the time, people in tech were likely envisioning something more similar to what we think of today as a tablet, however, the portable personal computer was born.

Also known as “laptops”, referring to the fact that they can fit in your lap, they were an instant great success. Due to its features and thanks to the ability to carry it around on as little as just one shoulder or in a backpack, the laptop was wanted by students, people in business, tech, and other professionals alike, as well as by the general public of all ages.

Finding the best bag for you

Even though you can nowadays find a laptop at a cheaper price range, personal electronic devices are still believed to be among one of your more expensive and important belongings. Think of the price of your phone, tablet, personal computer, or other essentials. The prices will probably be somewhat similar, meaning that you need to protect it from possible damages or getting stolen. Hence, laptop bags were born!

If you are in search of your perfect laptop backpack or laptop bag on a budget, worry not, because we got you covered. From top brands to indie brands, international to local, kiwi brands, let’s go over all the latest deals.

Laptop backpack or laptop bag: the best of the best

It’s important to note that when we say “laptop bags“, it’s important that we make a few distinctions. Firstly, a laptop backpack means that the backpack either has a laptop compartment or was designed with the specific intent to carry a laptop. They usually have padded shoulder straps, a zippered pocket or two, a front pocket, and a flap for your laptop that is secured on your back. They are the ideal style for people who go to work on a bike, or while using public transport.

When referring to a “laptop bag”, try to think of (more sturdy) messenger bags that have the ability to keep your device protected. Think briefcases… just for laptops. In its essence, a laptop bag is a bag that you can wear over the shoulder, like a satchel. They will usually have a flap to keep the device secured, along with a few zippered pockets.

These bags are quite handy, as your essentials are just one grab away. However, a laptop bag is also an appropriate name for simple laptop sleeve cases to hardshell laptop cases with wheels. These types of bags are known as briefcases and the tough shell of the bag is what keeps the laptop so safe. However, if the laptop bag has wheels you can also just call them luggage or travel bags.

Now that this is all out of the way, let’s go over some of the best bags and backpacks for your laptop.

Padded laptop sleeve, do you really need it?

Always think of which features you need from the bag in which you will be carrying your laptop. Padded laptop sleeves were a fun gimmick for your phone (since they usually have a phone pocket), but they are not essential to keep your laptop protected. If you prefer bags that protect your laptop or tablet, you might want to go for more of a “luggage style” in your bag search. This means that they have an extra layer of fabric or some kind of shell that offers protection even if it falls from your shoulder or a height of a few meters.

A brand that made these features look stylish is the brand native to New Zealand, Deadly Ponies. In our opinion, their Dual Zorro Briefcase Bag in gunmetal black is one of the best laptop bags out there. The price may be a bit higher, but here it’s synonymous with the quality that the brand offers. This bag has a front pocket with a zipper, and it additionally comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. This brand also has styles in different colours, so if a black or brown bag isn’t your thing – definitely check out Deadly Ponies.

Protected and handy

The Mighty Ape has all kinds of laptop bags. This brand is known for its messenger bags and backpacks, as they tend to have innovative features for a fair price. Cobb & Co is a brand that has the best satchel laptop bags, in our opinion. This brand can be found on THE ICONIC website, where you can freely shop for their stylish bags. They offer their style in a few different colours, making their bags also beautiful accessories for any outfit. To us, wearing a bag by this brand is a sign of impeccable taste and style. Maybe try subscribing to their newsletter and get the latest deals straight to your email.

PbTech is a shop that you want to visit if you are extra serious about protecting your pricey belongings. They carry all kinds of brands, and you can shop bags by type, style, or dimension. Here, you will surely find a style, with the right amount of pockets and features, that will protect your pricey tech items. We love visiting their shop when we’re looking for travel bags with lots of pockets, that have a laptop compartment.

The brand Noel Leeming has a great selection. Their website is where you should shop when looking for a backpack for your electronic device, or accessories that can also hold your lap computer. They create bags that can fit any budget, making this brand ideal for students. The only minus side is that if you’re looking for a range of bags in different colours – you probably won’t find it here.


Now you know which brands you can go to for the ideal backpack or over-the-shoulder bag for laptops. As you can see, you can find lots of cool and durable satchel style bags, messenger bags, and so on. Ask yourself a few questions before you go on a search to shop for the perfect bag.

Are you more of a backpack with a laptop sleeve type of person or are you more into briefcases (and the protection that comes with them)? Do you want a bag that screams “style” or that screams “business”? Any colours that might not be appropriate for work or school? Create your ideal bag in your head, and then search the mentioned brands for your ideal solution.