Best Hypnotherapy Service in Auckland


Are you looking for a Hypnotherapy service?

Whether you are looking to help treat an addiction, stress & anxiety, sleep disorders, fears phobias or self confidence issues.

We have listed some of the top-rated Hypnotherapy services in Auckland to help make positive changes in your life.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to try to treat conditions or change habits.

There are different types of hypnotherapy, and different ways of hypnotising someone.

What questions should I ask a hypnotherapist?

What professional training have they taken?

A competent Hypnotherapist will have a lot of training. Ask them where they trained and look it up online. If they didn’t attend a good training, their knowledge and skill set might be limited.

Take a look at their credentials, especially if they have completed the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy course.

Do they have insurance?

Hypnotherapists should have insurance. This shows that they take their work seriously and are probably ethical in practice. Insurance also gives you peace of mind.

Have they helped someone with a condition similar to yours and what was the outcome?

If the answer is ‘no’ then it might be best to find someone else to help you. That said, if the Hypnotherapist is honest and tells you that they haven’t worked with this condition before but are confident that they can help you, then keep an open mind and ask more questions.

Where do they practice and what type of room will sessions be carried out in?

A good hypnotherapist should have a professional office. If they mention that they see clients in the garage or outside shed, then we would suggest looking for a different option.

What is unique about the way they work with clients?

Besides meeting with you in person, the best Hypnotherapists will also provide additional support. This might include an MP3 or voice notes, email or text support between sessions. They will work hard to make sure your treatment plan is comprehensive.

1. Michelle Gill  

Location: 56 Onetaunga Road, Chatswood, North Shore, Auckland



Telephone: 022 656 8937 

Best for:

Anxiety ManagementRelationship Coaching Services
Life CoachingTrauma & Healing

Michelle Gill, is a Relationship, Life and Mindset Coach who uses her NLP and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy skills to help educate individuals on how to transform their lives by changing their mindset thereby changing their emotions and behaviour.

There are many reasons why Michelle Gill is on our list, one being, she has an astounding background in mindset coaching and hypnotherapy.

Change Hypnosis Therapy & Coaching has helped individuals of all ages and backgrounds to transform from trauma, stress, anxiety, burnout, procrastination and depression.  

2. Caroline Cranshaw

Location: 71 Long Drive, St Heliers, Auckland 1071



Telephone: +64 274 544 220


Losing WeightControlling AlcoholQuitting Smoking
Anxiety & PhobiasSports PerformanceHypnotherapy Training

Caroline Cranshaw and Grant Bodle are Hypnotherapists, addictions experts, weight loss coaches, founders of The Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute. They are personal trainers for your mind. The hypnotherapy clinic offers a range of services to offer the best solutions to patient issues.

3. Dave Gilbert Hypnotherapy

Location: 48 Bellevue Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024


Telephone: 09 360 1111


Emotional IssuesPhobias & FearsConfidenceWeight Loss
Stop SmokingFear of FlyingHealthStress Management
Sports PerformanceAlcoholBullyingMemory
Addiction ManagementMotivationDrugsPublic Speaking

Dave Gilbert Hypnotherapy is managed by Dave, who is a Registered Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer & mBIT Master Coach. He has over 30 years experience helping clients in NZ and the UK, and has worked with over 5,000 clients in the Auckland Region. One of Dave’s Clients has said “I went to see Dave in January 2010 for help with stopping smoking & since that session I have been smoke free for going on nearly six months and I am so pleased” 

4. Tracey Gordon Hypnotherapy

Location: 40 Titirangi Road, New Lynn, Auckland 0600


Telephone: 021 99 00 49


Sleep DisordersStress & AnxietyFertility
Weight ManagementFears & PhobiasSelf-Confidence

Tracey Gordon Hypnotherapy provides Holistic Therapeutic techniques for the improvement of behaviours, sleep quality, and well-being.

5. Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy

Location: 16a Waiake Street, Torbay, Auckland 0630



Telephone: +64-21-180-7966


DepressionInsomnia & Sleep IssuesWeight Loss
SmokingAnxiety & Panic AttacksProcrastination Management

Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy have a team of skilled professional hypnotherapists that have undergone intensive training. Their programs help individuals undertake various issues like depression, anxiety, sleep and addiction problems. 

What is the average cost of hypnotherapy?

The average price for hypnotherapy is about $150 per session, but it can take several sessions to see results.

How many sessions does it normally take for hypnosis to be effective?

While hypnosis is a powerful tool, it’s important to remember that it takes time for results to occur. In most cases, on average it takes 21 days to create a new habit, and then a minimum of 3-6 weekly, consecutive sessions to yield the best results. That being said, everyone is different and some people may see results sooner than others. The key is to be patient and consistent with your sessions. If you do, you’ll likely see the positive changes you’re hoping for.

What is hypnotherapy good for?

Coping with stress and anxiety can be difficult, but there are treatments available that can help. One such treatment is hypnotherapy, which uses hypnosis to reduce stress and anxiety. Although it may seem like an unconventional method, hypnosis has been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety before medical procedures, such as breast biopsies. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, hypnosis has also been studied for its ability to control pain. While more research is needed to confirm its efficacy, hypnotherapy may be a promising treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain. It can also be effective for those who struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

When should hypnotherapy not be used?

There are some people who should not use hypnotherapy, including those with psychosis or certain types of personality disorder. This is because hypnosis can make these conditions worse. If you’re not sure whether hypnotherapy is suitable for you, it’s important to speak to your GP first.

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Many people believe that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are one and the same, but there is actually a big difference between the two. Hypnosis is defined as a state of mind in which a person is highly suggestible and open to suggestion. In contrast, hypnotherapy is the name of the therapeutic modality in which hypnosis is used. In other words, hypnotherapy is the process of using hypnosis to achieve a desired outcome, such as reducing anxiety or quitting smoking. While both hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be effective, it’s important to understand the difference between them before seeking treatment.