Best Gynaecologists in Auckland


Are you looking for a specialist Gynaecologist in Auckland? 

We have listed 3 of the top recommended Gynaecologists in Auckland, where they can discuss with you treatment options that could relieve your symptoms so that you can return to enjoying your life to the full.

What is a Gynaecologist?

The term means “the science of women”.

Gynaecology is the study of the female reproductive system, its functions, disorders, and diseases.

This can include menstrual problems to uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and cervical polyps. Consultant gynaecologists can also provide advice on contraception and disorders of early pregnancy.

Common gynaecological operations include hysterectomy, laparoscopy, and colposcopy.

Reasons to see a consultant gynaecologist

Heavy PeriodsBleeding In Between periodsItching or burning
Irregular dischargeIntermittent or irregular periodsAbdominal or pelvic pain during or between periods

1. Dr. Anil Sharma – Dr. Anil Sharma Gynaecologist

Location: Ascot Central, Level 4/7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive, Remuera, Auckland 1051, New Zealand



Telephone: 09 520 0745

Treatment Services: 

Urinary IncontinenceMenopausePeriod ProblemsPost Menopausal
Pelvic Floor ProlapseBleedingEndometriosisPelvic Pain
Smear AbnormalityFertilityPregnancySurgery
Polycystic OvariesOvarian CystsGynae CancersRecovery

Dr. Anil Sharma is a specialist Gynaecologist in Auckland, New Zealand, providing medical and surgical healthcare for women of all ages. Anil’s principles are taking time talking to his patients, where he establishes a harmonious client and doctor relationship built on the foundation of trust and dedication. The practice is managed by Anne Whineray-Smith, who is also a trained nurse.

2. Dr. Kira Brent – Origins Partners in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Location:  443A Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024


Telephone: (649) 630-8270

Treatment Services:

Fertility & Assisted Reproductive TechnologyColposcopy
General GynaecologyObstetrics

Dr. Kira provides her services in private and public practice as a specialist at National Women’s Health, based at Auckland City Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre. Her special interests are fertility and assisted reproductive technology, colposcopy, and general gynaecology and obstetrics. Dr. Kira strives to provide exemplary obstetric care in a kind, empathetic, and professional manner, keeping her patients informed and safe throughout their treatments.

3. Dr. Sylvia Rosevear

Location: 15 Gilgit Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1023


Telephone: 09 623 7509

Treatment Services:

Gynecological CareOperative Procedures

Dr. Sylvia Rosevear is a highly respected practising Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Auckland. Born and raised in New Zealand, Dr. Sylvia graduated from Auckland University School of Medicine in 1981. Dr. Sylvia offers full obstetric care in a personalised way and provides her expert medical care throughout your pregnancy and during the delivery of your baby as a Lead Maternity Carer.